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Made in America Quality Returns

Updated on December 12, 2012

America Is on the Rebound

Manufacturing -- these days many of the items we buy are not made in America. Especially in the car industry, many people have lost their faith in the quality of American goods. Well, we're here to tell you that America is coming back! Some of the best things continue to be Made in America, and we'd like to point out just a few.


Made in America… What Does It Mean to You?

Made in America.

If you’re an American (and I’m speaking to Americans here), the concept probably really meant something to you when you were growing up, if you’re anyone over the age of thirty. We’re a proud people, and when we thought of the phrase, it meant well-made with quality materials and able to withstand punishment, right? Having something made in America used to be important to us.

Today, our markets are flooded by goods made from everywhere in the world, except America. And then, we wonder why our economy is failing.

One thing that could fix a lot of our financial woes is manufacturing at home. We don’t make steel that much anymore, and clothing comes from China, El Salvador, or Bangladesh. Do you even pay attention to where a product was made when you’re buying?

Believe it or not, there are still plenty of great products that are made right here in the U. S. A. That’s not to say that we don’t get quality products from overseas in some instances. I mean, look at Mercedes, Diamonds, or Lenovo computers. These, along with Toyota, Samsung, and Mitsubishi have built up great reputations, and people now trust the brands. But much of our manufacturing has gone overseas. Even Apple makes at least some of their products in China.

However, there are still some very strong large and boutique manufacturers in the U. S., making the things just like those your grandfather used to buy, with the same quality materials and expert workmanship that we used to love and be proud to own.

According to the Huffington Post , in a July 2012 article, here are 10 products still well made right here in America:

1. Underwear – Spanx, which makes 200 products ranging from slimming apparel and swimsuits, to bras, active wear and men's under shirts, bucks the trend for taking their textile business to China and makes most of the under undergarments they sell in the U. S.

2. Refrigerators – SubZero – Wolf Refrigerator, a company that made the first stand-alone freezers in 1934, are still making their freezers right here in America.

3. Motorcycles – Yes, you guessed it. Harley-Davidson, still made in the U. S. A.

4. Mixers – Kitchen Aid makes their popular mixers in a factory in Greenville, Ohio.

5. Grills –Weber-Stephen Products LLC still has been making their grills in Palatine, IL since 1952.

6. Post-It Notes – The 3M Company makes these ingenious sticky notes in St. Paul, MN.

7. Vacuum Cleaners – The Oreck XL is made in Cookeville, TN.

8. Bakeware – Since 1915, Pyrex has been making glass bakeware that won’t shatter when taken from the over to the freezer in Charleroi, PA.

9. Men’s Accessories – Vvego, a company founded by commercial pilot, turned designer, Robert Porter, makes very cool wallets, heavy-duty belts, cufflink sets, and other products in Birmingham, AL. A new company in comparison to the others on this list, Vvego is proving that Made in America still means quality and durability.

10. Computer Chips – The Intel Company still makes its ubiquitous and reliable microprocessors in Santa Clara, CA.

When you’re shopping for any of the products listed above, think about helping your country by buying American. Help yourself by picking up some high-quality items, and help other Americans by putting them to work. Bring that old idea of “Made in America,” as it refers to quality materials and superb craftsmanship, back into vogue.

Do you look for a "Made in America" tag when you shop?

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    • profile image

      Manishimwe 2 years ago

      If intoamrfion were soccer, this would be a goooooal!

    • profile image

      Asenka 2 years ago

      That's a shrewd answer to a tricky qusotien

    • LifeisLovely profile image

      Megan 5 years ago from Clearwater, Florida

      Yeah, like more jobs. Looking back throughout history we use to do a lot for not only our country, but ourselves individually.

    • customgiftsforhim profile image

      Jackie Mann 5 years ago

      Thanks, LifeisLovely! Could solve lots of problems, eh?

    • LifeisLovely profile image

      Megan 5 years ago from Clearwater, Florida

      Very interesting hub. It was well-written and I voted up and interesting. It would be great to bring a lot of products back to being American made. You have also gained a new follower.