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Marco Rubio For President – Another Time

Updated on March 11, 2016

Marco Rubio began the journey to reach the Oval Office with a lot more wind on his back than Barack Obama had in 2008. From the onset, Mr. Rubio had the backing of the GOP establishment, a position which was adopted immediately after Obama won the presidency in 2008. Little did Marco know that the glamour the Obamas enjoyed may not to be duplicated .

Marco Rubio was convinced he had a lot of similarities with Obama; he is young, energetic, considers himself the future and the face of the GOP (usually referred to as the Conservative Party). Marco believed he could duplicate in the Republican Party what Obama did for the Democrats. He even borrowed some of Obama's ways and expressions; he emulated Obama in some way. Rubio believed so much of himself as a president that, in 2012, when Mitt Romney considered him as running mate, the idea was quickly shut down. Luckily (for Rubio), Mitt Romney lost to Obama which makes the likelihood of bidding for the presidency all the more possible.

Behind the scene, a deal with Fox Opinion (referred to by most as Fox News) Chairman, Roger Ailes, guaranteed the network will promote Marco Rubio as the Conservative darling and it has.
Unfortunately however, no one could predict that Donald Trump who had threatened for many years to run for president would choose to make good on his threat in the 2016 presidential race.

Even after his pompous announcement, it was widely believed that he was just putting on a show which would not last long. Laughed at, ridiculed, dismissed, Donald Trump proved to be an unorthodox candidate immune to bad reviews, bad press, bad publicity. In spite of all that, Donald Trump climbed up to take and keep the highest ranking in the polls for the Republican Party. In Iowa where the first primary took place (in a caucus style), Ted Cruz and Donald Trump were fighting for the top spot in the polls. In the end, Ted won Iowa, Trump came second and Rubio third.

The establishment was elated. Besides, Mr. Rubio had a plan to clinch the nomination; it's widely known in the Rubio circle as 3-2-1 which translates to he would be third in Iowa, second in New Hampshire and first in South Carolina. With that type of momentum behind him, he would become unstoppable, marching towards the nomination. That didn't quite happen that way. Trump had a crushing victory in New Hampshire with John Kasich coming a distant second (less than half of Trump's votes); Ted Cruz claimed the third spot; Marco Rubio came fifth behind Jeb Bush.

With the help of Fox Opinion, Marco redoubled his effort for the South Carolina primary. His message touched the heart of Gov. Nikki Haley who supported Rubio wholeheartedly despite having been courted by Jeb Bush in two separate occasions. Unfortunately, Nikki could not deliver the state to Rubio; Donald Trump delivered another severe blow to Rubio and the others; he won the state of South Carolina by 32.5% and collected all 50 delegates. Rubio came second with 22.5% and received zero (0) delegate.

Panic sets in but the establishment still believed its candidate of choice has time to stop the Trump train (FYI: Trump travels in Trump One, his private jet). The Nevada caucus looked like a good place to start; after all, Rubio was once a resident of the state. In addition, he spent a great deal of time there the year before. Everyone in the establishment and in the Rubio's campaign crossed their fingers and waited anxiously for the Nevada's results. Another Trump's victory (45.9%) claiming twice as many votes as Rubio (23.9%) who came second sent shockwaves into the GOP establishment.

Trump seems unstoppable and their candidate of choice can't seem to gain any traction. The solution the Rubio's campaign strategists came up with is twofold 1) to go on the attack; Trump is a bully, Rubio must turn into a bully to knock him down and knock him out 2) to encourage the other candidates to drop out of the race; there were five candidates left in the race (Rubio, Trump, Cruz, Kasich & Carson), the other twelve exited along the way, Jeb after the South Carolina primary. Per the strategists, a consolidation of the Party behind Rubio would help him tremendously and attacking Trump would rock him from his perch.

There were many flaws with the strategy, some of which had to do with convincing the others to drop out (Rubio was doing worse than Ted and not much better than Carson or Kasich). As Super Tuesday was approaching and the polls continued to show Donald Trump with a big lead over his competitors, Marco Rubio crisscrossed the country taking jabs at Donald, mocking him and accusing him; his campaign came up with the "Trump is a con artist" label to scare voters away from him. At the debate preceding the Super Tuesday voting, Rubio continued his attacks on Trump who retaliated in kind. When the Super Tuesday results came in, it became obvious to the establishment that Marco Rubio cannot take on Donald Trump. Out of 11 states, Marco won 1 caucus state, Trump won 7 and Cruz won 3.

To make matters worse, news that Fox Opinion has severed ties with Marco Rubio dealt another blow to the Rubio's campaign.
Now that Marco ran out of hope to win the nomination, his campaign crafted a new strategy, now it becomes all about "denying Donald Trump" the nomination by "collecting as many delegates as possible" to force a "contested convention". The strategy, as believed in the Rubio circle, in a contested convention, Marco will be picked as the nomine for the Republican Party, a very unlikely scenario however.

As the Rubio's campaign worked towards its newfound strategy, Super Saturday happened and once again, Mr. Trump won three states out of four and Ted won the fourth one; Rubio got absolutely nothing.

If you feel overwhelmed reading about the losses Rubio has had, you're not alone. I am overwhelmed writing about it. But Rubio is not one to give up. As of this writing, his campaign bets Mr. Rubio's political future on the Florida primaries (winner-take-all) coming up in March 15, 2016. Ironically, the latest polls suggests that Donald Trump is ahead by more than 14 points but Marco Rubio is a man of faith who believes that at the last minute the angels of the Lord will speak into the hearts of the voters to propel him to victory.
As a man of faith, I do believe that God may be telling Marco that "2016 is not your time".

Should Rubio Exit the Race before Tuesday - March 15?

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    • profile image

      Hxprof 18 months ago from Clearwater, Florida

      Just now reading this article, months after Rubio's exit from the primaries. You're entirely correct that Trump is the primary reason Rubio couldn't garner enough support. There's another factor that played into his defeat, and that is Rubio's support for the Gang of 8 initiative. Marco's support of this measure did him harm among Tea Party and other conservatives that might otherwise have supported him, including myself.

      Rubio's weak position regards illegal immigration and the border vis a vis the positions held by Cruz and Trump, further dug into support he was counting upon.