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MTV promotes Racism, Hate, and Division through New Years Resolutions for White Guys

Updated on December 27, 2016
My Two Pennies profile image

A constitutional conservative, taking on the Left with common sense, armed with truth, critical thought, and the principles of the Founders.

At a time when all Americans should be seeking unity and the chance to ring in the New Year anew, especially after such a divisive campaign season, MTV has joined the liberal entertainment industry's efforts in furthering the the discourse. With most of the former music (now mindless reality garbage...) network's audience comprised of millennials, and even more alarming, impressionable teens, their new PSA is disturbingly tasteless and demeaning. The short segment groups and accuses white men of being the primary culprits of society's problems this year (and throughout history...), followed by arrogant assertions on how to correct the evils they unleashed, delivered in true lecturing liberal fashion... As you can imagine, the video has garnered some warranted controversy and was since removed from the station's YouTube channel.

Let's just think about this logically for a moment, as the very premise, in it's most primitive of forms, escapes me. After all, when I turn on my TV to escape the realities of this world, the last thing I desire during my entertainment session is pompous hypocrites and racists scolding us commoners about the evils of white men... Who would let their child watch such dangerously degenerate garbage, spewed from the mouths of phony bigoted ideologues, who are clearly still pouting over Hillary's humiliating defeat (I honestly don't want to write about the election anymore, but they won't let it go...).

So many problems with the fraudulent hate speech and thoughtless commentary being nonchalantly defended in this minute and a half video, it is hard to even pick a place to begin. But don't worry, we're going to delve in, and there's nowhere better place to start then the title itself...

Yeah, you read that right... Fully endorsed and promoted by MTV. They must have been so proud airing this...
Yeah, you read that right... Fully endorsed and promoted by MTV. They must have been so proud airing this...

Let's just stop a minute and take it all in.... "2017 Resolutions for White Guys..." I challenge any rational human being to justify the mere existence of such racist rubbish. Here's the problems we should all have with this shameless propaganda piece aimed at kids and young adults from ironically enough, the "tolerant" left:

  • Using the phrase, "you guys" is unfairly grouping all white men based solely on race - something the left consistently insists whites are guilty of doing to minorities, especially blacks. I think that we can all agree that this overgeneralizing based on skin color is never appropriate, regardless of race (Imagine if a similar video was made where an actor states, "hey black guys, here's a few things we think you can do a little bit better..." I mean seriously, her career would be over and the network would suffer some serious fallout). Unacceptable period.

  • "Black lives just matter" - or all lives matter. Complaining about "over-complicating" the expression with comparison to blue and all lives is illogical and moot. We should value the preciousness of all human life. Black, white, blue (police), everything. Would liberals be making the same argument if someone said, "gay lives don't matter because it's not a skin color" (their push back on blue lives)? Of course not because gay lives do matter, as do blue. None should be excluded, ignored, or set above or below this most basic of human tenants and sentiments.
  • "America was never great for anyone who wasn't a white guy..." - I think President Barack Obama is living proof that such a contradictory statement is utter nonsense. How about Dr. Ben Carson, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, or any number of nonwhite athletes, celebrities, politicians, or professionals for that matter. America may have some skeletons in its historical closet, as does every other nation around the world, but diminishing the achievement and consistent aspiration for excellence shared by all walks of life across this nation is entirely indisputable.

  • "Mansplaining" - Please... Don't college students have anything better to do then derive senseless phrases and new ways of how not to offend someone? Just think, only a few generations ago, eighteen and nineteen-(and younger) year-olds were volunteering to sacrifice their lives battling the evils of Nazism and Imperial Japan, while today the exact same age group needs Play-Doh, therapy dogs, cry rooms, and designated safe spaces to avoid dealing with opposing views and reality. Spoiled, and attention starved... How about just studying and obtaining a degree?

  • I speak for many Americans when I say, we certainly don't, "all love Beyonce." Maybe she shouldn't show up at the Super Bowl with a racial hate group (what if a white artist performed with the KKK in a white hood? We'd all be justifiably appalled) and politicize everything into a argument about identity politics, if she cannot handle the subsequent negative publicity. Does she really need Mr uniformed blindly defending her? By the way, nice kitty shirt bro...

  • Mentioning Fox News exemplifies the height of liberal ignorance and their overuse of simplistic talking points - News Flash! I am a conservative and don't watch Fox News or any other establishment cable media outlet. Just like labeling everything as racist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic, etc, the contentious Fox News designations have grown old. Maybe you guys and gals on the left should work on updating your stale, name calling repertoire...

  • Can someone please explain why Kanye is considered a race traitor now? I'm assuming the meeting with Trump is the reason for the "Uncle Tom" vibe that these leftists are presently giving off.
  • The black friends portion is ignorant, small, and ultimately racist. I did not realize identifying your friends based on skin color was something we should be doing as a modern civilized society... I guess it's a liberal thing and I just wouldn't understand. After all, division on sex, religion, economic status, gender, and pretty much any imaginable point of separation is how we lived the last eight years under Obama. A little far from Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream... Whatever happened to just being Americans?
  • "[White guys] you could do a little better in 2017..." - Yeah from the hypocritical leftists, whose viewpoint was just rejected on a national level.
  • "2016 is bad..." - why because your candidate lost the election? if not, why else? Please someone explain. But then again, this is undoubtedly from a pathetically clueless individual that likely thinks Obama unified this country during his two terms.

If opportunity is so limited here and minorities are oppressed by whites, then why do immigrants flee literally every other region of the world to come here? Instead of wrongfully singling out any one race or gender, why don't we all strive for a better 2017? Personally, I think there's never a time to stop learning and seeking self-betterment. It is easy to expand the rift in this country, among our fellow countrymen and women, but why not strive to be better as a whole?

Let's all make 2017 a better year! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Holidays, whatever!

I give this sampling of left-wing intolerance (zero is impossible...)

1 star for MTV Racist Clip


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    • My Two Pennies profile image

      My Two Pennies 12 months ago from United States

      Thanks for the feedback Savvy and your insight!

      I knew other students in college that actually got their news from the Daily Show when Stewart hosted it (flash a picture or clip, look at the camera with a ridiculous face, and wait for the laughs - I didn't get his humor anymore than I enjoy his delusional political outlook...)

      On a brighter note, the age of Obama and his social experiments are coming to an end. Conservatives can breath a sigh of relief that the corrupt queen was not crowned or we could only expect more of this garbage. The left is going to make it miserable anyways, so time to sit back and watch the tantruming continue...

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 12 months ago

      Not all, but many of our misguided youth also believe that Jon Stewart is a serious newsperson who actually knows what he is talking about....and they also believe the drivel that Facebook calls news. I think of it as the propaganda machine. The Left understands how propaganda works, and they use it mercilessly.

      MTV? Same thing. Conservatives won the election. Did they ever!! Nevertheless, I worry about our youth. They're being coddled way too much and that does nothing to build character. I digress a little, but my point is, (as you well know) if this biased & bigoted nonsense is all they hear or listen to, then liberals still retain their influence no matter how completely conservatives won the election. In short, the lefts insidious messages continue to exploit the vulnerable.

      Another splendid article, My Two Pennies.