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Massive Trump Protests – What is Supporting This Phenomenon?

Updated on February 6, 2017

Days after the inauguration of America’s 45th president Donald John Trump, we still see worldwide protests claiming Trump should not be the President and claims that he and his supporters stand against America and its ideals. Most Democrats and Protesters say Trump and his supporters stand for hate, misogyny and are influenced by Russian leader Vlad Putin.

Trump and his team claim that they have a “running war with the media” and that the American press is among the most dishonest human beings on the earth.


How Was Trump Qualified?

Well let’s take a look at ~undisputed facts around Trump.

Trump has great wealth and old school white male drama surrounding his life’s activities. He never served in the military, never served previously in government office, and has been divorced multiple times. In traditional America this candidate would be a non-starter!

So how in the heck did he become the broken Republican Party’s nominee let alone beat Hillary Clinton to become our 45th president?

Answers to that question include:

Reasons Trump Won the Election:

  1. Too Much Media Noise and Hate: The American press LIED and told everyone Trump did not stand a chance against Clinton. This so called “press fact” was repeated so many times even I believed it. The back and forth on hacked Clinton email and how somehow Russia and Trump were more to blame than Clinton. The debate on charity foundations and the press defending the integrity of Clinton's foundation but now reports CGI USA is shut down due to lack of expected foreign donations post 2016 election. Even during the debates, unethical and questionable actions by the press further disenfranchised the people. Therefore this constant noise resulted in many pro Clinton liberals not bothering to vote.
  2. Obamacare Fraud & Scams: Many American’s HATE Obama-care and its obscene pricing and knew Hillary would keep it. Some of those using Obama-care aka Affordable Care Act though the government website discovered its corruption and that it was NOT in fact helping many get healthcare. Instead it was artificially further raising insurance costs on the working class to epic heights. Those added costs were primarily NOT used to get 20 million new people healthcare but instead to make insurance company executives richer than ever before. Hundreds of insurance execs received million plus dollar bonuses each year. The press refused to report on that fact since Obama supported it. Press also refuses to report on the thousands of “local ACA assisters” that get paid a ~$400/ head bounty for anyone coming into the office and getting their helping filling out an online profile and coverage selection. People - millions of people - signed up under ACA and added HIDDEN taxpayer cost included the help commission of many hundreds of $ millions SECRETLY? Obama himself was also conference calling in to those sleazy looking temporary offices asking how things were going. Again zero media attention.

3. Trump's Proven Actions Toward Women: The press portrayal of Trump as along term sexist and woman hater is inconsistent and appears "Trumped up". Take Trump’s daughter Ivanka for example. Does she seem the product of a woman hater misogynist? A person who hates, dislikes, mistrusts, or mistreats women typically would not have such an elegant daughter who is executive VP of the Trump real estate business.

  • Even if you accept much of the press stories about Trump’s treatment of women few dare to compare that with Bill Clinton. President Clinton and the Monica Lewinski “confirmed” scandal somehow did little to damage “Teflon Bill’s” reputation. Yet Trump has not had any affair or scandal proven to my knowledge yet has a much worse reputation with women than Bill Clinton. This seems the result of media bias just as Donald Trump businesses settlement of sexual harassment cases. While a number of cases exist they appear to be in line or below with what a typical multi-billion dollar empire of companies would normally see. So why is this billionaire anymore of a sexist or whatever than say Mike Dell or other white male billionaires?

Trump's Daughter Runs Dad's + her own companies

Twisted report about Trump and his daughter

Protesters Against Trump Organized By?

The Trump post inauguration protestors were many – yet WHO WERE THEY and WHAT DID those protestors really believe in?

The clips below were of anti-Trump protests as covered by CNN. Let’s look at the CNN cover photo.

What do we see: “Stop Trump - make racists afraid again” sign. In this case the supporting organization DOING the PROTEST is listed on the sign. This is important because it truly defines who the complainers and protesters are!

Anti-Americans Organizations Running Protests was clearly listed. The protesters are part of that organization and managed by it. That organization’s website does a good job in defining its beliefs and positions as PRO socialist, pro Marxist, pro hate. CNN is clear in tying that organization’s alignment directly to the Women’s protest march in DC.

Therefore the women Protesters, according to CNN, are aligned with PRO socialist, pro Marxist, pro Hate.

If the American people were honestly informed by real press routinely we would have a very different government and reality. I blame the “bought and paid for press” for failing the people more than career politicians.

The pressure to see Mr. Trump fail in his Presidency comes from many groups, but primarily from those who have illegal alien family members present in the United States. Both the illegal aliens and their families make up a large percentage of the protesters seen in biased media coverage.

Buzzfeed liberals-- ARE reverse racist (with humor)
Buzzfeed liberals-- ARE reverse racist (with humor) | Source
White Uncle(Aunt) Tom videos= $$
White Uncle(Aunt) Tom videos= $$ | Source

Biased Press

If the American people were honestly informed by real press routinely we would have a very different feel and the Country would be able to come together.

Racist hate mongering News and Youtube groups have identified that the Anti-American" movement against Trump that is masquerading as an Anti-trump protest is very profitable. As making fun or acting unprotected race and genders has unfortunately been a historical effective way to get attention, attacking whites and whites crying about "white privilege " and how terrible that is has started a profitable modern "White Uncle Tom" movement in the USA. - Look at the Buzzfeed excerpt above.

Buzzfeed was allowed to privately interview President Obama last year even while exposing reverse racist propaganda. Obama doing that is the near equivalent of Bush or Trump giving private interviews with Richard Spencer or maybe even David Duke.

Our press had no issue with Obama / Buzzfeed interview and relationship, but do you think they would have commented on a Trump/ Spencer interview?

Mr & Mrs Trump & anti Trump Protestors
Mr & Mrs Trump & anti Trump Protestors
anti Trump protestors breaking business windows in D.C.
anti Trump protestors breaking business windows in D.C.

Protest Leaders Hidden Agenda

Some believe that the REAL PROTEST has nothing to do with Mr Trump’s character or objectives. The protests are being sponsored by politicians and their lackeys & bosses (media, SIGs, foreign orgs) to help career politicians STAY in power. Others feel this protest wave is retaliation against Trump/ Bannon for their whistle blowing in the old TARP investment banking meltdown near trillion dollar scandal. Some think it is all the illegal aliens and their families trying to stop Trump from enforcing old laws and reducing illegal immigration. It may well be a combination.

Forget about republican versus democrat ideology for a moment. If this new president with NO political experience and no real need for more wealth or power IS SUCCESSFUL in making America better, then what happens next?

What would happen is simple- many successful business people will earnestly run for political offices after Trump. If many of them are successful, then the idea of getting a “political science degree” or being a career politician will go the way of Blockbuster video. Career politicians will go extinct!

Our founding father’s disliked the concept of political parties due to the inherit nature of corruption. A Trump success could be the start of the greatest change for good in America that many of us could ever hope for…

2013 ~ near quote by Hillary about Trump
2013 ~ near quote by Hillary about Trump

Trump’s best speech to date was during his 2016 inauguration. What did he say?

1. He wants to give power back to the people and away from the fat cat career politicians that only care about themselves.

2. He wants to make America and American citizen’s first priority! This includes getting good jobs.

3. Trump wants all Americans to succeed

Yet the largest protest marches in recent history occurred about a new president that wants to do those 3 things. The marches were based on fake news and Marxist group support as per CNN coverage.

People - Can you imagine people like Bill Gates (Miscrosoft), Irene Rosenfeld (CEO Kraft Foods), Carol M. Meyrowitz (CEO TJ Max/ Marshall’s retail stores), Indra Nooyi (CEO Pepsico), Ellen Kullman ( CEO Dupont), and Marissa Mayer (CEO Yahoo, ex Google exec) running the country instead of career politicians? ..Even though most are liberal democrat supporters I would be happy to vote for them since they like Trump are used to getting things done and political party would no longer not matter much if those types were running the country.

Blocking those kinds of successful business people from running for office may be what the REAL motivation against Trump (& non-career politicians) is based.

Think about what happened to Ross Perot and how he disappeared from the political seen after June 1992, even though Perot led the polls with 39% (versus 31% for Bush and 25% for Clinton) for a time.. America has been trying to get real business grade leadership in the government again since the 1990’s.Think about it. If Trump can be helped to do well, if the anti-America types like the redflag group and others can be resisted, then we can make America great again.


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    • profile image

      Bud 11 months ago

      Got to admit that Buzzfeed news group does have articles that make fun of whites. I think they are doing that for fun. I know that at work funny jokes about white or blonde women,etc are made.

      I get your point though. I do not see any sign of mass media "joke or negative" articles about blacks since that would lead to someone being fired. However doing such about whites is relatively safe. Technically I suppose that is discrimination. (Did you think the Super Bowl 51 pre-game select honoring of ~ 30 black only old players from HBCU colleges was racist?)

      I'm not sure about central conspiracy theory regarding "blocking" power transfer from large political parties to successful independents. I like Steve Bannon's comment about the anti Trump/ Bannon media frenzy is due to revenge payback on him for whistle blowing on the TARP investment banking meltdown scam years ago. It sounds believable to me considering how wide spread, irrationally passionate and inaccurate so many new agencies have been against the trump team.

    • jman00001 profile image

      jman00001 11 months ago from Texas

      Oztinato, I see that you still are non responsive to the questions regarding redflag and other groups you apparently align with your position against our new president.

      The main news groups like Buzzfeed are pro-Clinton/ anti-Trump. That group is OPENLY anti-white racist. See link ( ) Therefore should people assume you (and those agreeing with you) are in alignment with both redflag & buzzfeed?

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 11 months ago from Australia


      that's clinical paranoid thought.

    • jman00001 profile image

      jman00001 12 months ago from Texas

      Dear Oztinato, my question to you was clear about your in Australia that is "passionately" anti- Trump. RedFlag org is pro-hate, pro (Sharia law) muslim, pro socialist and pro-marxist per their website AND most notably PRO-CLINTON.

      The point I am making is asking why do liberal democrats, and USA press, Support and AGREE with groups like RedFlag?

      We have all heard " the enemy of my enemy is my friend" philosophy.

      Redflag is clearly an enemy of the USA & its Constitution and democratic principals. Redflag is clearly pro Stalin -Castro - Chávez and possibly anti -women rights. So if they are against Trump shouldn't rational Americans stand up and support newly elected President Trump ?

      My hubs main point was regarding the HIDDEN reason for the anti Trump protests was to simply scare off future business leaders from "pulling a Trump" and running for major political office. This concept of USA leadership by proven leaders versus career liars (politicians) is bipartisan. Are you willing to comment on that?

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 12 months ago from Australia

      I think there would be many groups protesting.

      What a disaster to stop fighting climate change for example. Every green group on the planet is protesting.

      Now banning birth control instructions to needy people. Lots of groups protesting there.

      Befriending "Putin the poisoner" of his enemies? Count Vlad? Lots of other groups protesting there too.

      Taunting the disabled has also attracted other disparate groups.

      The list is endless.

    • jman00001 profile image

      jman00001 12 months ago from Texas

      Oztinato, I see that you are listed as from Australia. Are you familiar with the anti trump protest group REDFLAG?

      As noted by USA media, Redflag group is strongly against Trump while pro Clinton. Redflag is also clearly pro socialist and pro marxist per their website. Do you have any comment?

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 12 months ago from Australia

      Plain old commonsense tells us all to protest vigorously against a potential dictator emerging in the USA.

      Getting rid of fighting climate change affects the entire planet.