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Marijuana as gas

Updated on July 13, 2015

Scientist turn Marijuana into Gas

Scientist Run's car on Marijuana

A backwoods scientist turns, ordinary, everyday marijuana into gas. A nasa scientist has broken marijuana down into it individual components, and found another use for the drug. Would you believe that after all these years the weed known as marijuana can be use as a high octane, clean burning fuel ? By extracting the juice from the marijuana plant and processing it through a simple process, this scientist has found that you can get half a gallon of fuel, from as little as a couple of pounds, for gas for your vehicle. This fast growing, easy to harvest weed can replace about 50 to 75 percent of our oil requirements without putting a strain on our food supply. This NASA scientist stated that it is commonly known in the scientific world that marijuana makes a better burning, and higher grade fuel then corn. This is also known in the circles of our Government.

What has stopped its use in the oil industry is the war on drugs, Government officials feel that if marijuana was used as fuel that it would contribute to more illegal use of the drug. But this popular NASA scientist says, that what they are really scared of is that without it as a member of the highly illegal substance's group that Americans would find out that it, and many other drugs have other uses that would make the governments argument invalid. The Government is afraid that the other use's will far out weights the problem the different drugs has caused to our society. But what really scares them is that with the other uses, there would be no need for a drug war and the drug war industry that has kept and made many people rich would prove to be unnecessary.

True or False

This scientist compare marijuana to the peanut, and said that if nothing else, that the fuel derived from marijuana could be use as a form of bio fuel. This fuel could be used to power planes, ships, trains, and other forms of transportation, taking the stress off our oil supply. This scientist said that marijuana can be grown anywhere, indoors or outdoor, which the government sees as a problem. It would allow everyday people with any amount of space to participate in the growing and harvest of the weed. Economies of that scale are hard to control and the government believes that it would contribute to drug use.

This within itself, could expand the new industry into a 100 billion-dollar industry almost overnight. But what they don't tell you, is that it is already a billion-dollar industry. People are already growing it indoors and outdoors, and that it is already contributing to the economics, of the over all society. You see It keeps jails and prisons full, It keeps lawyers busy, and it keeps cops employed. What they are scared of is that as an industry it would change who profits from the marijuana. The other added benefit is that it would drop the price of a pound of marijuana, or will it make the price go up, you know the supply and demand factor always have to fit in the equation. But the biggest thing they are afraid of is that it would take the advantage away from the drug dealers and drug importers, who at this time are making all the money in this underground industry.

Remember the everyday suppliers don't have planes and ships to import the stuff, so you can bet your bottom dollar it would affect someone's income high up in the food chain. So like with anything, there is always a better way, or a better product or a better use, but that does not mean a thing if the right people are not getting paid. But then again that's just my opinion.

The new gas revolution

So who's Growing all the hemp

The funny thing about using hemp as a fuel source is the fact that it is not a stable source in our food supply. This means we can grow as much as we would like and it would not rob us of a food source or cause the price of food to go up because of the demand as a food. I always thought that using the corn as fuel was a dumb idea because we eat corn, our animals eat corn. The real reason behind them using corn is because it is subsidized by our Government. People get paid extra to grow it and I bet if you followed the money trail it would lead right back to some present or former congressman.

The next reason we should use hemp is that it grows almost anywhere, it grows like a weed no pun intended. Throw some seeds but a water source and you will have plants for days. I think it could actually be the crop that can get us off of fossil fuels, so now you can probably see why it was outlawed, it is actually a disruptive resource that has the potential to change life as we know it, if our leadership would let the cat out of the bag.

Go hard, go green, but like always that’s just my opinion.

hemp to the future


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    • profile image

      Budd 4 years ago

      It would be wise to start taking advantage of this fuel made from this plant.

    • profile image

      Taboo: Cars That Run On Water 4 years ago

      Once the processing plant and pipelines are established, This would be a "Just add water" fuel source, complete renewable. A corporation can't "Scare" up the price of weed gas.

      Not until every last barrel of crude has been burned...

    • wwoods1 profile image

      wwoods1 5 years ago

      Two states has virtually legalize marijuana for recreational use, well some smart people know that recreational use can mean marijuana products, once you open pandoras box it's hard to get it back shut. Just sit back and watch the caze that the new marijuana industry create. You heard it here first. Marijuana is coming to a car near you.

    • profile image

      KeKun 5 years ago

      Companies that used methanol as a fuel source for gasoline didn't want competition. Bribe congress to outlaw cannabis and problem solved. Propaganda showing pot as a "crazy drug" making black men into bullet proof murdering monsters helped mind shape public opinion as well in a time when racism wasn't so criticized... Cannabis is a source of many uses, but company greed will see that not happen with as much bribing as they can.

    • wwoods1 profile image

      wwoods1 6 years ago

      Well it’s like any agenda, if the right people benefit from the agenda then it is possible to move the agenda forward. But Looking at marijuana, any one can grow it, any one can sale it, if it were legal, well that is a problem that industry don’t want to happen, because it basically dampen the potential of their market. Now the only way to stop that is to make the license just outrageous in cost but that’s apparent and would raise red flags.

      So it’s really not about the marijuana its’ about who is more likely to reap the benefits and or profits from the marijuana. At this time they have decided to send these people to jail. By sending these people to jail they basically give these people a record, and make it hard for them to function in society.

      So basically they make them a criminal, well it’s hard for a criminal to compete in a civil society, so when laws change and marijuana becomes legal, they can’t participate legally because they have a criminal record. So they will never legally be able to get a license.

      Well you have just eliminated a portion of what would be your competition; you have just increased your market share. Now they can work for you, but they can’t really be your competition.

      You see the cost to produce marijuana is minimal, so it’s a market that any Joe blow can venture in. I have seen people with thirty to forty plants in there basement. So it would be easy to establish a viable market because it’s already there.

      Now just think if you could sell, a portion to the people to smoke, a portion to the companies for gas, and a portion to make product, because you have to remember it has a lot of uses just like the peanut. I guess I would have no need to work for someone else. I would be pretty much self-sufficient I would not need their job.

      Well just think if 10 percent of the people did this, what it would do to the market and their bottom line profit potential.

      Marijuana is a pyridine shifter a game changer, it can change things, and change things quick. There are people that do not want this kind of change, it is bad for society as it is, so they rather sell you something that is created in a lab and can be patented ( Legal Drugs) so they can make all the money. Or sell you something created in a lab that’s dangerous (illegal Drugs) so they can make all the money.

      Either way It is all about creating and maintaining an industries that produce, criminals, police, lawyers, bail bondsman, judges, and prisons. You see a lot of jobs are dependent on people using marijuana. You also have to feed them, and cloth them, educate them, rehab them, provide them with health care.

      So you see for the power that be it’s not that easy, it’s a major shift, it’s a major change, and that is something that they are scare of, Why? because they don’t know if they can control the out come, and it just might make then obsolete.

    • profile image

      Mary Janes Secret 6 years ago

      Since 2010, 76,000 Canadians have been arrested for marijuana crimes; it has increased 14% since the last year (Statistics Canada). There are more drug arrest then any violent crimes. How can something like Tobacco, which can cause 400,000 deaths per year, be legal and marijuana which causes none still remains illegal?

      The Government claims marijuana leads to harder drugs. People believe that those under the influence of marijuana have an increased chance of getting into an accident and injuring people. Drug related arrest, causes Teenagers to commit more serious crimes and lead them into a life of crime. Marijuana arrest are higher then any other crime, since people don’t agree with the current law and more then 70% of Canadians favour legalization. Older people are more likely to disagree since most of the research is more up to date and they don’t identify with that culture.

      The point is that marijuana has no harmful long term effects. The use of marijuana in moderation is no worse then alcohol or tobacco. Marijuana has no effects for brain damage, genetic damage or damage to the immune system. Marijuana smokers who use the drug in moderation are healthier in the long run then tobacco smokers. The key is moderation. Doctors agree that occasional smoking doesn’t cause long term health issues.

      The marijuana “Gate Way Theory”, if you start smoking marijuana your more likely to move onto harder drugs is an invalid theory. That’s just like saying an alcoholic started drinking milk then moved onto alcohol. In 1999, their was study done by the institute of medicine, found no evidence of people moving onto harder drugs after smoking marijuana.

      In conclusion, it is clear that something needs to be done about the current laws against marijuana. Tobacco and alcohol cause more deaths together and marijuana hasn’t ever had a single death. The theories and health effects don’t make sense to put someone in jail for not hurting anyone. Responsible marijuana smokers are not the problem and it is time to stop arresting them.

    • profile image

      ricky ricardo 6 years ago

      your al a bunch of effing morons!! you all talk as if this is ALL NEW!!! ppl have known this shit for decades

    • profile image

      usmc 6 years ago

      To whom ever wrote this, I agree with what you are saying but have you ever heard of spell check? Its almost like a three year old wrote this

    • profile image

      Murph 6 years ago

      The government is not for the people, nor for the planet. In a word greed, corporate big business greed. In my opinion cannabis is an extraordinary plant manifesting a divine intervention in human affairs. Fact: a bird (with it's bird brain) given a choice of several different seeds will without a doubt choose the marijuana (hemp) seeds every time. Reason being, superior benefits associated with hemp seeds. So don't consider government officials bird brains, birds have more sense.

    • profile image

      Kenny 7 years ago

      I have found that the marijuana plant has many more positive effects that we can utilize as well. In this plant, there is a fiber that is one of the strongest in the world, hemp. Hemp was what the Declaration of Independence was written on. We would be able to stop cutting trees for paper and use hemp as paper. The government does not want to use this plant though because the corn industry is too valuable for politicians in the form of money given to them. We will someday get this straight.

    • profile image

      bryan 7 years ago

      I agree with everyone that they should legalize it ,to the point where we can Utilize all the potentials. From a plant I mean really why doesn't it look you right in the face. Its a plant We can grow quite easily using nature . And probably with what ingredients we can pull from breeds they could very well help a lot illness . MAybe even help keep the air clean by say the aroma,and or everything a plant would give back to us as it grew, As with in nature. Im just guessing but these are just some ideas I happenen to Idealize on.

    • profile image

      jason 7 years ago

      why doesn't the government start an organization which grows their own marijuana and uses that ?

      instead of legalizing it completely, atleast legalize it to save our economy, i want it legal as much as the next pot head but really, we're killing our planet and need an alterative, but wait WE HAVE ONE

      use marijuana as oil :)

    • profile image

      j banks 7 years ago

      there would still be a drugwar, but the cops would have to actually work. wouldn't be anymore 10,000 dollar jet fuel orders for one day of flying around in a single helicopter, in search of pot. then they would have to be on the beat, pulling over drunks, busting meth labs, etc. i see drunk drivers a lot on the roads. if there were more cops actually doing their jobs, we wouldn't hear of people getting hit and killed by drunk drivers, or babies being poisioned in meth labs.

    • wwoods1 profile image

      wwoods1 7 years ago

      The problem with facts and figures is that we have people who will try to emulate the process and whine up in jail i cannot be a party to that. I'm not asking you yo believe me , do your research and you will find out that a company is in the for front of creating gas from the plant not the bud the plant

    • profile image

      Finnbot 8 years ago

      Totally agree with the need to start utilising Marijuana for the products that can be derived from it. But please, when posting an article like this back it up with references or links to the research: dont just ascribe it to "a scientist" or "this scientist". Makes it look like the propoganda the government spouts with no facts and just hearsay.

    • wwoods1 profile image

      wwoods1 8 years ago

      Your Right not much CO, and the methane can be filtered and or captured. In the EU they are experimenting with filters that eliminat close to 89.9 percent of the CH4, and CO gases

      They also plan to use this new filter system to eliminate the co in rugular gas and Diesel engines.

    • profile image

      Matt 8 years ago

      the chemical formula of petroleum based gasoline, or at least octane, the primary component of gasoline is C18H12O18; it contains about 55MJ of energy when burned. THC oil has the chemical formula C12H22O12 and contains about 100MJ when burned. YHC oil profuces less CO2 and more energy, but more CH4 (methane) and CO (carbon monoxide), not much CO.

    • profile image

      dave 8 years ago

      would you please tell real facts

    • profile image

      Chris  8 years ago

      If the government just opend its eyes this could almost pull us out of the money problem over night

    • profile image

      Sean 9 years ago

      One more way to smoke weed.Fill your tank with weed.Place your mouth on the tail pipe..... :D

    • profile image

      Sarge 9 years ago

      We can become the world super power by just using the marijuana in all the ways it can be used, and then we could get rid of our National debt and help alleviate pain and suffering as well as get rid of 75% of the people incarcerated in the USA we can really make a change, too bad this won't happen as that then all the cops would have to go after drug dealers of really bad drugs who's users do shoot back and then all the Corrections Folks might have to work in a world of danger where they don't have people locked up like animals and they might get hurt so while my idea would work wonderfully for the average citizen the Man won't ever let it happen.

    • profile image

      Rico  9 years ago

      I have been researching the this for about 11 years, as it came to light when I saw a tube of pure honey oil ( dervived from good Canadian herb) it was a honey like look to it and made me wonder if this much could be derived from a 1 quater ounce of weed( or 7 grams, less than one bit of a chocolate bar) then how much oil could be made from fields of high grade marijuana, I was amazed when I put some numbers together to find it could produce 5-10 times as much oil as corn, and the oil was different as the marijuana oil could produce more joules of energy than the corn oil, so the energy potenial of high grade pot is even larger than I thought, I hope Obama might look into this. As yes overnight or perhaps a few months we could have a lot of fuel produced in a short amount of time, which I am sure one of the reasons it is still illegal and taboo.

    • profile image

      jim 9 years ago

      I think the government should use weed as a bio fuel and there should be more research done on marijuna

    • profile image

      Chris 9 years ago

      Supply and demand would dictate the price of weed. If everyone was growing all around the country you would find that when there is an abundance of a product the price of it drops. This could be a great thing for America to step out of the dark and enter the light and stop wasting billions of dollars on trying to stop a multi billion dollar opportunity. What's the ol' saying "If you can't beat em' join em'. So come on America lets roll a fat one and burn one with our car.

    • profile image

      "Gas Theory" 9 years ago

      You have Regular Gas, Regular marijuana(Mexican Brick), Mid Grade Gas, Mid Grade Marijuana, Premium Gas, and Purple Marijuana. The Marijuana trade and the gas / oil system are identical as far as price rage goes. Think about it. Roll u a good one and Think about it. Enlightenment will show. discuss with your partner and you will be like damn the government selling this shit. For Real!!!!!! A pound of marijuana range from $100 dollars to $8000 dollars. You do the math. Right now the Regular is too high, The Mid will keep you going and that Premium is for the Republicans!!!!!! V O T E O B A M A


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