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Mall Junkies

Updated on November 24, 2011

Mall Junkies ...........'ve seen them, but hardly noticed. Might live with one, or be one and not know it. They look normal on the outside, can be an adult or not, man or woman, and would not remind you of the generic junkie you're fond to remember who likes playing 'pin-cushion' with himself and from the shady side of town. These poor sols are all well dressed, or close to well dressed, and they don't stink of poor hygiene, or homeless, or pupils aren't dilated, and won't ask you for money. They will, however, if not getting their fix, start to shake and sweat and become irritable, at least until they get to a mall, or rather 'The Mall.'

These junkies are not slaves to a substance but rather a slave to fashion and hooked on an others approval rather than their own intuitiveness. Their true likes and dislikes have taken a back seat for so long they don't exist for them. Blame it on the media if you like, but I think it runs deeper than that. I think it is from children raising children; Moms and Dads poor self-esteem and lack of maturity was passed on. They don't realize that kids don't learn from what their parents tell them, or rather yell at them, they learn from example.

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Not putting you on here......

.........(pun intended) one only has to visit the nearest Mall, just for fifteen minutes now I promise, and walk any given isle to pick up on it. Soon after you've gone with the current at a nice easy pace, you'll hear their comments. Then, after you've begun to look around, you'll see what I'm talkin here. Not that they have turned into a zombie, at least not as yet, just that we seem to be walking that direction. And it's so easy to get caught up in it. The mere walking of the isles becomes a gateway to a more hard core impulse shopping. Look at too many shops and soon you're doomed to buy something you didn't need. The mall is another little world where success is measured by what is bought, and happiness measured by whats to look forward to.

"I've been here an hour and still I haven't got anything," is what I heard from a young girl while strolling through a Mall recently. And frankly, what this teenager said sparked my awareness and led me tap tap tapping to my keyboard for this hub.

The girl may have been smiling but I could tell it was fake. She was upset with her actions, or rather non-actions, of the day. The purchase wasn't a case of necessity for her or she would have got it already. It was the case that her friends had shopping bags hanging from their arms, and she didn't. Their bags, decorated by the store's logo, proudly told everybody in the store where they were, her shoulder only had her purse hanging over it. She clutched it and probably thankfull that it was indeed 'in style' or rather 'hip.'

She plainly felt out of place and not as good as her friends, she tore into her gum double-time. Not a happy customer, and here she had planned on 'shopping till she dropped' She hastily dug for her ipod in her purse for some 'entertainal-sustenance' before she got her real fix. Then her friends encouraged her to try another shop, another boutique, another vendor.

I pondered as I took another turn, it's alright not to need anything. And there is another option, giggly girls, save money, duh! (to use your own expression)...remember savings accounts?

But she was at the Mall for one reason, well maybe a couple more reasons with her hormones in mind, but the mainly she had to buy something, and fast, and had to be seen buying something, and Goh-forbid, don't forget the bag when you leave the place.Do they give free ones out?

What to buy means little really, just take it back. That way you'll be seen entering with their bag and exciting with it too; what joy. So a mistake is rewarded twice. Also, if ya feel a little withdraw coming on; shop and get a bit of the 'hair the dog that bit ya' to fix ya right up. And buying eatables just doesn't do the trick, though they are food (that can be debatable in some of the malls I've been in) food can't be seen unless you carrying a take-out bag. Then it might work, and be cool.

Yep, dear ol'dad, your kids an addict, and there's little hope, unless of course you know of a 'Mall Anonymous' around town you could sign up at. But fear not 'dadio,' I'm one, and there's millions like us. Soon there will be a rehab near you, and they'll have ribbons we can stick on our car so others will know. Then soon there will be a reality show on TV called 'celebrity Mall Rehab' with a famous host and patient. Winona Ryder would be a good choice, I think. She's sure to get the ratings up there, and is familiar with the shopping experience. And in no time the 'First lady' and Opra would start a tell-a-thon asking for pledges and to 'say no to malls.' Then with the governments help behind the cause, just like there other ventures, bills and whatnot, we will soon be free, hip-hip-horay, and rid of the 'Mall Junkie.'

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Malls track shoppers' cell phones on Black Friday
11-23-2011 •
Starting on Black Friday and running through New Year's Day, two U.S. malls -- Promenade Temecula in southern California and Short Pump Town Center in Richmond, Va. -- will track guests' movements by monitoring the signals from their cell pho


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    • johnwindbell profile image

      johnwindbell 7 years ago from - the land of beards and buggies

      ........yea, they need all the help they can get!

      When you join however, don't drop the soap, unless of course you want to.

    • lxxy profile image

      lxxy 7 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

      I've never seen Silent Running myself, but you've piqued my curiosity. I'm gonna go look for it on Netflix.

      As far as the Mall being my church, I don't believe so. I'm rarely seen at one. In fact, I can't say I have a church. I heard the Catholic church is taking in aliens, maybe I shall look into it. ;)

    • johnwindbell profile image

      johnwindbell 7 years ago from - the land of beards and buggies

      Thank you Ixxy. Could you say that the Mall is your church? Or am I stretching the envelope too much? Your Slider scene reminds me of a Bruce Dern flix called 'Silent Running,' one of my favorites of his. Ever see it?

      JWB -

    • lxxy profile image

      lxxy 7 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

      This reminds me of a future I have seen where people lived in giant sky malls, forced to work and purchase a certain amount of goods a day. Actually, now that I think about it, that was an episode of Sliders...oh well, you get the point.

      "My culture comes from the mall...."

      Oh, and excellent video. I almost died of laughter.

    • johnwindbell profile image

      johnwindbell 7 years ago from - the land of beards and buggies

      Thanks for the comment, your son's absolutely right. Why go out and waste money when you can do it at home.

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 7 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      The Mall is the new downtown--not sure how new it is anymore. In fact my son who has a second hand store tells me that mall are becoming obsolete.