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Malpractices In Indian Tract – How To Abrade?

Updated on September 3, 2014

Best Way To Stop Corruption

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Corruption - Biggest Enclosure in Development

Today, malpractices are reckoned as the melancholy that is attached to the world's largest democracy, India. Right from getting your driving licence to the birth certificate and passing a loan, you need to give a bribe to get it done quickly and easily. Several scams have been exposed in India today against the politicians, plus the funds looted, acts as a tight slap on the face of the civilians who dedicated to work day and night for their survival and to feed their family. Though India is a developing country today, but soon a time should come, when the development cease rather spreading! Civilians are now becoming quite familiar to corruption and the separating line, non-corrupt and corrupt is quickly merging up.

Several studies have revealed that "the higher the corruption rate, the slower the economic growth should be". Corruption also has adverse effects on the society, including, rise in inflation, unstable marketplace, increase of black money, and risk of investments. So, the wealthiest public becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. Today corruption is becoming the habitual activity in Indian politics and I think it is the inborn or inherent feature of Indian democracy.


Solutions To Eliminate

With the increasing corruption rate in politics, the frustration level in Indian citizen has also augmented. It was testified when Aam Aadmi Party supported the activist, Anna Hazare who went on a fast. The demand of Anna was to implement the Lokpal Bill, that should appoint an individual Lokpal to monitor the government officials indulging in corruption, both at central and state level.


(1) Strict Actions Should Be Taken

Strict actions should be taken against corruption in India about to prevent it totally from politics. As the government itself is involved in a variety of scams, including, Coal mining scam, Adarsh Housing scam, Commonwealth scam, 2G spectrum scam etc., As it is the statutory bodies and citizens who need to take initiatives to remove this malpractice. Some of the citizens have already started their effort against corruption through social media activism and citizen-created websites. But, the major problem prevailing today is the slow rate of working judiciary who take time to announce the exact conviction against the corruption charges.

(2) Need of Strict Law Enforcement

Setting strict law enforcement for corruption also helps reduce corruption in India. According to Harvard International review, this is a dominant plan against corruption that is to eliminate the loopholes and announcing an amnesty period of at least 3 months during that the black money holders should declare it legal by paying a tax of 21 percent.


(3) Freedom To Investigation Agencies

The government should not have any direct control over the agencies involved in handling cases along with the corruption like, Central Vigilance Commission and Central Bureau of Investigation. Everybody should work independently to offer impressive results.


(4) Awareness

If the civil servants are trained appropriated, then corruption in politics must be reduced significantly. Training should be provided to civil servants at a more professional level with skills in legal matters, accountancy and auditing. If these steps were taken at the time, liberalization, then the scenario should be different today and inspection from the administration should be increased against corruption.

The future of youth in India is at stake today and being a responsible citizen, you need to compel the bureaucrats and politicians to pave a way towards a bright future for the nation by eliminating corruption in politics.


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