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Marine Le Pen refuses to wear scarf

Updated on February 21, 2017

Marine Le Pen's father when he headed up the National Front party of France did not mince his words on foreigners and immigration. Now the father has retired and his daughter Marine Le Pen has taken over the mantle of leader of the party and the party's choice for President of France.

Le Pen has moved the National Front on from the days of her father making the party more electable and inclusive but that could be argued. Never the less Marine Le Pen has packaged herself and her party as a party that can be elected to government and have policies for a France first agenda.

Marine Le Pen is ahead in the polls of the Presidential election due to take place in April hoping to imitate UKIP's Brexit success in the UK and the Trump victory in the US. However she may lose the second deciding vote but never the less Le Pen like her father who also had good shots at being the President of France will be a colourful figure on the French political stage for many years to come.

Le Pen has been visiting abroad so foreign leaders can get to know her a little better. Once again though Marine has been courting controversy when her meeting with the Grand Mufti of Lebanon was cancelled. Sheikh Abdel - Latif Derian had cleared his diary to meet the French Presidential candidate but Le Pen was told she would have to wear a scarf as she entered his premises and she refused. One of her aids told her it was Lebanese tradition but Marine still refused and said she had met the Grand Mufti of Egypt and did not need to cover her head. When further pressed about the scarf she said "Forget it" and made her way back to her car thus the meeting never happened.

France has banned the use of Muslim headgear in certain public places which is law reflecting the separation of church and state. Marine Le Pen if she gets into power intends to increase this ban putting more pressure on Muslim women to conform with French law.

Marine Le Pen in my view whatever you think of her politics has the right to refuse to wear a headscarf as a Western woman even though it is a cultural requirement in places like Lebanon. France in banning Muslim female headgear is simply stating that France like many other European countries has always been a Christian and Secular nation. This is nothing to what Christian communities have to put up with in Muslim countries that seems to go largely unreported by the mainstream media.

French Presidential Candidate:  Marine Le Pen
French Presidential Candidate: Marine Le Pen | Source
Muslim woman
Muslim woman | Source

Short Bio of Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen in Lebanon
Marine Le Pen in Lebanon | Source

1) Is the daughter of former leader of the NF Jean-Marie Le Pen

2) Father expelled from party by his daughter

3) Is French Attorney and Lawyer by trade

4) Joined NF as a regional councillor

5) Born 5 August 1968

6) Married twice and is now in a secure relationship with three children

7) Won leadership contest in 2011 succeeding her father

8) Came third in 2012 Presidential election behind Francois Hollande and Nicholas Sarkozy

9) Ranked the most influential person of 2011 - 15

10) Also ranked as second most influential MEP


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