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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 - All the hype makes me sick

Updated on March 13, 2014

Why can't news anchors look for news

I know a little bit about news since I was a communication major in college. We took a course called "Ethics in Journalism" which I am sure they would never offer today. I am completely irritated by the way local and national news is covering this story or any story for that matter. It has gotten to the point that anyone in front of a camera that has an opinion is considered a news anchor and the words that flow from their mouths are twisted and construed in such a way that most of it is pure crap. Here's one headline from the LA Times

Missing jet's travelers with stolen passports show no terror links

Well what exactly do you think people are going to think with a headline like this. Sure it says that there are no links to terror. But instantly your eyes are locked on the word TERROR and the word no is lost in your mind. You think "well maybe they were terrorists and the news got it wrong" I'll say they got it wrong they get it wrong 90 percent of the time. Of course if you test every theory on the public you will eventually trip over the truth.

Joe regular citizen is bombarded with possibilities of what might have happened.

Here is one from Businessweek

Why Malaysia Will Say Almost Nothing About the Missing Plane

Well maybe they don't know enough right now to make a statement. Did anyone think of that? The headline is leading you to think there is something to hide. Now with that in your mind Malaysia is a harbor for terrorism. These are just two examples of headlines that are completely misleading. Headlines are supposed to get your attention not lead your attention in the wrong direction.

Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity | Source

Fox News - Not Fair or Balanced

Fox News covers the right wing idealism as it were for those of us who are conservative. Yes, I am a conservative person by definition. I vote for most Republicans and I side strongly about most issues conservatives feel strongly about. I was excited when Fox News came on the air. Finally a news organization that is going to tells us the truth. That may have been true then, but its far from that now.

Hannity covered the Malaysia Airline incident the other night and frankly I was embarrassed. There was so much negative jargon and speculation that I thought maybe we should be at war with Malaysia after listening to him and his guests. He stated at least 3-4 times that "these people could be terrorists" and "we need to consider this in a post 9/11 world".

The problem is not that they could be terrorist. The problem is that a person who vows to give you the news should stick to facts and let their personal ideas aside. He even admitted on the show that he is one sided in his thinking. One of his guests was shocked as was I. The fair and BALANCED goes out the window apperantly in regard to Sean Hannity.

What is a post 9/11 world? The events of that day were a tragedy but put it into perspective to history. What about these other tragic events.

  • In Russia the Gulag Labor camps held 14 million people from 1929 to 1953. 1.6 million died at the hands of communism.
  • Remember a man name Adolf Hitler who was responsible for murdering over 6 million Jews in Europe
  • Aug 6th and Aug 9th 1945 over 240,000 Japanese civilians died from 2 atomic bombs dropped in their cities.

These are truly horrible tragedies and there are many many more incidents of innocent people dying for no reason at all. What did the survivors do to lead move on. They led their lives with strength and perseverance that they knew their families would have wanted them to. They were stronger for it. They did not however, dwell on the past and see everyone as an enemy. If that were the case their chance of surviving would have been faint.

Sean Hannity " I'm not a conspiracy theorist"

Hannity and Shapiro Rambling

Both claim not to be Conspiracy Theorists but yet everything they say is on point with conspiracy theories. Remember the movie Talladega Nights? Ricky Bobby thinks he can say anything he wants as long as he says "with all due respect" before hand. That's a funny movie but these two guys are not. When you say I'm not a something and then completely go in the opposite direction... well then yes you are.


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    • Foodeee profile image

      Foodeee 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Thanks Suramyakh

      The second the main news said they found debris in the Indian Ocean, Hannity switched gears and talked about some other topic. It was as if the event never happened at all. My kids have Call of Duty on the Xbox. I guess that makes them murder suspects.

    • suramyakh profile image

      Surem Khulkar 4 years ago

      This was a very interesting read for me and I find it really hard to watch the news without feeling disgust. Even reputed sources are making stupid speculations. One I was too offended (actually) of was that having a simulator game in your home was illegal and that the captain was deliberately trying to hijack the aircraft.

      As you say, the media must start behaving sensibly and ethically. Wherever those passengers and crew are, I pray that they don't break down listening to stupid blames.

    • Foodeee profile image

      Foodeee 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Thanks for the comment Eric. I was curious what you might say to this hub. I debated adding Nagasaki and Hiroshima to the article, but my dad was a POW in Japan WWII and even he didn't think the BOMBS were a good idea.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very interesting perspective. Where entertainment ends and news begins seems now to occupy about 80% of the middle of the spectrum.