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Malevolent Mueller

Updated on June 2, 2019

Stinky is in the Kitchen

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, June 2, 2019. Our friend Stinky is at the bar preparing Crazy Cow Bombs for our morning repast. He is using Chocolate Vodka and some Bailey's Irish Cream. A liquid breakfast seems to be what's called for after the nation had to endure the sight and sound of Robert Mueller throwing President Trump and the country under the bus. Stinky has asked for the pleasure of your company this morning. He needs and wants to discuss this latest ugly move on the part of Not-So-Special Persecutor Mueller. I'll leave the door open, so come right in and grab a breakfast cocktail.


He's a Snake

Thanks so much for coming to breakfast this morning. Robert Mueller's report should have put the bogus Trump Russia collusion case to bed. It should have put the subject of obstruction of justice out to pasture. Both issues are still alive because Democrats and Robert Mueller want it that way. Mueller made an unprecedented move by appearing on national television to discuss the investigation. His parting shot at the president he hates was to leave lingering doubt about Trump's innocence by stressing the fact that a sitting president cannot be prosecuted for certain crimes. Mueller stepped out way beyond the parameters of his job when he made his vicious little announcement. Trump's innocence had to be so clear cut that even Mueller and his super liberal team of lawyers couldn't find anything to prosecute. Instead, Mueller came forward, announced his retirement and stuck a knife in Trump's back. He talked a lot of nonsense and then announced that he would not be saying another word about the investigation. He threw his liberal pals a bone when he stated that he decided not to make a determination on whether the president committed a crime because an indictment of the president would have been unconstitutional. He said the same thing in his report, but it is highly unlikely that a single Democrat read it. The last thing liberal dems want to hear are facts. They prefer to go with fantasy.


Sinister Minds

The entire Russian investigation was created by people like Hillary Clinton who were determined to stop Donald Trump from winning the election. She was aided and abetted by bad actors in the FBI and DOJ. Obama's FBI obtained a FISA warrant to spy on Trump Tower based on information that Russian Alfa Bank was dealing with Donald Trump. We all now know that the FBI knew the accusation was false. They deliberately withheld that information from the FISA court. Everything that stemmed from the original lie is well known now. Our nation and our president are still suffering the effects of the original lie. The guilty are still out there. Some of these bad actors are still employed. Others are making insane appearances on liberal networks to spread even more lies. It is astounding that President Trump can hold up given the level of hatred being directed at him. There is no question that his supporters are feeling the strain, as well.

The only hope this nation has lies in the hands of Attorney General William Barr. He has the intelligence and grit to expose the ugliness of this attempted coup, and place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the guilty. We need this investigation, and we need concrete results. It would be in the best interests of this nation to get this investigation over with as soon as possible.

Even if the guilty are escorted away in handcuffs, the Dems will keep on spewing garbage and showing contempt for just about everyone and everything. A resounding defeat at the polls may be the only way to shut them up. I hope the majority of Americans are smart enough to make that happen.


A Clean Start

The coming weeks should provide some relief to a tired electorate. The same will be true for President Trump who has remarkable stamina and determination. He has accomplished a great deal for us in the face of unprecedented adversity. His success will be a win for every single American, including those who live to vilify him. Politicians fear President Trump. He has demonstrated his ability and willingness to tackle a problem and solve it. Politicians are not in the business of solving problems. They are in the business of perpetuating them and pointing them out. That is their reason for being. A needy electorate will hold on to false promises made by phony politicians who are in it for themselves. There are many perks to running and winning a seat in the nation's capitol. For most, it is all they know and they want to hold on to the power, perks and prestige at all costs. President Trump doesn't fit the profile and that is why he is so feared. He can cut through the garbage without a care, and the truth is his sword. His whole approach is an anathema to Washington. His presence has exposed the ugliness in many people, both in and out of government. We are seeing a lack of respect and complete lack of a moral compass almost everywhere we turn. It is evident in Washington, in the media, on campuses throughout our country and at the corner grocery store. We must find a way to turn things around. We may never be able to put the "ugly" back where it came from, but we can try to raise another generation of future citizens who appreciate all the gifts this nation has to offer. Donald Trump must win in 2020. After that, our only hope is to find a copy of this man who has no use for Washington's penchant for business as usual.

Stinky's Song

Politicians are miserable

They lead us astray

We need a spray

To make them go away!


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