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Make a Difference; It's Our Future!

Updated on February 3, 2019

Why do people destroy their own planet?

Have you ever wondered what people alone do, the second you read this text?
People themself causes all the chaos on the planet where we form, start our family, feed ourselves, and above all, spend our entire lives. Why do people then destroy their homeland when they have everything they need, you ask yourself?

My Answer: It is the greed for power!

People have always wanted to assert themselves as "the most powerful" and have thus done many murders to make this desired goal. The greed for more and more is what makes us human and what will one day be fatal to all of us. Thousands of bad things we have as a human to fault (the extinction of animals, climate change, animal cruelty and much more ...) People are afraid of spiders, beating etc., but my greatest fear is the deeds of the people. I do not want to imagine what cruel acts have been done in this world. If we do not stop these cruel acts, we will end up as "The people who exterminated their own race."

(pictures who shows the bad results of humans fault):


Animals as victims of humans !?

"Animals are important to humans, but not as important as food, work, money, and economic development - unless we keep animals in ecosystems for these basic needs, animals are the losers." Humans systematically destroy the wildlife.
The animals are living beings like all of us and yet we treat them as a kind of "underclass". We put ourselves in the position of the "more powerful" and treat animals like our slaves. No animal in the world deserves such brutality as in the pictures. Animals are like us with feelings, a clear mind and are used by us humans as entertainment objects that are beaten, killed and brutally abused for their fur or flesh. Such tragic events occur daily and the animals have no choice but to take part in this torture. The meaning of an animal should be in the same position as we humans, after all, we do not want to be ridiculed as an idiot before the audience - or be trapped. Everyone deserves his freedom.


Today's world?

Lastly, I want to introduce you to a poem I wrote about this topic!

Unfortunately I wrote it in german so it will not rhyme if i would write it in english..

So for all german people here I hope you like it and for those who dont understand german I will write it in english even if it doesnt rhyme.

Wir leben in einem Land, alle so negativ. Meine Jugend so Depressive. Wir gehen uns aus dem Weg, wollen die Probleme nicht verstehen. Ich will mich abgrenzen, will leben ohne Grenzen. Weck mich auf aus diesem Albtraum, ich fasse es kaum, Leute werden verhauen. Ich will brüllen, überall nur Pillen. Leute, die sich satt essen, die Mehrheit wird vergessen. Sind wir im Western oder warum immer nur am Lästern? Ich verstehe es nicht, will aufstehen, daraus gehen, will nicht aufgeben, niemand kann es mir ausreden. Statt vorwärts, geht die Welt rückwärts, soviel Schmerz für die mit Herz. Jeder hat eine Chance verdient, was ist denn so schwer, soll sich doch jeder bedienen. Sie verkaufen uns für dumm, deshalb sind wir stumm. Jeder denkt es, niemand sagt es, die Welt ist verdorben, innerlich jeder gestorben. Rassismus ist kein Verbrechen? Nun ja, dann wird unsere Welt zerbrechen. Tiere werden gefangen gehalten, doch wer sind die eigentlichen Tiere? Schwule werden verbannt, seht ihr nicht, von euch wird das verlangt. Belästigung wird zu Belustigung? Eine Frau ist kein Objekt, seht es ein, habt Respekt. Weltweite Katastrophen, schuld sind die Menschen, wenn wir bald nichts tun, das ist kein scheiß, wird die Welt zu heiß. Es ist kein Traum die Leute klauen. Wir sind nicht Robin Hood - Nein, nehmen und geben ist nicht unsere Art.

Ich gebe zu ich bin zu jung und hab kein Mumm, was ich jedoch sage hat ein Sinn, wir brauchen ein Neubeginn.


We live in one country, all so negative. My youth so depressed. We get out-of-the-way, do not want to understand the problems. I want to demarcate myself, I want to live without borders. Wake me up from this nightmare, I hardly believe it, people get spank. I want to roar, pills everywhere. People who eat their fill, the most is forgotten. Are we in the Western or why always just blasphemy? I do not understand it, I want to get up, go out of it, do not want to give up, no one can talk it out of me. Instead of forward, the world goes backwards, so much pain for those with heart. Everyone deserves a chance, what is so difficult, everyone should serve themselfes. They sell us stupid, so we are mute. Everyone thinks it, no one says it, the world is corrupt, inside everyone is dead. Racism is not a crime? Well, then our world will break. Animals are kept captive, but who are the real animals? Gays are banished, you see, you are required to do so. Harassment becomes amusement? A woman is not an object, have respect. Worldwide disasters, the people are to blame, if we do not do anything soon, that's no shit, the world will be too hot. It's not a dream people steal. We are not Robin Hood - No, taking and giving is not our style.

I admit that I am too young and have no guts, but what I say has a meaning, we need a new beginning.

What is your opinion?

There are more things that people have done, but this time I just talked about the animals. But you can read more about it, because I will make more contributions of this kind.

I appreciate it very much when you have read everything and am very curious about your opinion. Do you agree with me or do you have some criticisms?

Do not take everything too critically. Of course, there are many people who are trying to make up for others' mistakes. In my view, we should take this topic more seriously and try to do something about it.

Who lives on this earth has the same task to take care of.

So I look forward to your opinions !!

  • If you like my topics I would be happy for a follow. :)


© 2019 Clarisse


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    • Clarissenm profile imageAUTHOR


      14 months ago

      You right. More people should stand up and say there opinions.

    • profile image


      14 months ago

      You are right.We must push and force the people in power to take initiatives against this serious social issue.All us blogger can do is raise our voice and let it heard.

    • Ben716 profile image

      Benny Alianess 

      14 months ago

      I agree with you Clarisse. We're responsible as humans for the many miseries we face in the world. Hunger for power, wealth, richness, fame and inconsideration are among the reasons there's so much evil committed by many people.

      People kill sharks, kill wild animals as a game not wanting to think twice what it would have felt if we were a game to larger creatures than us.

      But there are people who are standing up for what is right like you're doing by voicing your concern. We are many. We can't be counted because we do care.


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