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March for Our Lives: Why Should We Care?

Updated on April 9, 2018
Kaylin Winters profile image

I believe in our second amendment rights but I also believe that our children shouldn't be worried for their safety at school.

Why should we advocate for stricter gun laws?

187,000+ children have experienced this sort of violence at their schools. America has a dangerous love affair with these killing machines and putting them in the classrooms is not the answer. You can try to claim otherwise but this is one subject I will not entertain your ignorance. We as students shouldn't have to be worried about whether or not we'll make it back home from school. We shouldn't have to worry about our younger siblings getting shot at. I don't know why wanting the nation's children to be safe in their schools is such a controversial topic.)

I have had many debates (and arguements that eventually led to a block) aboutathis specific topic. Usually countries with stdicysgun laws yet high rates of other deaths have been brought into the fray.

People love to use the Holocaust as a defense. But then this would mean Francs, Britain, and Austria didn't have weapons? Except they had weapons. France held for days but still couldn't beat the Germans. France is a world power and was at that time the greatest military power. And they were defeated. The world's best military was defeated and you're trying to claim it was because they didn't have the right to bear arms? That seriously makes no sense. Britain was number two and the Blitzkrieg almost took them out of the game. They barely held on long enough for the other Allies to come to their rescue. And Germany? Yeah Hitler had control of the entire army. The citizens did have weapons (there were at least two widely known uprisings of armed citizens. One contained over 300 members of the Warsas ghetto but even then they still lost against the military.)

I do understand some try so hard to make sense but people need brush up on history.

America scares too easily. The French pick up the pieces, come together and move on. We scream, cry, come together for a week and then scream that we're going to wage anarchy down on the world. And then we bomb people and get then even angrier because we've killed their babies and mothers and brother and fathers. Innocents that we didn't care about because we didn't stop to think. Because we scare easy and they know it so they push us and they know it only takes one push to get us to do exactly what they wanted. And then after we've done it they have reason to attack. And it's stupid no one realizes that.

They use America to further themselves. And America usually plays right into their hands. And then they've seen what we do to our own citizens. Half the country doesn't even have the same rights as the other half. Well, more than half. Just fifty years ago 3/5 of the US was considered lesser than the other 2/5. And that's why people laugh at us. Because we're a country of hypocrisy.

Now I 100% support the 2nd amendment but gun laws need to change. A 19 year old shouldn't have their hands on a gun or have access to one. It's frustrating that even after children were senselessly murdered in their 1st grade class rooms Congress still has not done anything.

I am willing to debate with you if you are willing to be rational.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      9 months ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      If you want to save lives then enforce the existing gun control laws. More importantly, put pressure on the law enforcement agencies to do their job.

      In Parkland, the major issue is gun control, but really the main issue should be, why did both the Local and Federal law enforcement agencies FAIL?

      Broward Sheriffs failed twice. They were working with the School district to implement the Obama reward for lowering their criminal incidents at the school. So, they multiple times decided not to arrest Cruz for what he had done. Look it up.

      This was a school district policy working with the sheriff to make their school district get federal award money by artificially lower the criminal incidences of the students. Instead of making a criminal arrest the sheriff allowed the school to handle the crime.

      The second and most important failure by the sheriff surely cost the lives of some the 17 students that were killed that day. Four sheriff deputies, including the one that was assigned to the school didn't enter the school while the shooting was going on. How many students were killed because of that. The officers were outside and they could hear the shots?

      The FBI which stands for Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION failed to investigate credible information on Cruz. And after the shootings, they even said that they don't know if it was the same Cruz. Had they investigated and followed up, they would have known for sure.

      Can you tell me why these law enforcement issues were not the focus of the news, or why the students at the school weren't upset that law enforcement and the school let them be targets?

      Where is the focus on the Law Enforcement FAILURE.

      And that is something that can be changed, but it isn't even on the table? Why?

      As far as a 19 year old person having the weapon. Why not if you can give him an even more dangerous one and fight for America, that is why.

      If he can die carrying that weapon for the wars waged by this country, then why can't he own one.

      At 18 he is an adult.


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