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Mainstream alt-left media guilty of political collusion

Updated on August 19, 2017

Watch the left behind the scenes at Charlottesville, Virginia

Left-Wing Mainstream Media Has Radicalized

While the undeniable leftist spin of mainstream alt-left media is nothing new, the alt-left radicalization of network television newsrooms and cable news and the politicization of newspapers has culminated in a septic collusion between press and the Democratic Party. While this may please and pacify simpleminded rank-and-file alt-left go-alongs, the politicization of news is repugnant to most Americans.

It’s Interesting how the recent downward curve in credibility assigned to left-wing #mainstream media outlets precedes the Democratic Party’s sharp decline in power over the same period. It seems people increasingly recognize and reject the radicalized political content of what passes for MSmedia news.

Media Naked Under Hot Stage Lights

MS media, caught naked under its own hot lights, revealed its partisan agenda in the shocked expressions of its “reporters” on November 8, when Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton lost to Republican Donald Trump. After MS media produced poll after poll showing Clinton would win and explained (Ad-nauseam) why she should, the voters spoke. Since that time media has been apoplectic and has called Pres. Trump, Republicans, and other Americans every name in the book - even attacking the President’s son, who is 10.

Then came the special elections to replace Republican politicians appointed by Trump to serve in his administration. One by one Democratic challengers fell, culminating in Jon Ossoff’s incredibly expensive loss to Karen Handel in north Atlanta suburbs.

Democrats spent tens of millions of dollars pushing their candidate in Georgia, making it the most expensive congressional race in U.S. history. Despite the blatant collusion between Democrats and their friends embedded at alt-left mainstream media outlets, Ossoff’s campaign went down in flames, leaving the Democrats 0-for-5 in special elections. Nevertheless, mainstream media doubled down on its Democratic Party support by launching daily attacks against the Trump administration in hopes of creating a Russia-collusion coup that would change the 2016 presidential election result.

MS alt-left media lost collective mind after election

Despite election losses, the partnership between MS alt-left media and the Democratic Party grew even stronger after Georgia, ironically culminating in West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice switching parties from Democrat to Republican. Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of that state could be the next shoe to fall since Democrats in that once true-blue state are about as popular as police in South Chicago.

Media using Charlottesville deaths to politic

Whatever political credibility MS alt-left media still had was wasted on its overcooked reporting over the tragic death of a protester in Charlottesville, allegedly murdered in Virginia by a madman who drove his car into a group of people ISIS-style.

In the days following that horrific event, mainstream alt-left media bathed Americans in left-wing reporting that blames the killing on everything from Pres. Trump to Southern heritage. In reality, it was the action of one clinically-disturbed alleged murderer. Using media’s bigoted logic, perhaps it should assign itself some of the blame given the polarization perpetrated by its own irrefutable radicalization.

Despite MS alt-left media’s one-sided characterization of the Charlottesville riots, most Americans know that bigotry and racism - as well as the radicalization of ideologies, religions and hatred not to mention mental illness exist in the Democratic Party and in the Republican Party just as it exists in the population at large. Ditto, the world.

What has radically changed in America is the "fourth rail" of government, deservedly and increasingly known as MS alt-left media. Its ugly, partisan collusion with the Democratic Party must not be tolerated in this era of satellite communications and instant connectivity. Americans deserve a new mainstream news media, one based on integrity, not politics.


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