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Man-Made Global Warming

Updated on January 10, 2013

The question, or questions, concerning global warming issues are as important as the answers themselves. The more concise, accurate and honest the question(s), the more concise, accurate and honest the answers will be. Any number of false assumption, misunderstandings and outright lies can be made to seem legitimate based on the question posed and the answer supplied. For example: Have you stopped beating your wife? This question sets up the person answering to either admit to having beaten their wife whether they answer yes or no. If the person answers "no", then it is assumed that they are still beating their wife. If the person answers "yes", then it assumed that they had been beating their wife before. Loaded questions are typically dishonest and agenda driven.

How then, does this apply to the topic of global warming? What are the "loaded" questions and what are the agendas associated with them?

The confusion begins with the lack of distinction between the concept of natural and man-made global warming. The argument should not be, if global warming occurs, but rather if it is a natural occurrence or a product of man-made causes. Likewise, if certain terminology is used and certain ideas are put forth in relation to global warming, what is the agenda behind it? Do we allow the facts to dictate the conversation or do we allow agendas to disconnect the conversation from the facts?

Throughout the history of the earth there has been cooling and warming periods on both regional and global scales. This is a fact that is beyond question. It is interesting then that we have now decided to blame man for the recent warming trend (that has now been cooling, as a global average). As we came out of the last ice age we had neither SUVs, incandescent light bulbs or any of the modern day amenities being blamed for global warming. While one pole warms slightly the other is increasing its ice coverage. While the dinosaurs lived in much warmer climates than we now enjoy, they were followed by ice ages. The earth is an incredibly complex system that has a history of warming and cooling and this history is far older than our meager influence since the industrial revolution. Since these facts are firmly in place and verifiable, why then are there those that want to lay the blame squarely at the feet of the human race?

There is a growing interest in expanding the depth and scope of governmental control on both the national and international levels. And, there is money to be made. By demonizing light bulbs, SUVs and other modern conveniences governments can, by way of regulation and restrictions, control more of our lives. While this may seem conspiratorial on it's surface, it is clearly recognizable as a power grab when we understand the facts concerning the non-man-made climate changes. Power and taxation are being levied against us in the name of saving us. We are being pushed, without the free market based on actual choices, to chose cars we don't want to buy, use light bulbs that are making money for the very people who fought to make our old ones illegal (Al Gore) and change our lifestyles. C.S. Lewis said, "Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of it's victims may be the most oppressive". We as citizens need to do our due diligence and look into the facts and then stand against this soft tyranny.


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