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Mass Hypnosis and Social Engineering

Updated on June 25, 2017

The Master of Mind Control Joseph Goebbels

Are you in control? You may think you are but the truth msy surprise you.
Are you in control? You may think you are but the truth msy surprise you.


Are You In a Trance?

Would you believe that you are being programmed right now and have been all your life? Do you realize that when you are sitting in your own home or office that you are being bombarded with a flood of constant stimulus both natural and artificial? It's true using artificial stimulation tools like radio, magazines, and television you being told who you are and what to believe. These are very powerful tools to control and manipulate what you perceive as free will? But is there really such a thing as free will?

Take the media... all forms of media are used to excite and allure you using multiple manipulative methods and tools. We don't think we notice the store sign, the advertisement on the side of a bus, the radio commercial as we drive. But those messages are repeated and repeated as we use these devices to entertain ourselves or through constant exposure to them. We are all organisms and organisms are easily manipulated and influenced by stimulus in their environment.

Pavlov and Conditioning

Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov conducted studies on dogs in which food was given to the dogs and every time a dog was going to feed a bell was rung. When the dog salivated for its meal the saliva was collected. Soon the food was taken away but the dog still salivated just as it had when the food was present.


Classic Conditioning and Programming

In the study of Ethology or animal behavior, this is known as associative learning. This is when an animal is exposed to a stimulus and its biological response becomes associated to the stimuli. Such as when a fish swims to the surface when the lid is open. The animal responds to the opening of the lid expecting it to be feed. This is biology in the fact that we use our senses to make a construct of the world as we have experienced it..

A child will touch a flame if the child has never had any interaction with fire. The child must experience the stimuli in order to understand that fire if touched will cause severe pain. Upon which the child learns to fear the fire and respect its serious nature. Understanding that organisms respond to stimulus in order to survive the outside world. Our senses are our only defense against the threats to our survival.

Psychologist James Olds and Peter Milner conducted experiments on rats. In these experiments, the rats were implanted with electrodes in their brains which activated the pleasure centers of their brains. The rats pressed the lever over a thousand times an hour even crossing an electrical foot shocking device to press a lever attached to the electrodes that gave the rats pleasurable stimuli. Soon the rats began neglecting any of their natural instincts to feed and drink to the point they would have died if not disconnected from the electrodes. This is an example of positive behavioral modification where the subject's behavior is modified through pleasure.


Or the illusion of choice.
Or the illusion of choice.

But I Can Choose What I Want! Can't I?

We experience stimuli throughout our daily lives. When we are in a store and smell fresh bread our mouths water at the thought of tasting the bread. When we see a commercial and we suddenly feel an urge to run out and get a product that just flashed across the screen. We are experiencing conditioned stimuli. This bombardment of our senses overloads our mental filters.

Though we barely register these micro events of stimuli our subconscious does not miss them. Our brains store this information and later when the time is right recalls this information and directs our choices. This is reflected in what we buy and how we live. The positive reinforcement of rewarding ourselves with things we are told we need is much like the experiments above. We are all conditioned from birth to death to consume and conform to a system of control.

All our choices and so-called freedoms are a false sense of freedom. Yes, you have many choices. Choices like who to vote for, what to wear, where to live, and what you consume. But the truth is that you are acting on stimuli that have been crammed into our subconscious and is being triggered by artificial stimulation. The truth is rather disappointing as we realize that we only do these things within a construct created by men that have learned to use these tools to manipulate and control us by taking away our free will and our ability to survive without needing their system of control.

All Your Life

Think about the public school system. We are taken away from our sense of security and familiar environment and placed into a social setting around strange adults and other frightened children. We are then herded into classrooms at the ringing of a bell where we learn to behave in a social setting and to conform as a group to an authority figure that is not our parent. Our parents pass down this type of conditioning in the sense that we are taught from the very start of self-dependence that we must follow certain rules to be accepted in society.

Manners and morals are placed upon us from the very start of our lives by our parents and through social environments like school. But in many cases churches and faith-based locations are our first social influences happen. In these places, people gather and discuss spiritual ideologies and concepts and morality and acceptable moral behaviors between people and the consequences of not obeying the spiritual fundamentals of their beliefs.

Through all the years of our lives, we are conditioned to behave and consume so we can become a clog in the system. Like a machine, systems break down if something is not operating correctly. Like in the machine if a person does not conform they can upset the system and must be excluded or reprogrammed to be a productive member of that system. This is where conditioning and stimulus come in. Through these systems, we are able to live and survive in communities with agreed upon laws and social compliance. But the system can also stagnate and create resentment when we realize that we are not in control of our own destinies.

"If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself."

Programming Institutions and Control

Politics and the media are always looking to influence your choices. Whether it is who to vote for in an election or to manipulate your perception of one group and turn you against another. We are shown emotionally provoking material and propaganda that is used to make a psychological impact by inducing an emotional reaction. These scenes are always mixed with either symbols, words, or images of the group they wish to eliminate. Men have turned their people against others and wiped out civilizations by causing their people through manipulation to go to war and commit genocide in this way.


I myself am a Star Wars fan. I have memorabilia and toys all over my room. I've spent a small fortune on my obsession for everything Star Wars. I know that I have been a victim to the pleasurable experience and nostalgia for what I remember as a fond memory as a child. I have been systematically programmed to react to anything Star Wars and like the rats with a wire plugged into their brain I find myself still entranced by my obsession.

We all experience these types of tendencies and desires for something. It is natural to all creatures. We are slaves to our senses and our perception of our environment. That man has found ways to use that fact to put in place systems of control and influence should not surprise us. We have been doing it for thousands of years. Stay free or at least as free as they let you be.


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