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Malleswaram's New Stadium-Rs.30 Crore.Did the people ask for it when there are Pot Holes to be Filled.

Updated on April 10, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Bangalore's & Malleswaram's Needs.Not Stadiums but Good Roads.

Bangalore Bruhut Mahanagar Palika is building via contractors a big stadium in the same heritage old open ground used for sports and spiritual activity as it was the only open space left by the erstwhile Banglore Loving Municipal Commissioners like Mr.Lakshman Rao and his predecessor's.

But now public money loving politicians and bureaucrats plan to spend money on modern infrastructures like sports stadiums which spoils the natural country like atmosphere that had made this place in Malleswaram a center for any sort of activity.The design of the structure looks ugly due to space constraints and perhaps due to poor knowledge of the architect who made it expensive and simple which may or may not help preserve under ground water reserves due to heavy use of concrete mixtures used all over the place leaving less space for rain water harvesting.

Rain Water Harvesting which was done naturally preserving ground water in water starved Malleswaram with open space that existed in old buildings and big bunglows which had to go as the people of other states started streaming in to Bangalore as the city started attracting qualified youth.

Construction activities of homes started in place of big bunglows and huge apartments stood with hundreds of people where there were hardly a single digit population lived.Now in this open play ground and else where there are no more places open for rain water to reach and refill the existing ground water.However permission to construct huge apartments is going on and Rain Water harvesting can no more happen as building of Apartments is still going on by pouring concrete mixtures for apartment foundation,under ground parking,water tanks,Lift rooms with steel and concrete structures of huge area benith the ground level .

There is sevear water shortage all over the place and few are the lucky ones who get uninterupted ground water and few hours of river cavery water and they store in Mega Big Tanks of Plastic Make which are of 20,000 liter capasity.There is interupted power supply due to poor maintenance,old equipment and transformers which have exceded their life but are still working standing next to the homes and apartments which are very dangerous.

Malleswaram has roads that were wide,good,clean with less traffic and less people 50 years ago and now after 50 years the roads have shrunk with new buildings protruding over to the road ( looks like that ) width remaining the same,in bad shape,dirty with pot holes.What would be the condition of these roads after 20 years if they do not get the required attention.How can the present generation going to school with parents go to work in their own transport.How can the traffic move as there is a 5 KMPH speed is all you can travel from the begining of this road to the end at 18th Cross which is having problem even now to move non stop.After all who suffers it wont be people who are sitting in high places but AM ADMI.

In this construction of a stadium very essential for Residents.

What ever we say discussions may solve a problem perhaps but the conflict of interest of the politicians will not help the Residence.Water Tankers have already started taking rounds in the street of Malleswaram.Several streets row of houses do not get water even from their own bore well.Is this unseen by the BBMP authorities.All the residents may be rich their kids may be earning plenty of money in USA or Dubai but if there is no water what will they do drink money.It is high time they woke up and kick out the unwanted structure construction by builders who bribe the authorities and get santion to build high rise apartments which do not provide car parking fecilities to the apartment dwellers who conveniently park there cars on roads forsing wakers to walk in the middle of the road.Let the present stadium be there and we can dismantle if need be at a later period.Multi-Purpose stadium or Multi Storied building no more in Malleswaram.

Utility of this Stadium.[ With out Car Parking.]

What is the population of Malleswaram.How many boys and how many girls are there in Malleswaram.Who administrates the stadium,have they made a project report,if so what is the total cost estimated and the payback period.who made the plan and cost of construction.Was a plan to have Car parking made in the plan.Who took the construction contract,and how was the contractor selected.Was there a Govt approved committee to scrutinize all the documents and procedures.Who approved the project and who funded the cost.

There can be more questions and there may be correct answers and if there are no answers there will be some one who shall be responsible for poor quality construction or damage to the construction like it happened in common wealth games held in New Delhi and some body went to jail and is out of jail on bail enjoying his freedom in his royal style as he was enjoying prior to going to jail.

The construction is not at least to my knowledge has no protection to sun or rain and is a open to sky with some industrial fabric of technical textile material about 20 feet above the steps of platforms in gradation from ground level with a open theater that can be used for any performance or political gatherings which find very useful for such small stadiums in central Bangalore.Indeed it will be well worth constructing a sports stadium for political parties to take up their election propoganda as general elections are round the corner.

There is no Car Parking area around the place as I saw it today.

Stadium with Partial Sun & Rain Protection.

A View of the completed section from a corner.

Even befour the Stadium is complete a Hawker is Sitting in place of his choice nearer to the Main Gate.

A corner of the Stadium has a social function.They do not need a Stadium.

The top covered with technical textile fabric.

Another Corner has a Basket Ball Court.[ They are under the Sky.]

The Main Gate to the Stadium.

The Corner jointing may be a Engineering Process.

BBMP does not want to clear vendors from foot paths.So they spend public money to build stadium.

Uninterupted & Unplanned Digging all over Malleswaram



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