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Maryland fathers who kill their own kids - Richard Nicolas

Updated on September 20, 2011

Thirty one year old Richard Allen Nicolas from Govans had the life. Coming from a close, tight knit, educated family, he took his life and career seriously. He built a career for himself working as an emergency medical technician for American Ambulance and Oxygen and as a copier repair technician at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. In the midst of building a life and future for himself, he had a one night stand with a young woman and Aja Amber Alexus Nicolas came along ruining his plans. Other than a hospital visit when the child was born, he pretty much avoided his daughter and her mom but when Aja's mom filed a paternity suit case on him seeking child support to help pay for daycare, he suddenly took an interest in the child. Ordered to pay $160 a week in child support, he complained constantly to his friends and Aja's mother that the payments were making him broke while mom saved up enough to buy a house. He took matters in his own hands taking a $15,000 Gerber Life Insurance policy on his daughter making him the sole beneficiary. Then on July 26 1996 on what was his first evening out alone with the 2 year old, her mom reluctantly allowed him to take her to see "The Adventures of Pinocchio." After seeing the movie with his daughter, he drove on to an industrial park on Bowley's Lane at about 10pm and shot the toddler in the face as she sat in the passenger seat of his car. Telling the cops a long haired white man tapped his bumper and shot into his car, they quickly dismissed that story because the evidence clearly showed that she was shot on the left side of her face from the driver's side, at close range. Besides, he still had the gun residue on his hands when they were tested. Even though he continued to maintain his innocence, a jury took less than two hours to find him guilty of shooting his only child and he got a sentence of life without parole.


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