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Malleswaram in Bangalore.How to Remove the City's Garbage Mr.Mayor / Commissioner. Watch the Video Sir.

Updated on August 8, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Who can tell whom in a corrucpt country.

Walking on these roads is strictly for senior citizens between 4:00 AM to 6:00 AM.No walking is possible with out the risk of an accident by young mobile riders who brush past your shirt sleeves but do not by god's grace touch your body.There are Auto Rickshaws also but they also go very carefully.It is not that they care for you but fear the police who will harass them like hell.You take the risk living in a city where anything is possible to you or anyone who do not have adequate self protection and security.Police can do wonders in this regard but politicians interference in their work make them indifferent to their duties.My gardener rides a motor bicycle but he does not have a license to drive.I asked him how he manages to ride a motor bicycle with out a license he said if he is caught he will just ring to a VIP in whose house he is a gardener and talk to the police personal who had caught him and he would be allowed to go free.I wanted to know what the VIP had told the police.He told me he had said weather he had no work other than catching poor people riding a TVS Moped.I told him why don't you take a license he said they were not giving license to people who had no school certificate and he had not gone to any school.I told him to take a ordinary Bicycle.Sir, you come to my village and see the road if you can go on the Bicycle even 2 KM,the road has no bridge and I have to cross a water stream where the Bicycle tyre would sunk deep in the mud with his bag of 25KG fertilizer.I did not leave him at that and told him why can't he stay in city.Sir, we are 4 brothers living in our 4 acre farm each 1 acre costs today at Rs.1,000,00,000/- Can I leave it and come.Now I was having no words to tell him anything as he was telling the truth.What can you do if such a person knocks you down on the road?.

Garden City to Garbage City.

Bangalore known for its heritage gardens has turned in to a garbage corner city as can be seen by the pictures that I have taken.There are more pictures of different sorts which has made Bangalore grow by invaders from all corners of the country.All people come here on account of good climate and cosmopolitan culture existing since Independence.Bangalore has a place for all but has no place for people with a vision like the day's of Sir.Mirza Ismail or Sir.M.Visweswaraiah who planed it and their plan worked to its limits with no up-gradation in infrastructure and technology due to politicians and bureaucrats who did not allow technocrats in the city's administration for a very long period of time and with the present public participation coming in to put forth technology and finance perhaps things will change when there is a change at the right place at the right time.Till then we have to wait with chocked breath the foul smell of the garbage's and eye sore pictures of unwanted ugly images in and around our place of living.Malleswara and aristocrats was the picture we used to get when we were boys and we never bothered to come here since the entry to this locality was in front of a textile mill a heritage mill which instead of preserving some body in NTC Delhi thought of gifting it to a minister who runs a Mall and is a secret perhaps other wise how can a textile mill be sold and the entire area demolished with out leaving a foundation stone of the textile mill.The only place we some time came was to eat Masala Dosa of Udupi Krishna Bhavan which is still running with some glory of its past known for taste and quality.All other areas were just huge Bungalows with over 50 trees in their compound.

6th Main Road a perfect place to try the Garbage Truck lifting Garbage.


They wont bring these "GARBAGE TRUCKS" because how will the contractors live and bribe.

Bangalore Electricity Board Lines Men have to Work over the garbage.


All homes have Washing Machine but no time for Ironing their Cloth.

Any fabric in order to fit and fall gracefully we need to press them with steam hot ironing gadget and unfortunately there is no such machine available in the market.Most of the cloth gets pressed by a person on the side walk for a few Rs. and all can afford the price.There is no choice even though some people wear their clothes straight from the washing machine.The entire layout is full of such people who work on side walk and present a ugly look to the place and they do not contribute to any thing to the area.They do not pay any rent but they do pay some body who is the master of these places.

In Bangalore today's youngsters still have living very senior citizens who want their traditions and customs to be maintained.The youngsters have no option but to follow their parents and even their grand parents directions and live with them as they are unmarried and have free lodging and boarding with them.There are others who go out of their homes to take up their profession in other big cities and countries.Once their income starts they naturally want what nature of their age wants and now there is pressure from home to get married.The boys parents even get help from their family circles and friends a suitable girl and the boy knows he will be soon asked to come home and get married as they have selected the girl for him.The boy now is in terrible stress and tension and he finds a nice girl working in his office.It takes two to Tango and soon he informs his parents he has already selected the girl and gives them the girls parents telephone number and tells them to fix the marriage.The parents now have no option since they fear if they do not listen to him they will be in deep shit.

The marriage takes place ( a typical Hindu family's true story ) the boy and girl soon start living in the same city and working in different company's.They do not know who will look after the baby once they go to office.They plan not to have any baby.They have a house keeping maid who works pat time and do not press their clothes.They chose to wear clothes which does not need ironing however some festival or party dress need pressing after washing.They have a girl doing this job right in front of their apartment building so they feed her by giving their important clothes for ironing or pressing after they wash it in their washing machine.That is the picture of the girl doing the pressing of the cloths of the apartment dwellers.There are many such persons doing this job in the same road.

They the BBMP won't keep Garbage Bins but allow Laundry.


Waiting for the buyers on the way to home from work.

Every corner is allotted by the vendor mafia to these vendors on a understanding and rules that they have to follow and any violation will result in serious consequences.You got to buy fruits and there is a corner,you got to buy flowers you have a got to buy vegetables you got a corner,you got to press your shirts and pants you do not have a corner but a place in front of an apartment complex.Finally you got to throw your garbage throw it over any heap at any place of your choice as there are plenty of garbage dumps with every sort of garbage that is made in your home by you.In some places you have a choice to throw only plastic or dry woods or garden trimmings from your home.You wonder if the city has a health care official.

There are heath officials but they are blind to anything that is healthy for the city.They are just a body in a chair that will give them pension when there is no bribe money.They do take complaints and those who complain will have to face the vendor mafia thugs. They will meet you and tell you very politely that your complaints are useless as they are the ones that protect you from any act of violence.Looking at those thugs and their faces you will come to your senses and make no effort to follow up your complaint.

There are so many in the city that you see including eateries in unhealthy conditions and un healthy places but you do not complain,you look the other way.This is a free country for thugs,politicians and mafia.

Now you need peace of mind so you go away to a resort on week ends with family.

You need Fruits it's there right on the road.


There are many items in store.

Malleswara has many good spots also but all the beauty is gone with garbage and junk lying everywhere as you walk along the roads.In some places you can see a furniture shop bulging in to the street from its place and the shop keeper relaxing on a Cane Easy Chair.If you stop to see the furniture he won't get up because he knows you won't buy.It's worst in many places deep inside the cross roads.Thousands of Hackers will be sitting on the side walk and it will be a hug and go walk on these roads.On these side walks people will be enjoying with family all sorts of eats which will make you wonder how they do not get any health problems.My friend said that all items have anti virus also as there will be so much virus one gets killed by another.Wondering all this if you have not slipped and twisted your ankle you have a strong ankle.This is a medical test free from the corporation who keep digging where ever they want to repair or renovate the side walks.I have to go now as there is a TAMASHA going on in FREEDOM PARK as to how we can get rid of garbage in Malleswaram.( My view is to eat in Restaurants as they do not seem to throw any of their garbage to street corners.)

There is more from Malleswaram in my next Hub.

Does the Car belong to the owners of the House in the picture.

I PAY Rs.250/- to park my car inside the apartment but if I park on the road I need not payWHY NOT COLLECT CAR PARKING FEE FROM OVER A THOUSAND CARS PARKED ON THE ROAD 24X7.
I PAY Rs.250/- to park my car inside the apartment but if I park on the road I need not payWHY NOT COLLECT CAR PARKING FEE FROM OVER A THOUSAND CARS PARKED ON THE ROAD 24X7. | Source

Parked on Road 24X7 without any Parking Fee.


To walk on Side Walk is not possible so forced to walk on Road endangering one's Life.



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      SR 5 years ago

      Fantastic !!


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