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Making of a Dictator, is Trump on Way to One

Updated on December 23, 2017

Donald's Thoughts

A man's thoughts are a clue to his actions. In case he articulates a particular line of thought psychologists will tell you that is the latent desire of the man. For the last year, Americans have been bombarded by the thoughts of Donald Trump. He has expressed his views on Twitter umpteen times as well as in interviews.He has been articulate in supporting"strong men". Obviously, he sees himself in that light and in a way he would like nothing but to be one of the galaxies of strong men who have ruled the world.

Donald has expressed admiration for the way Gaddafi and Saddam had tackled Islamic terror. He praised the way Saddam strung up the militants without the semblance of a fair trial. He appreciated the fact that Saddam did not read to the terrorists the bill of rights. He has gone on and on and also praised the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Donald appreciates strong men and would like to emulate them. To be fair to him he has not praised Hitler, but many have been comparing his actions to the way Hitler seized power by burning the Reichstag and blaming it on communists.

Donald is a man who plays to the gallery and believes in half-truths and stating white lies. One will recollect that Dr.Goebbelss the Propaganda minister of Hitler stating" A lie repeated a100 times becomes a truth".His actions on almost all matters from the crowd at his the inauguration to the popular vote are are examples of this. His naive approach to labeling terror as only Muslim terror is a dangerous thought and runs the risk of embroiling the USA in a war of religions. One can recollect that the Crusades lasted 100 years and the Christians could still not wrest Jerusalem from Muslim rule.

Dictatorship and Trump

Donald Trump has been stating his admiration for decisive action. But basically he remains a businessman and that is the overriding factor in all his decisions. This is the chink in the armor of Donald as the dictators normally never went into business and certainly never allowed business interests to dictate their actions.

Trump wanted to show he was a "tough man" and signed an order banning Muslims from 7 nations from entering the USA as they were a"threat" to the security of the nation. One will have to die laughing on a bed of nails at this order. As no Muslim from these 7 nations viz Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan. Libya and Somalia have ever entered the USA for last 15 years to commit a terror act. Yet they are banned as the underlying principle " it is good to ban them as I have no business interest there". The nations who sent the terror groups like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan are not on the list. Donald has substantial business interests in these places.

Trump admires Putin and no word has ever come out from against the Russian leader. Donald would like to become a dictator, but the constitution will not allow him. The checks and balances are so strong that even an executive order like banning Muslims is set aside and stayed by the court. Hitler could get his way by burning the Reichstag and blaming it on communists and Mussolini and his brown shirts could march to Rome and seize power, but it cannot happen in America. There is no such tradition and the US constitution is so well embedded in US psyche for this to happen. The USA is also very large nearly 20/25 times of Italy or Japan to have a one-man rule. Anyone trying it is bound to fail

Trump and Future

There is no doubt that Trump believes in a strong government. He is an impatient man and his actions are colored by his thoughts. He wants to be a strong man, like the strong men he eulogizes, but that is all. He cannot put his ideas into reality and 50% of America is alarmed at his actions. America is too big for Donald to control. Doubtless, he has many supporters, but there is a schism and millions are agitating against him. This aspect cannot be written off. America is divided and to deny it, is a travesty of truth.

Probably Donald will rule but not reign. He is not a king or a dictator and the chance that he will become one are very remote. Mostly, he will be defeated in the next election or even impeached. This could happen and people betting on Trump may just about hedge their bets. The last word on Donald is yet to be written.


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    • emge profile imageAUTHOR


      21 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Dear Sanxuary, yes you are very much on the mark and I do hope this man gets impeached, but if he completes 4 years, then god save America.

    • profile image


      21 months ago

      He would love to be a Dictator but its going to fail horribly. His hope was a base founded on his own brand of social nationalismn. It does not work very well in a land of immigrants. The Sepearation of powers is keeping everyone in check except the Republicans who refuse to do their jobs. He will destroy most of the Federal offices but the states will simply move ahead of the Federal government until elections force every fake politician out of office. Proceedings to impeach the President will catch up. The Russia story is becoming more real by the day and ethics violations are not far behind. I see Pence hiding from the eventual outcome and trying to keep his nose clean long enough to deny everything to be the next President. He will be to dumb to run the office and both houses will be run by the Democrats by then.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR


      21 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Good points raise, Oztinato, but he may not achieve his aim

    • Oztinato profile image

      Andrew Petrou 

      21 months ago from Brisbane

      Donald really wants to be a dictator. This is obvious to any honest observer.

      He believes he is the smartest guy on the planet and that if every word of his is followed he could achieve miracles ie a total narcissistic megalomaniac.

      Attacking courts of law and the free Press is typical of a dictator.


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