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Maryland fathers who killed their own kids - Richard Wayne Spicknall

Updated on September 20, 2011
Richard Spicknall
Richard Spicknall

Twenty seven year old Richard Wayne Spicknall from Laurel couldn't take the fact that he couldn't abuse and control his wife anymore after she filed for a divorce from him. Fights over the divorce and custody of 2 year old Richard Wayne Spicknall lll and 3 year old Destiny Array Spicknall took it's toll on September 9 1999. He picked the kids up from his estranged wife to take them on a trip to Ocean City. While driving, he became depressed over the divorce and started crying. With a loaded .9mm Smith and Wesson in the glove compartment, he thought about shooting himself but couldn't get up enough nerve. He did, however, muster up enough courage to tell his kids, 'I love you guys. I don't ever want to leave you' before blasting his son in the chest and his daughter in the stomach while they slept in their car seats. After shooting them, he jumped off the Choptank River but survived the fall. He finally called 911 and concocted up a story that he had tried to help a hitchhiker but somehow the hitchhiker - who had a gun - ended up carjacking him with the kids inside. The hitchhiker pushed him off the Malkus Bridge then drove off with his kids still in the car. He told them he swam to the pier to call the cops. Construction workers found the Jeep Wrangler the next day and his son was pronounced dead at Dorchester County Hospital. His daughter was resuscitated and after emergency surgery, she was flown to the University of Maryland Medical Center fighting unsuccessfully for her life. She died shortly after with her mom by her side. Cops found all kinds of lies in his story including the fact that his first 911 call didn't come in until more than 3 hours after he said he got carjacked. Arrested and charged with the first degree murder of his two kids, the former manager of The ESPN Zone pleaded guilty in the middle of his trial to avoid the death penalty. He got 2 life sentences without the possibility for parole plus 40 years. Maybe justice served itself when 7 years into his sentence he was discovered dead in a maximum security prison shower in Jessup. Found with a rag or a towel stuffed in his mouth, he was asphyxiated in protective custody by a man who was already serving a double life sentence. Correctional officers tried CPR on him but no luck.


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