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Marco Rubio is a fiscal and social conservative with a Christian world view and he is a Tea Party favorite!

Updated on February 28, 2013

The Meeting

I met Sen. Marco Rubio in Concord, North Carolina last winter. I spoke with him for a few moments while he was signing my copy of his book An American Son.

The Man

He answered a couple of my questions while he was signing the book. He waited patiently while a friend got situated so he could photograph us shaking hands. It was a warm firm handshake that told me a lot about the man and his genuine concern for others.

He spoke for a couple of minutes and then took questions from the rather large crowd at Books-A-Million.

There were representatives from several newspapers. Sen. Rubio made comments in Spanish to a couple of reporters who represented Hispanic periodicals.

I spoke with several friends from Charlotte who had also made the 30-mile trip to hear him speak and exchanged business cards with a reporter/photographer from a New York magazine. We are now Facebook friends.

My Response

I came away with a new found respect for the senator. I was impressed with his warm, personal and confident manner. He answered every question that was asked of him without hedging. I came away realizing that here was a man I could vote for.

That brief encounter made me want to learn more about him. I am third generation Greek, speak a little Spanish and, largely as a result of that meeting, just became an officer in the Charlotte, North Carolina chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly

The Proof

I was surprised to find out when I read An American Son was that he is just as sold out to God and Jesus as I am. I am attaching quotes that refer to his faith and to his reasoning as to why he did not support the DREAM Act below; in the order that they appear in the book.

Page 120

“I had just been on my knees in prayer asking God’s help. Now a door suddenly appeared to open and offer me a way out of my predicament. Was it a miracle? I don’t know. I do know that whatever fortune or misfortune we encounter in our lives, God expects it to lead us closer to Him.”

Page 160

“I had been blessed with parents who encouraged me to dream and a wife who helped me achieve my dreams. I had been blessed to be born an American… “God is real,” I told my colleagues. “He loves everyone who has ever lived.”

Page 250

“Whether I won or lost the election wouldn’t matter as much in my life as whether I had learned to put my trust in Him.”

Page 265 The DREAM Act

“I know how important legal immigration is and how problematic illegal immigration could be. I simply believed the immigration reforms that Congress had considered went too far and would create incentives for others to come here illegally… I agreed that we needed to do something to help children whose parents had immigrated illegally, who had grown up here and were American in every way except legally, and were at risk of deportation. But the DREAM Act had been written too broadly. We needed more targeted legislation if we were to address the issue without exacerbating our illegal immigration problem.”

Page 283

“Why had my dreams come true? Because God had blessed me with a strong and stable family and parents who cherished my dreams more than their own, and with a wise and loving wife who supported me. And He blessed me with America, the only county in the world where dreams like mine would stand a chance of coming true.”

Page 307

“As ever, I am grateful for the counsel, understanding and love of my wife, Jeanette, and our beautiful children, Amanda, Daniella, Anthony and Dominick, who tolerated yet another demand on their father’s time that distracted me from my favorite occupation, spending time in their company… And last but most important, I thank my Lord, Jesus Christ, whose willingness to suffer and die for my sins will allow me to enjoy eternal life.”

Rubio, Marco. An American Son. New York: Sentinel, 2012.

If you are a fiscal and social conservative with a Biblical world view; which describes most Tea Party members; then I believe that Marco Rubio should be your man too.

Sean Hannity and Marco Rubio discuss the struggles his family endured in order to provide him with the ability to pursue the American Dream


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