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No one political party is right! Lets keep the best and toss the rest

Updated on June 29, 2015

Az nature call, Copyright 2010 AwBuchen

Skies in AZ, Copyright 2010 AwBuchen
Skies in AZ, Copyright 2010 AwBuchen

No one political party is right!

  No one political party is right. Where the Republicans and the Democrats are concerned, each has some valid ideas and some very weak ones. It’s tough to get everything you want out of a political party especially if you align your allegiance to one party on a permanent basis.

  Democrat's are concerned with the working Joe and hopefully have the average Americans working best interests at heart while on the other hand they often time fiddle where they should not and that is with our Constitution and our rights under it, especially our 2nd amendment.

  Republican's on the other hand are bed fellows with the large corporation and in support of keeping the rich, rich and the rest of us placated while on the other hand they care about our security as with the illegal immigrant ordeal we face, and treating them as they are illegal’s, they care about our security.

  These are just some examples of the diversity that exists in the political system we have here in the USA. Trying the get the proverbial Martini not too dry and not to wet. Or soft boiling an egg and not over cooking it or under cooking it. There are other parties some there out of pure dumbass joking other's that are scary and the independents who grasp at reality.

   It’s hard to decide but I think what one must do is toss aside your affiliations, Make conclusions in your heart and mind about what's right to you, take off your permanent affiliations of your voters card and instead vote for what’s best for America.


-Are you one that has lost someone to violence that may have been prevented could your loved one have armed themselves legally? Democrat’s want you to be unarmed.


-Are you in majority of middle-class people in the USA? Republicans do not care about you; they want Corporation to be king.


-Do you believe the Constitution should be left intact and if there is any need for amending then it be done by the people for whom it was written and not government? Democrats love to fiddle with your rights they want you to have no choice but theirs.

 -Do you believe our national security should not be left to idealism and open arm pipe dreaming? Democrats side with the idealistic. They will jeopardize our countries safety to allow illegal’s from Mexico to stay here.


-How many those countries out there hostile to us and do not respect anything we stand for or our values, how much we should welcome them in without caution? The Democrats again are trying to grant amnesty to illegal’s who should instead be deported. Rewarding criminals with citizenship is not the answer.


-Do you want to know what's going on with your taxes down to the dollar? Republicans like to hide financial matters and keep us in the dark exactly where are our dollars going? They want the rich to get tax breaks while not so concerned about the rest of us.


-Do you want legislation to fix home loans and ridiculous pre-bubble assessments on your homes and interest? No one has handled this. A political party that really cares about Americans would address this post haste.


-Do you want government to investigate the student loan process, school both private and public to see that they are all regulated on what their courses cost the average student? No one as far as I know is looking into this. After all the bail outs Student loan companies specifically Sallie Mae should be held accountable.


 -Do you want control of who can import into this country and how much? Democrats have said they are looking into this. The president says he has stopped over importing but we have not seen any evidence yet. No more jobs, no boost in the economy. The Republicans avoid this like the plague its good business for them to take in huge imports.


-Do you want to see more exporting? Democrats have said this is taken care of as well? We haven’t seen or noticed any change. Republicans dance around this issue.


- Do you want to see corruption and financial gain through illegal methods be taken out of politics and law? This is house cleaning from both parties, has it happened? NO there are so many people Republicans and democrats that need to be kicked to the curb. It will take a determined man to do it.


-Do you want to see your health care transparent, no co-pays, no out of pocket, under a state medical program, see medical costs brought down and in check with Middle American salaries and then controlled? It may require higher taxes; we have to decide as a people what’s important. Republicans know medical is big business like controlling pharmaceuticals 


- See more jobs created NOT only for graduated people with B.A.'s or higher but also jobs created for high school grads that training can be provided for by the companies and promoted by the government? No one is handling this type of thing which should be priority one considering the unemployment rate.

 -Who do I ask to investigate companies receiving subsidies for hiring people who do so only for probationary periods then let the trainee's go for lack of work only to hire more trainees? This happens, I know it does I saw it happen in the new car sales industry with dealerships especially privately owned multi-car dealerships. An investigation might turn up something.


-Who do I see about tossing out old redundant laws like the "right to work" legislation, it has no place in the here and now. Republicans don’t care about the working Joe so do not look there for help lets see if the Democrats do something about it.

-Who do we talk to about the right to organize and have a collective bargaining agreement or the right to choose not to belong and defend yourself in employment issues? Democrats are supposed to be in our corner on this one but are pussy footing around. Republicans don’t give a shit.

   As you can see there are many things out there that need addressing but unfortunately not one party can say “we do it all America. We work for you with open mind and non-controlling legislation as the Constitution wanted us to do”.


  So we are left with hard choices.



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    • profile image

      Ajazwani 6 years ago

      For representative Democracy elections are very essential.

    • Dr Billy Kidd profile image

      Dr Billy Kidd 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I think you're saying we need to reach a new understanding. This division between left and right is going no where.

    • junko profile image

      junko 7 years ago

      ezpikins: this is a good express the sentiments of many. do it again.


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