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Self Deception

Updated on January 19, 2012

I Pray for Dr. Conrad Murray

What can anyone say about this terrible tragedy without coming across as judgmental? I will speak from actual experience and point out the facts; you can draw your own conclusion. Try to remember that judging others is wrong.

There were many horrible details that were damaging to the defense of Dr. Conrad Murray the one piece of evidence that really got to me during this trial was the Hippocratic Oath which pretty much sums it all up in a nut shell. Everything he swore he would not do he did and the things he swore he would do he didn’t.

I always tell my children they cannot claim to have made a mistake if they try to cover their tracks. To say that your actions were the result of a mistake you would need to be the one who comes forward with what you’ve done state that you’ve made a mistake, apologize and try to make amends. When you wait until you are caught to say your actions were a mistake or an accident and you try to cover things that you did, it makes it much harder to believe anything you say at that point.

Everyone makes mistakes but when your mistake claims a life you have serious issues ahead of you. Making excuses for your actions is childish and just wrong and if Dr. Conrad Murray still does not see where he went wrong I feel for his soul because he has really deceived himself. Maybe doctors should have to swear the Hippocratic Oath throughout their careers as nurses need to renew their licenses. If it did nothing else but reminded them of whom they once were.

The Love Of Money Is Evil

As I have said before the world will never know the real truth with what actually happened and that is extremely unfortunate for Michael Jackson’s family.

To those who do not understand how Dr. Conrad Murray could be blamed for Michael Jackson’s death just think about this; Dr. Conrad Murray is a Cardiologist which is a heart specialist why would he even consider giving Michael Jackson a powerful anesthetic when he is not an anestheologist? Did he refer Michael to a sleep specialist? Those are two completely different fields of study.

Now think about this, anytime you have surgery and you are going to be given anesthesia it is not your surgeon who comes in and talks to you about the medications that will put you to sleep during the surgery. It is the anestheologist who speaks to you at you pre-operation appointment and directly before your surgery. He also monitors your vitals the entire time the surgery is being preformed and you are under the heavy sedation. Even if it were heart surgery you cardiologist would not be administering the anesthetics.

It was said that Michael Jackson would beg and plead with Dr. Conrad Murray for more powerful sedative when others did not help, this sounds like addictive behavior and help was needed on a level that Dr. Conrad Murray could not provide however self deception prevented him from being the doctor he once were, the doctor he was when his patients did not have enough money to buy his morals and ethics.

This is a horrible thing to have happened and pray that some type of good cause comes from all of this I feel that Michael Jackson made the awful mistake that many people make every day, thinking that medication given to you by a medical professional is not dangerous of harmful.

Pill Poppers

Do you know someone who will do nothing but visit doctors for pain medication?

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Pain Killer Addicts

Do you know someone who recovered from surgery a year ago but still on the pain killers?

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Speaking as a member of the Medical Profession

Speaking as a person of the medical profession I know how dangerous it is to administer medication to another human being, not knowing if they fully understand how and when to take it. It is horrifying to know the measures we have to take just to make sure that we are not administering prescriptions to patients who are drug seekers. There are patients that call us with every ache and pain looking to get pain pills. Patients that do nothing but visit doctors all day until they find the one doctor who does not ask too many questions and just sign the prescriptions. As a Medical Assistant in an office setting I can honestly say that most of the time we are the one that actually check to see when the last time a patient was given pain medication, calculate the dosage and inform the doctor if the patient is being compliant in taking the medications. Now the pharmacies will not refill the medication if the patient is claiming to be out too soon.

I can understand the pressure that Dr. Conrad Murray must have been under dealing with someone who could just throw money at you until you've sold your morals and ethics, it is even harder dealing with patients that are poor and possibly in pain but the difference is the fact that he chose to put himself under that type of pressure. He deceived himself into giving his patient what he wanted instead of giving his patient what he was paying for medical care. High cost medical care is supposed to buy you the best care and at 150,000.000 a month we would expect better care.


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    • RavenT2011 profile image

      RavenT2011 6 years ago from Tennessee

      Thank you very much for your kind words Tammy, I spoke from the heart and as I said before what I have witnessed firsthand. Regular people like you and I cannot get our hands on powerful pain medication because we need medical insurance to help pay for Lortabs but the rich and famous do not need their help which is sad because this time it really could have saved his life.

      I really appreciate your opinion thank you Tammy. Have a very Blessed Thanksgiving we have a lot be thankful for.

    • tammyswallow profile image

      Tammy 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Well done Raven. This is a very difficult issue in which all parties were wrong. No one will ever know the the 100% truth. I think it is wrong that pain pills are so addictive, or perhaps the freedom from pain is addictive. It is also sad that some Dr.'s have a God complex and try to fix every thing for everyone. Sadly, he probably tried to make Jackson comfortable.. But, you wrote this very well.