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Marijuana is making strides towards acceptance

Updated on June 23, 2014

First States Make a Difference

The United States seemed to be shook and in awe over the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington last year. The slow move to legalizing it however, wasn't much of a shock for many people. States have made its use legal for medical purposes after multiple research programs, firms, and medical studies showed the benefits of marijuana. The leading medical condition that has led us into a new era, sadly, is cancer.

However, after research and studies provided much needed proof of the benefits those who opposed the use of marijuana started up a whole new argument that ended up fueling the fire for those who thought that marijuana should be on the open market.

The Opposition's Claims

Many claims were made with the increase of medical marijuana and why patients, even those with chronic or life threatening illnesses, shouldn't have access to the drug. Some of the claims were out right laughable while others were met by researchers willing to do studies to prove them wrong. Some of the claims were:

  • Marijuana will cause lung cancer.
  • Marijuana causes an altered state of mind.
  • Marijuana has long last negative health effects.
  • Marijuana is a "gate-way" drug.
  • Marijuana is dangerous.
  • Marijuana usage leads to increased crime.

These opinions may seem valid to some but most were first published when marijuana was first classified as a schedule 1 drug by the Federal Government. These claimed where researched back then and hadn't seen much investigation since that time.

The Studies Show...

Researchers around the world have jumped on the marijuana proof mission since the big push for medical marijuana started. Several studies have proven most if not all claims by the opposition to be unfounded and completely bias. The major claim that marijuana would do more harm to patients then traditional medications was the first thing the researchers tackled. Multiple studies by research firms, hospitals, medical groups and universities all set out with patients' health in mind. The results were conclusive and provided to backing needed for cancer patients to have access to something that would ease the effects of traditional therapies, lessen chronic pain and even bring back appetites.

Another major claim is that marijuana usage was just as hazardous as alcohol. The studies performed were conducted a bit differently. Looking at hospitalization statics, violent crimes, and driving infractions, the numbers were completely opposite of those involving alcohol. Researchers and politicians alike were pleased to see that alcohol is readily available on the open market and yet marijuana was an illegal substance.

Both of these cases lend a hand in the legalization of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. Along with all the other claims that were proven to be wrong.

Moving Forward

  • Health benefits
  • Taxes
  • Hemp industry
  • Less inmates to pay for
  • Improved eco system

We are not only helping ourselves, we are improving much more. Our local governments will have more money to fund important state projects.

Where Are We Headed Now?

The next state to move forward is Oregon. Legalizing marijuana for recreational use will be on the November 2014 ballot. Many states have even lessened the penalties for possession and/or use of marijuana. Philadelphia has decided to greatly reduce the punishment for marijuana in June. Now, anyone who has possession of up to an ounce of marijuana will receive a ticket for a $25 fine and jail time is off the table.

States are taking back control of their residents and their laws. Thanks to the groups and politicians that opposed medical marijuana, we are seeing a revolution backed by facts. But those who smoke marijuana aren't the only ones benefiting. The prospect of a hemp industry has an even larger economic impact then just taxing marijuana. The environment is even looking at improving with marijuana and hemp farms. Both are easier and quicker to grown then trees and provide the same eco benefits.


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