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Malleswara its Mess and Plus.

Updated on June 19, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

This is one of million spots that spoils the morning air in Malleswara.


Go to work with the ugly picture that stands.

Why is it that the Garbage is removed all the time round the clock in a city called SURAT just like Bangalore but is not possible in the City of Bangalore.The rulers of Bangalore need to know the quantity of Garbage removed while the Rulers of the City of SURAT do not care as to how much muck gets out of its city and keeps it clean.The Rulers of Bangalore are the politicians and the bureaucrats of the Govt.The Muck needs 2 body's of organization to manage as its a huge cost that is involved to clear the Muck.What happens to the looks of the streets and city is not a very urgent concern.Bangalore being open to all types of people of all states in India no one cares these days the looks of their street or place of stay.The good old people of Bangalore being too old cannot do anything but watch the mess being made in every corner of the place they live.Good old Malleswara was a colony of high caste Hindus and they managed their place and streets as if it was all their place.The children of these good old people found high pay and perks in another part of the planet and left their parents to mend for themselves.The good old people managed till they could manage their homes and when they found it unmanageable sold the huge houses to people who made as many apartments as the permission they could under the building law and even offered an apartment free to the people who sold them the huge houses.This was a welcome move as the apartments were being managed by a co-operative society registered and open to public partnership in the management of the apartments.The good old people took this opportunity and this was their shelter as silent partners in these apartments.

The Apartment Bhoom in Malleswaram.

The first apartment that came up in 1980 was soon rapidly expanded and there are so many in and around Malleswaram that even a Big Nationalized Textile Mill was made to shut down and a very huge apartment complex came up in place of this Majestic Heritage Textile Mill.compound of nearly 100 acres or more with every type of activity drawing huge commercial and residential areas which only the rich could afford.

The most recent addition to Malleswaram's next neighbor is Rajaji Nagar which Houses a 5 Star Hotel with a real Persian Food Restaurant on the SKY TOP where real Persian Food is served mostly to the very rich who can afford a bottle of Wine costing Rs.8,000/- plus a meal for 4 costing another Rs.10,000/-

There is no place to walk but there is plenty of place to build apartment after apartment in this holy cow worshiping community of south Indian Brahmins monopoly of space which goes under the bull dozing truck day after day.What goes on is progress a road always under construction as they say some where in some context.

Once a Electric Co now holds over 500 Apartments +


Bangalore Shopping and Shopping Malls.( A NTC MILL WAS SHUT DOWN TO THIS COMPLEX )


A Sleepy Malleswaram now a Giant Crowd Puller.

You can spend a whole day shopping here and relaxing where ever you want.You can also watch a brand new Hollywood Movie and go home relaxed with your bulging Purse now a little thinner.The problem is how to enter the complex with a road as wide as it was 100 years ago.The city gets its dirt and muck from such places as these huge complexes built by very powerful and influential people have no responsibility for the city or the place's clean looks it had 100 years ago a Royal Look of its Textile Mill called Maharaja Mills.or Mysore Spg & Mfg Mills where the father of Mr.Nandan Kilekini Chairperson of UID Authority of India made his best efforts to make this textile mill to Global Standards in its operations as the best producer of textile apparel fabrics company.

Anothe Look of Mall.


Another View of Mantri Mall - Malleswaram.



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