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Mass Shootings have the same pattern

Updated on November 15, 2015

Mass shootings have had the same pattern and the media plays the repeat button. Saying it over and over again. That it was a Military style weapon or the shooter was mentally ill. Well to tell you the truth there wrong and why there wrong is because the numerous of mistakes have been made by the media for the killers age, the weapon, and the mental illness, and even were the attacks occur. And we as people just eat it all up like the little sheep we are and research nothing ourselves. So let's look at the parts the media missed. Part one the shootings happened in a gun free zone which a giant part of mass shootings do happen. 92% of mass shootings happen in gun free zones since 2009 and the media will never admit it but a study from the C.P.R.C. (Crime Prevention Research Center) says different. Part two the weapon how many times from Sandy Hook we heard it was and AR-15 military style rifle that killed them or the hand guns killed them. They could never get there story straight. Like if there was a second shooter why was he never identified. But later on found out it was a hand gun that killed them but later on said it was the Bush master AR-15 rifle that was used but earlier said it was in the trunk. So which was it you tell me.

Funny thought it was an assault rifle or was it a hand gun??


The media will jump on the mental illness train and quick say he was mentally ill or depressed but will not ask a doctor about his mental health and why his pills didn't work or they'll get a fake doctor and say he quit taking them. The reason why the media won't do it is because it will attack the big pharmaceutical companies that spend billions of dollars on the commercials to get there investment medication out there. So again we're misinformed.

Mental illness or depressed

The real reason

The real reason why this happens is not because of the gun but yet will blame the gun. Is because of these so called gun free zones. People believe they are safe in the gun free zone even our government makes us believe it is when it isn't. Dianne Feinstein (California Senator) say "when the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in ... that's human nature". If a person wants to kill a lot of people fast he/she will go to a gun free zone. Why you ask? Simple because there will be no one there to challenge them as they are shooting. So you are pretty much a fish in a barrel.

Gun free zone BS

The End

In the end it all comes down to one thing. They just want to unarm Americans. Now I’m not saying this as a conspiracy nut. I'm saying this as a history buff. Let's look at the pages of history. Chinese government did a gun ban and kill a large portion of their people who challenged or didn't agree with their decisions. World War 2 Hitler did a gun ban to where no Jew can own a fire arm and said it was for the children's safety. HMMMM sound familiar. Well we all know what happen with that. England did a large scale gun ban. Now they have a massive crime waves going on and they had to hire 20,000 more officers and increase their taxes to pay for them as well and still have a major crime issue. So why attack the second amendment? Because that is the only thing that is stopping the government from having complete power over our lives. I mean look at the times that are going on. Our boarders are wide open and we have a terrorist problem sweeping the world. So I leave you this do you really think these mass shootings are planned or a random thing that's just happening.


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