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Making Back to School Next Year More Interesting

Updated on May 19, 2014

Students, this is your goal


Students, are you sad

about school being over for this term? I can recall in my day when this was both an exciting and sad time. I liked, for the most part, school and its various attractions and distractions, pretty girls, lunch-time, physical ed class, morning break, hanging with (what few) friends I had and talking in the hallways and what subjects didn't confuse me like a rooster being on LSD.

Some students love school

What was tough

for me was the summer vacation. I know. You think I am nuts. But all in all this time away from (what few) friends I had, was filled with summer chores, lists of things to do that my mom and dad would leave me for they both worked, and the overwhelming feeling of sheer boredom.

Back to school: just another term

When summer was waning, then came August and back to school, which was nothing more than another term of the same old stuff except a few new teachers, new subjects (I didn't need), and if we were lucky, some gorgeous transfer-students to gaze at before the newness of "this" school term wore off.


  1. Not wanting to move. At all
  2. Constant drowsiness
  3. Not desiring to look at porn on tape or magazines
  4. Not wanting to go outside in the pretty sunshine
  5. Yawning almost-constantly
  6. Calling other bored schoolmates
  7. Yawning with other schoolmates when talking to them
  8. Staring out in space

Old friends, maybe teachers will be all smiles when your new ways to make back to school more interesting get started


Eureka! Help has arrived

One day this week I was "pretending" that I was going back to school back in my day when life was simple and sodas were real drinks.

I put myself in the mind I was when I went into my senior year and I tried my newly-designed

Ways to Make Back to School More Interesting

on the students I knew at this time of my life. Here are the ways I came up with to kill boredom and create a new mindset for you to really enjoy going back to school.

  • If you are a heavy student, during the summer vacation, go on a drastic diet, get your hair colored, and grow a moustache. Your old friends will go nuts trying to figure out "who the new kid is"?
  • Wear a super-sloppy shirt and jeans for this special day and act as if you were oblivious to the stares and whispers from your friends and teachers.
  • Show up in a super-flashy, shiny jumpsuit with sequin. This will get the same affect as the sloppy shirt and jeans, but you will look cooler.
  • When an old friend says anything to you, fall to the floor and scream as loudly as you can for help. When a teacher reaches you, say, "That kid said something to me that scared me." Both old friend and teacher will be confused for the rest of the day
  • On the last day of school, spread the rumor that you are going to visit with your "uncle Hugh Hefner," at the Playboy mansion in the summer. On the first day of the new school term, whip-out loads of beautiful photos of you and the gorgeous Bunnies and you shaking hands with Hugh Hefner. But do a good job on your PC and Photoshop.
  • Get the story circulated-around that "You" are "your" twin brother from Sweden and you are taking your place. Learn a lot of Swedish phrases in the time off from school.
  • Hide a balloon with fowl-smells in your pants or underneath your shirt and at the right time, say while standing in-line to register for classes, slowly release a few nauseous aromas and watch the fun.

Your new ways to make back to school more interesting will create a relaxed atmosphere in classrooms

Teachers will appreciate you


Simple things you can do

besides the tips I revealed above to make your first day of school less-boring are:

  1. In the summer-vacation, learn ventriloquism and throw your voice while in class.
  2. Learn how to sing jazz songs and do your singing in the hallway
  3. Ask easy-answered questions like, "Is my hair on fire," and "Did a dog just run by?" This will kill time and give teachers something to talk about in the teachers lounge.
  4. Smile all of the time.
  5. Cover your face. Then burst into a loud-laughter. Then walk away.
  6. Be over-courteous to girl students and female teachers. You won't be in any trouble, but make a name for yourself at school.

And kids, seriously, leave illegal drugs alone and do some serious studying for you do not want to end-up like me.


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    • profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago

      Hi, grand old lady (and you are NOT old),

      Thank you so much for your kind remarks on this hub that I hope will help some students to have an interesting and fun first day of back to school.

      Thanks again.


    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 

      4 years ago from Philippines, I would pass on these things. Yes, I would pass. Except on 1, 3, 4 and 5 on batch two, which is excellent advice. Still this was fun to read:)


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