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Maryland fathers who killed their own kids - Mark Castillo

Updated on September 20, 2011
Mark Castillo
Mark Castillo

It's hard to digest the grisly murders of 41 year old Mark Castillo from Montgomery County. Described as a doting, loving father, he had been fighting with his estranged wife over custody and visitation with his three kids for more than two years. With a history of mental problems including a diagnosis of depression and narcissistic personality disorder, the stay at home dad took care of the kids while mom worked as a pediatrician. The fight over custody of 6 year old Anthony Castillo, 4 year old Austin Castillo, and 2 year old Athena Castillo took it's toll on March 29 2008. After spending time with the kids at the Inner Harbor, he decided to drown the kids in the bathtub in his 10th floor room at the Marriott Hotel. Using a stopwatch to time each death, he dipped his kids one by one under water for ten minutes each, snuffing the life out of his own flesh and blood. One can only imagine what went through his mind as he lay each dead child side by side on the bed in the hotel. After drowning the kids, he slashed himself in the neck and swallowed 100 Motrin pills in a feeble suicide attempt. He drifted in and out of consciousness for 19 hours before he realized he wasn't going to die that easily. Defeated, he called hotel security and told them what he had done. After they found the kids' bodies, he was treated at the University of Maryland Medical Center with minor injuries then arrested and charged with three counts of first degree murder. Further investigation revealed that his ex wife had called 911 three times warning dispatchers that Mark hadn't bought the kids back on time and she also warned them of his history of mental illness. She told them he once told her that the worse thing he could ever do to her would be to kill the kids and keep her alive so she could suffer without them. He carried out his threat and after being found competent to stand trial, he earned three consecutive life sentences without the possibility for parole.


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