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Maryland Serial Killer Charles Eugene Burns

Updated on September 20, 2011
Charles E. Burns
Charles E. Burns

Thirty four year old Charles Eugene Burns from Kingsville was a troubled kid who grew into a disturbed adult then graduated into a full fledged monster. A serial killer who chose prostitutes who struggled with drug and or alcohol addictions, he was abandoned as a child by his alcoholic mother, never knew who his father was and bounced from foster home to foster home before being adopted at 10 years old. An angry kid, he calmed down a little but by his teen years he suffered from the effects of emotional and physical abuse. When his anger and behavior hot out of control, he spent 6 weeks at Sheppard & Enoch Pratt Hospital and was later sent to the Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents in Catonsville. While there he tried to commit suicide numerous times and was diagnosed with severe emotional disturbance. He did manage to get married in 1995 but when his marriage ended in 2001 after his wife left him, that's when his built up rage got the best of him and he went off the deep end. Living with his grandparents in Bel Air and holding down a steady job with a masonry company, he dated a young woman for a while and she ended up filing a protective order against him for harassing her and breaking her finger. He violated that order and spent 6 months in jail awaiting trial. While locked up, he later admitted to reading every book the jail had on serial killers. After being found guilty of violating the restraining order, he was fined $1000 and released. Perhaps he hated women because of the abandonment issues with his biological mother. Perhaps he hated himself. Who knows what triggered him to start raping and torturing women but he started driving around in his grey Dodge Neon picking up prostitutes in the Aberdeen area and terrorizing them. 42 year old Sheila Ann Turner of Aberdeen was found on June 2 2006 in a field in Perryman. Two weeks later state troopers found 43 year old Lillian Abramawicz Phelps of Elkton in a field. Lillian was a mother of two who like all the victims, struggles with drug addictions. After choking her unconscious, she was still alive when he ran over her with his car, crushing her skull, ripping her jaw off her face, snapping her ribs leaving her blood and DNA on the bottom of his car. Twenty five year old Jennifer Lynn Blakenship was found on September 15 by a man walking his dog. Fifty one year old Joyce Ann Toliver became another victim. Six prostitutes went to the cops complaining about his torture. He picked up 2 prostitutes 3 weeks apart who turned out to be mother and daughter. He drove the mother to St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery where he choked her until she lost consciousness. Her daughter? He choked her so hard the blood vessels in her eyes burst. They both survived their attacks and had the brains to write down his license plate number and give a description of him to the police. He was ultimately arrested and convicted of first degree murder. He got life without parole.









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    • profile image

      brett 5 years ago

      You are an idiot, there is no treatment for psychotics.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 6 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      While these stories anger and infuriate us, I find them also very sad. Our system hasn't a clue nor the desire to truly deal with mental illnesses....especially in children and teens. How can a seriously damaged individual expect to live a normal life as a NORMAL person when they are anything BUT normal? Where is man's compassion and concern for the sick and disbaled? Humans too easily ignore and discard of the less than perfect. It is an outrageous tragedy that grows and grows. We pay the price in many ways.