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Mad Mad World

Updated on April 24, 2018

 With so much that is going on nowadays its not easy for us as people to come together and support one another. It breaks my heart when I see selfish tendencies, evil deeds and untrustworthy individuals. If something happens in any part of the world if effects us all. It effects how that part of the world is going to cope with their loss and how we are going to help them.

A lot of people might think that a tornado, earthquake, or tsunami happening in another part of the world isn't their problem but what they fail to realize is that it is our problem. This world is only so big and there are only so much resources that we have left that it seems crazy that we should only be thinking of ourselves.

A person can be shot in front of a crowd and no one would even care, no one would even call 911, and the sad part is that some might even just walk away. A mother can kill her children because she can't feed them or a nurse can beat up an elderly patient because he is defenseless. This is the world we are living in today. These are the kind of people that walk around everyday thinking that what they did was fine to them and that they dont owe anybody. 

When will we learn as human beings that we are only hurting ourselves in the end. All the wars and fights are pointless. Let's bring our troops home, I'm so sick to my stomach from hearing about another soldier that has fallen for no reason. We try to claim each and every speck of this earth and even went through wars over it, and never caring about the fact that we are ruining Mother Earth. We are guest's on this great big marble, and sooner or later our time will run out.

We don't treat the world or ourselves with respect and that is the worst part of all. When are we going to love each other. When are we going to stop all the fighting and come to a solution respectively. When am I going to be able to trust that my son will grow up unscathed, when we have all types of crazies running around.

We go through life holding on to petty grudges and fighting with ourselves because we can't cope. We need to look at the bigger picture in life and see what is worth our time and what isn't. I was on the train and this man was just cursing at the wind and I thought to myself, how did he let his life get to that point. How do we let our lives get to the point where we just curse at the wind or become so out of touch that we walk around talking to ourselves. Where we kill, steal, lie, cheat, and manipulate each other. It's not a healthy life to live and I hope that times will change soon so that we can all start to take care of ourselves and this beautiful planet.



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      8 years ago

      Excellent metaphor of how we are just going down the tubes and need to wake up.


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