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Some Know As "Marty Boys", The Rouse Case- Native American Indian Yankton Sioux - Collateral Damage And Abuse

Updated on December 20, 2012

The term “collateral damage” first became coined in 1972 by the military. Any damage caused to property or civilians as a result of being in wrong place, wrong time of direct target. However, collateral also means “parallel”. Damages as a result of indirect but parallel connections. Between 1993 and 1994, eleven Yankton Sioux Children were literally ripped from their homes and put into foster care, who also immediately stripped them of their hair, their family and their dignity and made them into child slaves! After a few weeks of abuse these same children were told they could go back home only if they testify that their Uncles sexually molested them. They were told to tell this lie in the courts. Why did the government want these boys behind bars so bad? The family in the past has supported the American Indian Movement and have spoken out about their concerns for their People. Though they may not have been directly involved in the actual Occupation of Wounded Knee, for which AIM if famous for, they became collateral damage for supporting The People. The target!

Jesse and Desmond Rouse, Garfield Feather and Russell Hubbeling are victims of political tactics the US Government and the Bureau of Indian Affairs have employed, to silence the Voice of the Native Indian People. These now grown men have spent the last 18 years in prison and continue to claim their innocence! The collateral damage continues!

Two of the girls who testified against their Uncles have now grown into young women with a shattered childhood of slavery and abuse. They are now courageously coming forward with their stories and the truth behind the whole affair. Yankton Sioux Tribal Council and other legal and authority and political figures are supporting and fighting through the bureaucracy to free these four men of the injustice that was served them. This Rouse Case, better known as the “Marty’s Boys”, is butting up against strong resistance much like the Leonard Peltier case. Though this case is not about murder like the Peltier case, the parallels exist. The target of silencing the Voice sets off rings of energy like that in a pond from a dropped stone. The rings move outward and the collateral damage continues to occur.

It is important to understand that when AIM became a channel for the Native American Indian Voice, the US Government were seeing for the first time the ugly head of a beast that was created by this governing body through the genocide and suppression of the Native Indian Spirit. The US Government was scared as hell! Other Native American Indian support groups popped up everywhere as the Native People took back to their teachings. So the Voice, rather it be AIM or any other group supporting the renewal of the Native Indians, became a target in order to once again suppress freedom thoughts among these Native Peoples.

Hidden in the now well established American soil are many other cases like the Rouse and Peltier case. It is time to remove the dirt and expose the truth before we all become victims of collateral damages. Educate yourself on the Rouse case and read the hand written letters of the young women’s statements, their story of truth about the lies! Their story about the abuse and eating dog food to stay alive. See these following sites and be sure to open you mouth loudly and help us become a bigger Voice for freedom and responsibility.

You are encouraged to visit these sights and see the names behind the movement of bringing this story to the forefront. Follow this case on face book, remember, someday this could be you fighting for your rights and your freedom. After all why is there such a group now called “Occupy”? A waterfall starts with one drop of water, please share with friends this story and support with your Voice!


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    • backporchstories profile image

      backporchstories 5 years ago from Kentucky

      There is a support group working on this case for the last few years since these woman have come forward. However, they are working against the grain. There has been a long history of neglect when it come to the justice of Native American Indians. Government and BIA are working hand in hand on hushing this and other cases.

    • backporchstories profile image

      backporchstories 5 years ago from Kentucky

      Go to facebook...freedom4yankton. This is their support site.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "Two of the girls who testified against their Uncles have now grown into young women with a shattered childhood of slavery and abuse. They are now courageously coming forward with their stories and the truth behind the whole affair."- So, if there is new evidence can the case not be reopened and have a new trial?

      Thank You for sharing this story. I do wish to learn more about it because it seems something has gone terribly wrong here from what You have written.

      May Wakan Tanka guide us all.

    • profile image

      William Decker, Lierberry 6 years ago

      The prosecutors' career is enhanced by being known as a "Winner" which acts as a magnet for more high profile cases which includes a professional landscape of increased compensation and status. "Winner" prosecutors are promoted and rewarded by the governor and are appointed as judges. Any efforts to expose prosecutorial misconduct are often met with increased and intensified misconduct and a much longer sentence for the defendant. A government job for life, which pays the mortgage, your new car, good wages, overtime, security, and holidays. The main job of the managers is to ensure that next year's revenue exceeds this year's revenue. Prosecutors don't even look at the evidence but rather negotiate the plea deal based on the accusation charge sheet: number of years the defendant is facing. This brews an environment of guilty by accusation. Rather than honestly accept that their case is weak or nonexistent, they instead choose to run with it, ignoring and excluding (with the help of the trial judge) evidence that would point to innocence, and rallying behind extremely weak evidence or as in the case of these Yankton men 'words' and fabrications. thank you for your time reading this.

    • profile image

      Greg Zephier 6 years ago

      Greg Zephier: At the time these so called crimes were committed, there was this white fat couple who were foster parents for all these indian children. There was also this older indian lady in Greenwood South Dakota who was also getting a lot of indian foster kids. I can remember tribal members being concerned and feeling like there was some type of scam occurring in taking and placing our poor little indians. I am very closely related to Jess and Des. I also know Garfield pretty good his family lived a couple houses down from ours on Capital St in Yankton South Dakota and his sister Terri and I were classmates in Yankton and at Marty Indian School. Now Russell I met a couple times but I don't really know him. My stepfather Cephas Ashes was present at some of of the trial and he said you could tell that the kids were coerced and coached when they testified. He pointed out how when asked questioned on the stand how they would look back at their case worker and then respond. It has been too long for them to be paying the price for a crime they did not committ. The children and the family have suffered long enough. The court system has a long history of abusing the rights of indigenous peoples of America. All we are asking for is freedom.

    • profile image

      Daniel Nelson 6 years ago

      Dear Annegret, thank you for this moving message. I will forward what you've said here to our President and chief counsel, Daniel Sheehan. We very much appreciate your support and faith in our work... Daniel Nelson, Secretary-Treasurer, Lakota People's Law Project

    • profile image

      lory rouse 6 years ago

      this story is all true. i was there, and as a person that grew up believing in this system. i now know the truth. the system does not work for everyone. i am jesse rouse's wife, we have 4 children. i have been with him since '86. i personally know all these people and the crime they were convicted of is not true, but made up by the bia,fbi, a white social worker, that made a lilving by taking indian children from there homes and placeing them in hers.1) conflict of interest right there, you can not be a social worker and foster parent.2) tribe was trying to get rid of the federal government involved with there soverighn state, so federal government invented a crime to show that they were still needed in sovereign state. i could go on and on, if you do have questions please contact anna james or lory rouse on face book i would be glad to answere any questions

    • profile image

      Anon 6 years ago

      Not only do I believe this story, but would like to add a terrible observation. How many actual pedophiles are released from jail after just a couple of years?

      This is something that allegedly happened in the 90s and these men are still in jail. That fact in itself says something.

      I don't believe they harmed anyone, and I hope justice can be served. I might suggest to do some research in the family court of that county. There may or may not have been other incentives for CPS to remove the children, also cases will probably be available where children were actually put in harms ways by the courts.

      Maybe look at the criminal courts also, and see how many pedophiles have been captured and released since these men went to jail.

    • profile image

      Annegret James 6 years ago

      here's my signature file, also looking for a grant writer and an attorney with courage

      Annegret James

      P.: +1(605) 610 0760

      F.: +1(406) 846 5070

      Skype ID anna.james72




    • profile image

      Karen Eagle 6 years ago

      Chatelle has described the trial as tainted by racism. After reports of jurors mocking Native Americans, the trial judge held a hearing on the issue. One juror admitted to laughing at another’s comments about Native people and relating to coworkers that she’d heard Native American men had sex with young girls as part of their culture. These types of statements have previously been enough to reverse a conviction.

      When the defendants appealed their convictions on that and other grounds, one of three federal judges hearing the matter called the evidence of bias “a matter of grave concern.” The court granted the four a retrial, with two judges voting for a new trial and one against.

      “Here four Native Americans placed their liberties in the hands of all whites: prosecutors, defense counsel, judge and jury,” wrote Judge Myron H. Bright in his 1996 majority opinion. “The law requires that they receive a fair trial without the impact of racial bias.”

      In the 1996 minority opinion, Judge James B. Loken called the trial careful, fair and impartial and took exception to Bright’s criticism of government officials, particularly the trial judge, Lawrence L. Piersol.

      “That I cannot abide,” Loken wrote. Subsequently, the U.S. Attorney’s Office appealed the decision to grant a retrial, and the court reversed itself in 1997.

      In January of 1994, squad cars arrived at the home of Jesse and Desmond’s mother, Rosemary Rouse, on the Yankton Sioux Reservation. More than a dozen children were removed from the home, apparently without any investigation or evidence received by authorities.

      According to witnesses, some of the children tried to run away. As they were chased down, officers threatened adult relatives with arrest if they interfered. No officials clarified the reason for their actions, according to Feather. He and the other men were arrested and charged in the succeeding days and weeks.

      According to Bright, in the following months, the youngsters’ parents were told “their children would be taken away again if they talked to or cooperated with defense counsel.” After the trial, the parents were warned again.

      “The defense attorneys told us that if we ever talked to our kids about what had happened, someone would take them so far away we’d never see them again,” said Roderica Rouse. “We were terrified.”

      According to court documents and recently recorded videotapes, the alleged victims claimed at the time that at various points, food, water and bathroom breaks were withheld by investigating authorities; they were given medication that put them to sleep and caused them to vomit; and they were held in frightening, isolated situations.

      No audio or video recordings of the initial interview sessions were made, which was unusual, said defense consultant and trial observer Hollida Wakefield, a forensic psychologist who specializes in interviews of children.

      “The scientific literature has established that interviews of children must be taped to determine whether leading questions were asked,” she said.

      The U.S. Attorney’s Office and Department of Social Services did not allow the defense to interview the child witnesses before the trial in order to prepare questions for them, according to the 1996 appeal.

      “When a child witness is in the legal custody of a social services agency, that agency as custodian may refuse requests for pretrial interviews,” opined Judge Loken in the 1997 decision not to have a retrial after all. Allowing such sessions could traumatize the children and “raise a barrier” for the prosecution, the judge wrote.

      Nine children who adamantly refused to say their uncles had abused them were sent home. According to Chatelle, the cases of Feather, Hubbeling and the Rouse brothers display patterns NCRJ has seen before, including the burden of proof shifting – improperly – to the defendants.

      Lucretia Rouse of Marty, one of the alleged victims, recently released a written public statement, a copy of which was emailed to and examined by Native Sun News. Rouse, now 24, was 6 years old at the time of the raid that led to the arrests of her accused uncles.

      Rouse recalls being sent to a white foster family who put all the children to work on their farm. She remembers being separated by DSS and put before lawyers to be perjured to.

      “These lawyers and the foster parents all said that we all could go home and be home with our moms; that this will be okay to lie and we could go home” Rouse said in her statement. “So we all lied to see our family again, and that was a lie.”

      “After all that, we never got to see or hear from our family, like the lawyer said we would, and we kept moving around from foster home to foster home. I dropped out of school because of the pain my family went through; because of our last name and our history that was never told by anyone,” Rouse recalled. “No understanding, just judging us by not knowing our family history or what us children went through.”

      Rouse stated that she and the other children have suffered a lot of stress and pain from being lied to by lawyers who convinced them to make these allegations against their relatives.

      “All I want is my uncles back home with us once again. A happy family like any other family in America,” she said.

      “I, Lucretia Rouse, ask for your help and for the right justice for my family and my uncles. Please help me seek justice for my innocent uncles … This is my story.”

      An April 2 meeting is scheduled with the chairman and general tribal council of the Yankton Sioux Tribe for the Rouse children and relatives of the two other men. The alleged victims and their families will ask the tribe to investigate the corruption and professional misconduct of tribal social services, which allowed this tragedy to happen. The meeting will be in Wagner at the tribal building.

      (Contact Karin Eagle at

    • Bob Zermop profile image

      Bob Zermop 6 years ago from California, USA

      I'm currently abroad, but once I return home I will research into this. From what you've posted here, this looks ridiculously wrong. No worries, I will not forget. Thank you to the commenters who gave sources, I will try them as soon as I return.

    • profile image

      Law Office of Linda Kenney Baden 6 years ago

      Law Office of Linda Kenney Baden

      15 West 53rd Street, Suite 18B

      New York, New York 10019

      Linda Kenney Baden, Esq. Telephone: (732) 219?7770

      Admitted New Jersey, US Sup. Ct., D.C. Cir. Facsimile: (212) 397?2754

      And New York E?mail:

      8 November 2011

      Via facsimile (605) 384?5687 and


      Class, Regular Mail ournoyer mittee

      Chairman Thurman C

      YST Business and Claims Comost Office Box 1153 agner, South Dakota 57380


      WJesse Rouse, Desmond Rouse, Garfield Feather and Russell Hubbeling

      Via facsimile (218) 751?25

      41 and First

      Class, Regular Mail ks n Sioux Community

      Chairman Stanley Croo

      Shakopee Mdewakanto2330 Sioux Trail N.W. Prior Lake, MN 55372

      Re: entlem


      en: I have been asked to review the entire record concerning the federal convictions in 1994 in Sioux Falls, S.D. of four Native American men ?? Jesse Rouse, Desmond Rouse, Garfield Feather and Russell Hubbeling. These men, who have always maintained their innocence, are known by the moniker as the Yankton Sioux Four. These four men are presently serving prison sentences ranging from 30?33 years for sexual abuse involving five minor children who lived in an extended family household with many children and adults as has been common on a reservation. The children, now grown adults, have been screaming to deaf ears for years now that they were never sexually abused, and that their testimony as young children of a tender age seeking to be reunited with their family, was false, and coerced by improper interview techniques and the resultant suggestive false memories. Their pleas have also been rejected. This has resulted in magnified damage to them as adults ?? trouble coping with the destructive guilt and grief. All nine people are now victims of what appears to be a massive failure in our justice system. It is my strong opinion that the convictions of these four men are a travesty and that the justice system has failed to recognize all appeals to date, relying instead on process instead of seeking the truth of actual innocence. It is further my opinion that without substantial funding to mount a new attack as the type seen in the West Memphis 3 case, these men will continue to be imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.

      8 November 2011

      Page 2

      It is now well established that the hysteria surrounding group child sexual abuse allegations, such as the McMartin daycare case in California, caused many unjust charges to be lodged and innocent people to be accused and convicted in the latter part of the last century. The same indicia of false memories of young children can easily be seen here especially after being interviewed for six months by government investigators including adult FBI investigators. Interviews were not videotaped. And the result was further compounded by apparent doctor shopping for months until an adult gynecologist opined that a procedure used in female adult medical examinations showed evidence consistent with abuse in some of the children. However, pictures documenting such an opinion were never taken. Compounding these errors, the courts in this case refused to allow expert opinion that children of tender age testimony can be suspect because of suggestive questioning. Nor was the defense allowed an independent psychological exam or medical of these

      then young children. This, simply put, is the case that should incite a fire under all Native Americans in this country to develop their own National Native American Innocence Project with this case being the seminal project. This case needs massive funding for both national and state lawyers who would be willing to undertake this project, independent psychological experts, medical experts and the substantial costs associated with mounting an effective habeas corpus campaign in the courts and, as is necessary this day in

      age, in the media. same.

      If you have any further questions, I will be happy to answer

      Yours very truly, LAW OFFICE OF LINDA KENNEY BADEN nney Baden, Esq.

      Linda Kec: ssociation


      cGreat Plains Tribal Chairman’s A1926 Sterling Street Rapid City, South Dakota 57702

      Via facsimile (605) 343?3074 erican Indians (NCAI)

      National Congress of Am1516 P Street NW Washington, D.C. 20005

      Via First Class, Regular Mail

    • profile image

      Joanna Hamlin, VT 6 years ago

      This case is a direct assault in the war on our indigenous people. I work in childrens mental health and I know how easy childrens minds can be twisted. I also know the implications of such interogations on their mental health later on. There are many casualties in this case. It is the obligation of the judicial system to free these gentlemen. The evidence doesn't support the accusation.

    • profile image

      LUCRITIA ROUSE 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Cleo Rouse 6 years ago

      To whom all it may concern:

      My name is Cleo Rouse. I am a 1st cousin of Jesse and Desmond Rouse. I am also related to Garfield Feather and Russell Hubbling. I am writing this statement on their behalf. I believe without a doubt that my relatives are innocent and should be released from incarceration.

      I never grew up around my relatives, but I had many extensive visits with the whole family. My first visit with my cousins, Uncle Dwayne, and Auntie Rose was in high school. I came to Marty and stayed for a week-end visit during graduation. I found my uncle and auntie to be very stern disciplinary parents, very set in there ways. It was always a great time. All the children were happy, always joking with good humor. Always a lot of food, and fun. All the younger ones were always so respectful of me and of their parents. Interaction with each other as a family held so much respect for each other along with the usual sibling rivalry.

      When I had moved to Lake Andes in June of 1993, I was so happy to have all my cousins there for me. In 1994, Desmond came to my home with worry of the Feds looking for him. He was concerned about going to jail for taking part in the sit-in and take-over of the tribal hall. The result of the sit-in was the removal of Mr. Cournoyer from office. I told him not to worry because he hadn’t done anything seriously wrong, and that he could hang out at my house.

      The next I heard from my cousins was that they were being charged with sexual abuse of my nieces who had all been removed from their home and sent to foster care along with their brothers. My nieces and nephews were all rounded up like animals. I was told that they were running from the law enforcement and were crying for their uncles to save them. I knew deep in my heart that my cousins would have never done such a horrendous thing to their own nieces.

      I stood by my Auntie Rose and family throughout the court proceedings. I took notes during the testimony of doctors and a few of the Rouse children. I listened to one of the doctors testify that the examinations of the young girls did not show any evidence of rape. His exact words were, “the hymens of these girls were found to be intact, unruptured, a little loose & flappy. There was some redness around the outer vaginal area,” other than that no evidence of penetration.

      The questioning of the children was intimidating. I remember it very well, with every question they would look to the side, as if looking at someone for direction. I could not see this person from my position of seating. The children looked as though they wanted to cry, and they answered with shaky, barely audible voices and a nod of yes or no answers


      It was horrible to sit there and listen to the questions and accusations of the court authorities. For them to tell the jurors that these children were raped, sodomized, physically abused, tied up, hung upside down, and locked in closets was all lies. I felt anger as I hugged my Auntie Rose. She cried out that they were all lies, there were no locks on the doors or even any doors to speak of, and where is this so called rope that was used? I had to calm her down as she cried. Her heart was broken, and she died with a broken heart.

      My cousin Jesse had just moved back from Wyoming and had a very beautiful family. They were so respectful, I was proud to be a cousin to such a family. I don’t think he was on the rez for more than a week, than he was arrested and charged with these trumped-up charges. Imagine the humiliation, grief, and injustice to this whole family.

      I know Jesse, Desmond, Garfield, and Russell are very respectful individuals and in no way capable of committing these crimes as charged. I know in my heart and soul that they are innocent and have been wrongly accused because of a few spiteful, revengeful people. Please grant these four men the justice and free them of this horrific nightmare.


      Cleo Rouse

    • profile image

      Anna James 6 years ago

      And Thank you to everybody that reads this story and hopefully shares this story, its only the truth and only the truth to be found here. These men are proud and have nothing to fear they just want a fair trial, they only had a racist trial with no evidence and they were convicted on words and lies. Does this sound unbelievable to you? well this is the reality in the state of South Dakota. I thank you all for reading this story and for your interest I thank you in the name of these men and children from my heart, Anna

    • profile image

      Anna James 6 years ago

      Hi Bob, could you help in any way? cray right? how can this happen? 4 guys incarcerated INNOCENT and 11 children just abducted, yeah right?? well its the truth and it happened 18 years and the civil right violations are still ongoing. You are welcome to talk to me or any of the alleged victims anytime, but I suggest you watch the video first, if you google for any of the men's names you will find pages and pages of information, maybe you also want to sign our petition, but help would be great. pidamiya, Anna




    • Bob Zermop profile image

      Bob Zermop 6 years ago from California, USA

      Thank you for the info, I'll check it out.

    • backporchstories profile image

      backporchstories 6 years ago from Kentucky

      Please refer to the face book link freedom4yankton4 and ask Anna James. She is well educated in this case. On the facebook page there are photo folders with pictures of readable documents from Tribal Council and other correspondences. Do not be sorry for the skeptic view, we all should move forward with doubt for trust is hard to find. I encourage you to contact Anna James on the freedom4yankton4 on facebook. This is a grassroot push to bring attention to the matter.

    • Bob Zermop profile image

      Bob Zermop 6 years ago from California, USA

      Sorry to be a skeptic, but I've seen a lot on the Internet. Just to be frank: is this for real? I checked out your links and did a little research (ex. Google) but couldn't find anything corroborating. Could you point to additional proof or where you learned about the story?