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Maintaining Your Personal Power in a Programmed Society

Updated on October 29, 2010

Maintaining Independance/Masculinity in a Programmed Society


Maintaining Your Sanity/Masculinity in a Programmed Society

Your mind must be: eclectic/ able to see both sides/ varying it’s speed and focus/ accept paradox (seemingly contradictory concepts). The mind/body/soul should be seen as INFINITE. When the heat is on, you sometimes will have to become as pure of heart and mind as you can get (it starts out as a battle to keep what you perceive as bad/wrong/disgusting in your opinion OUT, a good way to do this is to become as good a person as you possibly can be………I swear to you that there is a “Jesus Frequency” of enormous power that shuts out all unwanted bad thoughts and transforms the mind into the best that it possibly can be).

If you are “being bad”(having fun), you will have to be able to willfully NOT think of those people you Love the most because the “Disturb Frequency” will psychologically attack your mind by giving you bad thoughts about them. You protect them AND YOURSELF from being psychologically disturbed by FOCUSING ON THE FUN. If you want to get a task done without being as perfect and pure as the driven snow, use imagery that is ever-changing and has as little to do with conventional reality as possible while performing it. If you are in this “danger-zone”, you’ve got to be like a psychic Jujitsu master. You know that you will be psychologically/physically attacked in every way possible to “blow your mind”………so view it as a game and become the master of that game. “They” will call you a “cheater”……..but all you are doing is reclaiming your own mind/life.

Forget repetitive thought/behavioral patterns. Our fight is to break free from any and all forms of external mental control. You’ve got to continually be changing how you think……..sometimes cooperating with this force will advance you intellectually but you must retain your individual personality which means you’ll need to fight it sometimes.

Even if you do nothing wrong, “they” will make life miserable and difficult for you. It is during such times that it pays to be as insulting to them as possible, challenging them to punish you worse. You develop PERSONAL POWER by “asking for it” at these times because they aren’t allowed to kill you. Thus surviving their mental/physical punishment is a trophy you can put on your mantle - this way you develop a STRONGER PERSONALITY. This makes you harder to brainwash/ “get erased”.

Medications make seeing the world normally possible, but take punishment/taunt the source without them occasionally to maintain a healthy tolerance to electronic harassment. “They” will try to get you to overuse particular escape methods and then hit you when you run out/become over-tolerant to the medication. This technique of “getting the max on purpose” for short periods of time is much like a snake-handler who takes minute doses of venom to raise their bodies tolerance to it in case they ever get bitten. Remember that if it feels like too much, THEN take something to turn off the electronic harassment. Never taunt when you are in a position of psychological weakness. Just be good and pure as you can be until you are in a position to fight back.

You CAN rely on a multitude of different counter-measures which you keep on switching around. Never use all your counter-measures at one time. Constantly substitute one for another successively. You can jump from one defense to another (ex: headphones, switching medications, using almost nothing, finding new mental/physical activities)………this is awesome because you replicate the closest thing to having a normal life as possible. I’m a pretty happy person now……..2 years ago I seriously hated my life to the point that death would have felt desirable. Seriously research natural, legal substances that lessen the pain of electronic harassment (Kratom, Caffeine, Betel Nut) AND have access to prescribed medications which counteract electronic harassment (Zoloft, Clonopin, Trazodone, ABILIFY).

Remember, “they” are going to make your life suck even if you don’t do anything “bad”, so do not allow them to discourage you from healthy/personality-strengthening activities such as sex. A man who has less than one orgasm per week will begin to show signs of premature aging. This is not what you want. As a final note, very large doses of DHEA are good for strengthening your willpower. This plus lots of sex will make it difficult to con you into seeing yourself as feminine - one of the worst aspects of electronic harassment/social programming.


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