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Updated on September 11, 2011

Today we are remembering the lives lost on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. How far have we all come? Unfortunately many find it hard to get over especially the families of the victims. Just imagine how they must feel to constantly see images replayed throughout the media of the day they lost their loved ones. I know I will never forget! When I first saw it, I thought it was a movie being played. Then I had to catch myself and remember I was at work; so why was everyone standing around looking at a movie in a major corporation? I remember the silence and the looks on everyone faces. Suddenly sirens began blaring and we where told to evacuate the building. While standing outside I could not believe what was happening. Terrorist's had used our planes to crash into the Twin Towers? How did this happen? Now, I realize like most of the world that while we're where reeling from this event other events such as Flight 77 being crashed into Pentagon and while the blight of the passengers of Flight 93 where fighting to take back their plane and save themselves and lives on the ground. Although they died when their efforts failed they did save countless lives and made the hijackers miss their intended target which is widely presumed as the White House.

I can only imagine the terror these people endured. I know I was sick.I could not believe this was happening in America. I felt violated and very afraid. I believe we all did. There was silence for nearly two weeks on my job because everyone was gripped by fear and shock. We watched our co-workers from the Armed Forces leave for deployment to an war that would end most of their lives. For the ones that survived, they returned forever changed. We all were transformed in one way or another. Just imagine the families that paid the ultimate sacrifice when they lost their loved ones in the Armed Forces, World Trade Center, Flight 93, Flight 77 and the Pentagon. For the past 10 years this Nation has been at war. Will it end? The war may end for everyone; but, many of us lost a piece of ourselves that will never be regained. Many of us now realize we are under constant threat and at any given moment it can happen again. For many of the families it's an constant reminder and it's an hole in their hearts that will never go away. Many of them are still in shock or just recovering from the shock. This is a country that prided ourselves on protecting ourselves especially our children. We felt safe in our homes and on our jobs. Everything changed so quickly. Policemen, Firefighters, Paramedics and all other responders raced to the scenes of mass murders and destruction. I watched the news of the night of 911 and watched what I thought was just paper coming from the buildings, to my shock, I found out it was people as well jumping from the buildings.For a brief moment in time we all bonded. There were no longer issues of race or party. For once we all shared common ground. We all lost something that day. We lost fellow Americans in a very sneaky and vicious attack. All our lives where at risk and we had one enemy. It's poetic justice the Navy Seals brought Bin Laden the sworn enemy of America and the one responsible for those vicious attacks to justice. For whatever solace and closure it may bring to the families, I thank God he is no longer a threat. God truly blessed America when he made this possible.


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