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Made for Media Hype

Updated on March 3, 2017

A House of Cards

Political Editorial

There’s nothing like a good old fashion smear campaign to bring peace and harmony to the world.

Netflix, produced a series called House of Cards. I watched most of it. Not sure how it ended. Maybe watching the rest is in order to comprehend the Democrats strategies as of late.

If you never watched the series, you should. The writers went to great lengths, not only to make it entertaining, but also to make the strategies used as real as possible. They interviewed Washington insiders to fill the show with true characters and true intrigue. Truth is always stranger than fiction. Now granted, this was a made-for-Netflix-movie which means there were plenty of fictitious things thrown in to keep it interesting. It is hard to tell the difference when the truth is woven in with the story line. So goes entertainment.

In this latest attempt to coax Sessions into resigning, the Dems and the liberal Media, have devised a game plan similar to the series.

It goes something like this.

First, gather as much dirty Intel as possible. Nothing is trivial. Nothing is sacred, after all—this is war, right?

Second, don’t tell anyone. Hold on to the bag tricks and use only when the timing is right

Third, never let the President stand on the pedestal of greatness in front of the American people for very long, if at all. Knock him down quick.

Fourth, be on the offensive. First strike rule.

Fifth, never let up. Be relentless.

This latest Sessions/Russian leak were delayed for a moment like this. Trumps ratings were raising after his speech to Congress…even in their polls. They had to do something to burst the balloon. Sessions was it.

Entertainment - A Lesson in Politics.

Nancy Pelosi looked like the evil queen from, Snow White, as she ranted and went on. “Off with their heads!” Wait sorry, that was the, Queen of Hearts from, Alice in Wonderland.

All these evil fictitious Disney characters seem so real nowadays. Funny how they always seem to be popping up on the left and not the right.

Look at President Trump. He looks like a President, big, handsome with lots of charisma. He has business savvy and cool intellect under fire demonstrated by smart decision making. Not a dancing puppet holding two candlesticks with a bad French accent.

Then there’s, Melina. A good queen if I ever saw one. Beautiful, charming, and unlike her predecessor, filled with smiles and not sneers.

Then there’s his children, smart, good looking and like their father, filled with business savvy.

It’s enough to make the Democrats envious. Maybe that is all this is, envy. After all, look at what they had.

Hilary, the evil one. A dragon breathing socialist fire and brimstone disguised as flowers and Mint-Julip. Bite the apple, go ahead. Isn’t it sweet?

Bernie, the mad professor. He makes his poison smell, taste, and look real until you put it to a litheness test.

Obama, Walt from Breaking Bad. He started off with good intentions even though it was wrong to begin with it. In the end, he was so deep into his deception and lies that he couldn’t back out without losing face.

And the beat goes on…


Whatever happens next is simmering away in the cauldron of the liberal kitchen waiting for that perfect moment to raise its head.

Now, I’m not saying that the Libs control the future. Nor am I saying that the Republicans are a fine kettle of fish. But if I had to vote all over again, and had to choose between a blabbering lying witch, and a good King with great success and with enough humility to admit he was wrong… I’ll choose the King every time.


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    • profile image

      Setank Setunk 9 months ago

      A lovely piece I must say. Your critique of Pelosi was spot on. That vapid socialist drone truly makes my skin crawl.