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Martin and Chamberlian

Updated on April 1, 2012

unecessary death

The murders of Trayvon Martin 17 and Kenneth Chamberlain sixty-eight has the nation in shock but not enough to call for real justice. The nation was in shock when x was killed in jasper Texas. Then the police claim to have an internal investigation. These Investigations are the equivalent of the fox investigating the hen house and finding the chickens are missing. The public fails to realize there is an ongoing attempt to eliminate black males. It can’t be a secret when doctor’s openly injected sypyluss into black me to see how long would the live. If a very wise people are expecting a messiah they will go to great length to eliminate the birth of a messiah that will lead the people out of a perilous condition. I know some people may find this hard to believe. However, the ancient foretold of the coming of Christ and Herod did everything he could to eliminate that messiah. Here is an interesting fact that is overlooked when discussing the Christ. When he was born he had to be smuggled into Ethiopian and hidden or he would have been killed. That’s why December the twenty fifth could not be his birthday or it would have been the day he died. Some years ago in Atlanta Georgia a large number of African-American boys were slaughter and the community and the nation was in shock.

The outcome was the same then as now. The real culprit are never convicted or charged. First the media should not be allowed to continuously misreport the so-called news for the sake of rating. The Media is now claiming Trayvon was suspended for smoking marijuana, then the culprit’s father claims under the cloak of anonymity his son life was threatened, then Trayvon allegedly punched him in the nose breaking it. If your nose was broken and if he smoked a trainload of marijuana this is no excuse for killing a child.

Second African-American Male

The Second African- American male slaughtered at the hands of an official is Kenneth Chamberlain a sixty-eight year old veteran of the Marines. Who happen to press the button on an emergency alert devise accidentally and was found dead of two bullet wound to the chest. Mr. Chamberlain refuses to open the door for the police. This is a police statement, but the emergency call recording seems to differ enormously. Here is a man who served this country, being all he could be by showing the dominant culture he would bite the bullet for this country and what did he get. The same type of treatment as Nat Turner, Crispus Attucks a critical eye can see a definite pattern. The final African-American slaughter and American again in shock James Byrd Jr. dragged to death in Jasper Texas because a least one person from the so-called dominant culture wanted his name recorded in history.

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