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Man Up America

Updated on November 29, 2012

American Spill

American Problem
American Problem | Source


In the wake of the oil giant BP being banned from receiving US government contracts, I once again seem to think that the US, through their media, are misleading their people.

This is an all too common happening in this modern age where just 7 individuals own all the United States media outlets.

The misrepresentation in this case is that the media always make mention that BP was formerly British Petroleum.

It was several years ago that United States interests took over control of the then British Petroleum. It was at this time that they decided to change the name of the company. They did not want it to any longer, correctly, be portrayed as a British entity; however neither did they want to lose the prestige that the company had previously, under British control, built up over the years.

The decision was therefore made to rename the company BP. That is no longer a shortened name for British Petroleum: it is the company’s full name.

Although the US media are always quick to point out that the company was previously British Petroleum, they do not tell the American people that it is now, in fact an American controlled company.

Now there has been yet another oil rig explosion in the gulf, the picture is perhaps becoming clear.

After the BP incident, the media sort of insinuated that foreign firms were not meeting the strict safety regulations set down by the United States.

Considering that BP is an American company and now that another incident has happened, it is surely time that America, the government and the media, told the people the truth.

The truth is that these incidents are due to either: inadequate safety precautions being legislated by the government or an inadequacy to enforce them. Neither case is any thing to do with the country owning the facility.


Each year the United States produces a list of names of the countries that are most prolific in the smuggling of drugs into America. Why?

These lists are prominently promoted by the US media. Why?

The reason for this is again, to distract the American people from the truth.

The truth is that the problem is nothing to do with those countries that supposedly “allow” the trafficking.

The United States are the proud leaders in declaring the free market trade system. This is a situation where, if you create a need, then somebody will supply that need.

So, it is America’s drug problem that is the problem and that has nothing to do with where the product comes from.

The US should try to eliminate the need, instead of telling its citizens that foreigners are to blame for their woes. If the rich and powerful United States is incapable of securing their borders from illegal trade, how can they expect smaller poorer countries to do it?

In fact, the United States should be apologizing to these countries because it is due to an American drug problem, that these countries have violent crimes sometimes 80% higher than they otherwise would have and that in turn takes away vital resources from the securing of their borders.

Besides, as the United States themselves point out: the need is there, so if these countries did not supply it then others would quickly step in.

The problem is a United States problem, nothing to do with foreigners.


Now that the United States find themselves on a financial precipice, who do they blame and tell their citizens who is responsible for their woes?

Again, the government who is adamantly supported by their media blames foreigners.

The United States are saying, look at Greece and the likes. The Greek debt problem has an effect on the US financial situation and it is them and countries like them that contribute to America’s problems.

This is of course, in part true. However, as the leaders of the free world and free trade and the US dollar being the world reserve currency, the truth is that a lot of Greece’s problems are due to following the US lead.

The only difference is that Greece and the other countries admit to their position and realize that austerity measures need to be put in place for their recovery. Even if it is detrimental to certain politicians, the survival of their country is paramount.

With the United States government, the blame is once again evidently being portrayed to the American people as being foreign related. No need for actions to be taken. After all, their political lives are short lived anyway and if the blame can be put at others feet, it will be up to their replacements to sort out.


From all of this my conclusion is that the leaders of the United States, whether they are the politicians or rich elite, are not “manning up” to the problems of their country.

These leader’s main concerns are their own well being, with total disregard for their country or fellow citizens. It is perhaps ironic that it is these same leaders, in order to elevate their wealth and positions in the world status, unceasingly ask the American people to be patriotic. They ask them to fight in countries far from home preaching causes of patriotism, whilst truly they are for their own personal up lifting. They ask the American people to donate to causes, displaying their patriotism, when really the donations mean that they themselves do not have to “dip” into their wealth to assist others.

It is time that the rich elite of the United States, that really dictate policies and use their own media to justify their actions to the masses, stopped thinking of themselves and “manned up” to responsibilities. They are quick to tell the poor that they are responsible for their own lack of earnings but responsibility is a thing that does not just belong to the poor. These elite have risen on the backs of the good American people and so it is ultimately their responsibility to now correctly inform the people of what is going on and instigate the correct actions to resolve the people’s problems.

When all is said and done, these elite will never end up poor, perhaps a little less powerful in global terms but still “well off”.

For more of the same actions though, could totally destroy the dominance of the dollar. This in turn could reduce the American people to a status only shared by those in the third world.

The United States must now realize the reality of their problems and accept that these problems are to the most extent due to themselves. It is not the responsibility of others to come to their aide, although some may, but the responsibility of the leaders is to start taking honest steps, even though somewhat painful, to redress their own problems.


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    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Their recent exclusion from the Climate Change debate hosted by the UN is another example of this great point you have made.

      By owning the media their conditioning program is complete!

      Great article!