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Marine Recruit Training

Updated on November 3, 2009

Where the Difference Begins

Marine Recruit Training is considered by most to be the hardest military training in the US Armed Forces. It is thirteen weeks, longer than any other branch of the military. The US Marine Corps prides itself on High Standards and Marine Recruit Training is where it all begins,

Many would say that Marine Recruit training has very tough physical challenges and in fact young people wanting to join the Marines believe that by getting in shape will guarantee an easy ride through basic training. The reality is the mental challenge is what will get most recruits in trouble during training. Learning to overcome the mental challenges is what will prepare a recruit to be an effective US Marine, challenges such as how to react to being yelled at constantly, being told you are worthless, having to move rapidly even when you feel you can not move anymore, feeling homesick, not good enough, all these challenges are ever present with the recruits, and they must learn to get the necessary motivation to continue by excelling at everything thrown at them. The platoon must learn to work together as a unit and they have to help each other to keep advance as a platoon and not as individuals.

What you will learn

Recruits at Marine Bootcamp will learn to march as a military platoon. In fact several hours are spent during the day to make sure the platoon looks good since that is the primary method of movement within the base. learning how to shoot a rifle is another very important aspect of recruit training, Marines are well known for being excellent rifle shooters, and several weeks are used to make sure Recruits know everything about is rifle and knows how to shoot it at a target.

Marine Recruit Training also teaches Water Survival skills. Marines will always be associated with the sea as an amphibious force so Recruits must be very familiar wit the water and know how to survive in case they are stranded.

Customs, traditions, history are big parts of the Marine Corps pride. Recruits spend every opportunity possible learning everything there is to know about the Marine Corps and that way they are instilled into what they are about to join, Whether is waiting at the chow hall, the barber, medical; Recruits will always have their knowledge books to study if time is available.

Recruits will learn to get in shape by running and running and running and more running. pull ups, sit ups, and many other exercises that will help them with the many physical challenges they will face when they become US Marines.

Martial Arts has become a very important part of Marine Corps training so recruits will learn the basics when in recruit training and once they become Marines they will be bale to advance to higher levels of Martial Arts.

There are many things recruits will learn in Bootcamp. The goal is to make sure that after 13 weeks of training basic ready Marines are provided for Marine forces throughout the world.

Finally Graduation

Most Recruits will graduate Marine Recruit training. Some will not due to medical reasons, past law problems, but most will have the satisfaction of being called a United States Marines which is an honor like no other. After 13 weeks of high levels of stress, being yelled at everyday, running everyday, well the easy part is over. The hard part begins as soon as the newest Marines walk out of Marine Recruit Training and the hard part is to make sure the highest standards of the Marine Corps are always upheld.

Semper Fi!!!


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    • vanessafunk profile image


      6 years ago from Syracuse, New York

      Sooo.....I started looking into the Navy Reserves because it just appealed to me. Maybe it was that when I think Navy I think water. I'm not really sure but they were the first ones I wanted to talk to. Unfortunately I have a tattoo on the back of my neck and they took photos and put it up for approval and when my husband and I finally decided to wanted for me to join I could get my recruiter to text me back. So this morning I called and that's when he put me on with his chief who denied my waiver for my tattoo. So now I'm looking at the Army and the Marines because I heard they are more lenient with their tattoo policy. I just know nothing about them but I do know that they have the toughest bootcamps which terrifies me because I'm in the process of losing weight but I'm pretty out of shape and couldn't jog for more than 3 minutes straight when I tried this morning. I'm sure with more training before bootcamp I can get better but I'm still worried....

    • Ruben Rivera profile imageAUTHOR

      Ruben Rivera 

      7 years ago from Colorado, US


      I am glad you have found this motivation in my hubs. It is a fact that females in the Marines have the lowest ration between males and females in the Armed Forces. having said that my Marine sisters have that pride of being a few within the few. Female Marines are treated mostly the same as male Marines except for some accommodations, no combat assignments (this is relative due to the nature of the current war), male and female boot camps (let's face it young male recruits and young female recruits training together might be a distraction). Anyways besides these exceptions female Marines are expected to perform the same duties as male Marines. I think the best advise for female Marines is that when you decide to join is to realize that once you graduate you will be a US Marine period not female or black, or tall, or short, just a Marine and you should perform as such, so it is all about attitude and how you deal with the challenges in front of you. Attitude, attitude, attitude is the name of the game. Before joining do your thorough research because it is a huge commitment. Here are a few links you can check out.

      Take care

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Your hubs have given me the motivation to become a marine although I am scared I don't meet the weight requirement I am only 5'6 100 pounds. Do you have any advice to the females interested in joining?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I certainly respect anyone who is willing to subject themselves to the rigors of "bootcamp" and I'm sure that MCRD Parris Island and San Diego have exceedingly difficult programs. Anyone who is able to graduate from those programs deserves the gratitude of the nation.

      However, I would like to put in a word for everyone who graduated from Aviation Officer Candidate School (AOCS) from NAS Pensacola, FL. I went through in the 80's (class 17-83) and can tell you from first-hand experience that AOCS is just as difficult as Marine Recruit Training. There is nothing else in the world like having a USMC Gunny gently (sic) waking you up at 0500 to start the day.

      Any type of indoc training that involves a USMC Drill Instructor is bound to be lots of fun . . .

    • Ruben Rivera profile imageAUTHOR

      Ruben Rivera 

      7 years ago from Colorado, US


      The first few days are going to be chaos for the recruits, breaking them into basic Marines. They will get a few hours of sleep here and there and this goes on for the first few days until they are assigned to their platoons. Once that happens some order is in place and the training begins. Believe me he will get used to it as days go by, when he calls again just encourage him because I remember that is what gave me motivation, letters from home.

      Most recruits are fine as long as they have the support from home.

      Any other questions let me know.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      My son went in on Monday and he clled and left a message monday night talked real fast while he was being screamed at, I really wanted to know what goes on the first day and are they really up for 72 hours?


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