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Mastering the Paradox

Updated on October 24, 2011

Mastering the Paradox of Gangstalking

     So it comes down to this:  only the UP-BEAT, HAPPY, UN-IRRITABLE, NON-AGGRESSIVE, Positive people survive this new age of Reversed-Darwinism.  What is being targeted are MOODS AND MENTAL TENDENCIES LIKE:  AGGRESSIVENESS, DISRESPECT FOR THAT WHICH IS FOR LACK OF A BETTER WORD, "DORKY", FRUSTRATION, ANGER, IRRITABILITY AND RESENTMENT.  We are primarily spotted and "hunted" by being in these states of mind.  The MOMENT we STOP these thoughts/feelings/behaviors, our stalkers will almost completely stop harassing us.  The key is to "get positive" and maintain this positivity any time we are given a chance.  When you achieve this positive mental state, you have RISEN ABOVE this trap designed to catch "mean people".  The ears ring less, the stalkers taunts stop, the somatic pain stops and we are FREE to go about our POSITIVE EXISTENCE. 

     I say Positive because there are so many traits that make up this mental state:  1.  A good mood 2.  Patience 3.  Passiveness 4.  Non-Violence 5.  a Non-critical attitude and 6. a Friendly attitude towards others.  If it isn't your genetic luck to be like this.......join the club.  Millions of years of evolving have favored the very opposite traits than those just described.  It was said that "He who is first will become last".........and this is indeed what has taken place.  Through advances in technology, our society has developed a means of targeting, punishing, even REPROGRAMMING  people for being what was considered to be completely natural just 20 years ago.  This might sicken you.........but get ahold of it and "rise above the darkness".  Only by making a great many changes to how you approach this world will you survive this century. 

     First:  know that your survival is the only revenge you have at this moment.  Secondly, know that by expressing these "negative emotions" or thoughts that you lay yourself open to being REPROGRAMMED to be someone who will possess even less freedom that you now have.  Whenever one of US (natural, un-programmed, emotionally ordinary beings) escapes the net of "social programming", the more frustrated the-powers-that-be become.  They hate it when someone who might become a future 1.  Social Reformist,  2.  Rebel  3.  Informant or 4.  Even a "Cool Person" escapes their mighty grip.  Lastly, if you are reading this and can still THINK FOR YOURSELF........know that this might just save you from mental slavery.  I do not have the electronic expertise to explain how this system works, but I can tell you from personal experience that it exists AND that it catches just about anyone not as pure as the driven snow and meek as a kitten.  What I'm going to show you is how to "cheat" this system in every possible way so that you can survive. 

     Know that I have risen from barely surviving a devious plot to turn me into the very opposite of everything I once stood for:  masculinity, aggressiveness, social-undesirability and sex.  At some point, I was actually given the impression that I was being pushed out of my own body and replaced by a female personality.  When these people say "go away", they aren't talking geographically, they are talking mentally.  You can psychologically-assault a person to the point that they are "switched out" into pretty much the opposite personality than they once were.  Some appear almost dependent on an outside-source to tell them where to walk.  Were it not possible to have people controlled to this degree, gangstalking would be impossible.  Nobody would have the utter selfless conformity to be exactly at the right time and place to bother you in the specific way gangstalkers do were it not for utter conformity to an outside source. 

      So here's what 5-6 years of intense electronic-harassment and gangstalking have taught me:  1.  You do NOT want to lose THAT MUCH of your natural freedom  2.  You are only harassed when you actually FEEL NEGATIVELY.  The moment you stop feeling:  angry, frustrated or afraid - the stalking/E-harassment diminishes dramatically.  It's like being entombed in environmental "irritants"/somatic pain and subliminal psychological misery UNTIL you are able to CHANGE HOW YOU FEEL.  If you can make yourself feel REALLY POSITIVE despite what you are experiencing, the system lets go.  If you can stretch out this Emotional Positivity,  they will keep on leaving you alone.  3.  A POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARDS YOUR IMMEDIATE ENVIRONMENT IS YOUR SECURITY BLANKET TO OVERCOMING A RECURRENCE OF THIS HARASSMENT. 

      Treat your entire environment as something that can read your mind and reflect your feelings back upon you.  Usually your "feedback" is dramatically amplified, ESPECIALLY IF YOUR thoughts are aggressive or especially negative.  I'm not saying whether mind-reading is possible or not, just that behavior stemming from this apparent "knowledge" REALLY GIVES YOU AN EDGE THESE DAYS. 

     Now, BREAKING OUT from under your electronically-based/group-psychology-based misery means not thinking of a positive attitude as something that comes from ones present or past existence.  This is a "Transformation" all right, it's YOUR OWN decision to get a positive attitude despite years of previous misery.  It's all your mental energy focused into a MOMENT OF TIME.  Learn to laugh at the smallest things despite the apparently "gloomy" life-circumstance you WERE stuck in.  You've got to not let what anyone might think have any bearing whatsoever on your mood.  The fact is that many will call you:  "Blind",  "Lame", even "Retarded" for dropping out of this "misery play" you are surrounded by.  You must have NO SHAME WHATSOEVER. 

     Now do it!  Think WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET YOU TO FEELING HAPPY.  Focus on the JOVIALITY of whatever this may be.  I often must wait for hours for my first laugh of the day.  This is when your day actually begins.  You give yourself permission to manipulate yourself through any interpretation of reality you can invent.  Hey - better your own lies than their "Illusion of Sadness/Despair/Irritation" lies.  When they say "Life is what you make it!", that goes double these days.  Manufacture whatever reality that brings you joy......anything.  Just thinking "everything is normal" is the easiest one to manufacture because it actually is true.  There's still a world out there, you are merely surrounded by these "Negativity-Hunters" who seek your:  frustration, rage, fear or violent intent.  There's no Law saying they cannot stalk you and there's no Law against you thinking whatever you have to to get along with these people!

     The happiness of the moment you have created must then be used to mentally beautify your own sphere of "near people".  The more joy you extend to your environment, the easier it gets.  I've gone so far as to believe that my stalkers were my old classmates, then joking about with them just as though this were the case.  This self-manufactured "hyper-joy" should be extended as long as possible.  This way, your body starts manufacturing neurotransmitters and hormones associated with being happy.  This not only makes you happier, it makes you HEALTHIER.  When certain people IMPLY or call you:  "Lame",  "Crazy".......whatever, view this as a SIGN OF PROGRESS BECAUSE IT IS.  You have begun to master the art of MENTAL COMPENSATION for an ARTIFICIALLY DISPIRITING ENVIRONMENT.  Instead of:  getting angry, getting frustrated, thinking very hostile thoughts YOU ARE BREAKING OUT OF THIS "CYCLE OF SYNTHETIC MISERY". 


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    • MOEFLATS profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Dear Rae,

      They represent a phenomenon known as "social programming". They are a "secret club" that has "eaten" 90 percent of society at least. I question their motives because they try to directly invade the mind when you are feeling "down" or weakened from their attacks.

      People could be responding by shutting off their emotions - but everyone I know is "in". They are out to FORCE people to function as one unit. I get by because I spent the first 17 years of life completely detached from social life anyway. Learning to go back to living like I was in High School wasn't so difficult. It was only during a period of "golden years' that I ran about and frolicked with the free (who were everywhere). Now - like the Buffalo: free-minded, REAL people seem to have gone extinct.

      Man do they try to get "in". They even gave a most convincing "near death experience". If they cannot get in, they'll back off if you are more or less "nice". I have a feeling that we can actually be more in this world by seeing ourselves as "The Master". Sometimes, they will be pulling and prying on your brain to the extent that you must BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE THE MASTER OF REALITY.

      Video games were cool at first, because as long as I thought that I controlled reality - I could really kick ass. Unfortunately, they made it a point to control that particular aspect of my environment to be less rewarding. Know that even if you cannot always make your environment do what you say that you are still "The Master" of reality. Believe this and you will be able to get a lot more things done.

      You are correct about the zombie-like behavior. I've seen it.......I think that they act like that to make us think that they are all controlled by one huge computer (what else could). It is very possible that these "zomblie people" could all be killed by simply hitting a switch on the computer. The U.S. has been REALLY into prophecy-fulfillment of the Bible. This may very well be what their version of "Armageddon" will look like, people dropping lifelessly to the ground because they are no longer receiving those messages (binaural beats, sounds like ear-ringing). In this case, many may have tragically been killed in a "Synthetic-Telepathic-Apocalypse" and we are all waiting for this event to take place.

      They call us survivors and there is a good reason for that: it hasn't been easy to "keep IT out" or deal with the cruelties at the hands of these "machine-people". Either way, never give up. If you ever feel something trying to wrestle control of your mind from you: grab an I-Pod and listen to SELF-SELECTED MUSIC. If they ever start playing the refrain from a song over and over again: it means that they are going to try and trick your body into "dying". Same cure: grab an I-Pod, FOCUS on nothing else but the music, take a teaspoon of Kratom (red-veined only, it truly will stop a "psychological break-in-attempt" or "fake death attack". It wouldn't hurt to have Propranolol from an overseas pharmacy to kill the FEAR that they require to defeat you. Your body muscles will pull in all directions and your mind must ignore this barrage of "death feelings" to survive.

      Talking to you is awesome. I'd almost given up hope that there was anyone REAL left. Read my article on Karmic reflection. They are not allowed to physically harm you. if you are nice, they are nice to you. They can be very hard to understand. Mainly, it's like in the Bible: the more positive your attitude (even if you use medications to reach that positivity), the nicer your entire environment is to you. That's what they mean by "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth".

      NEVER run out of medication. The psychological/electronic attacks when I ran out have nearly destroyed my self-esteem and power to protect my mind from external suggestion. You build it all back up again. They know when we'll run out and they know the moment we are don't take too much medication just to heckle them and get away with it for the moment. If you come up short or are even about to come up short, they will psychologically attack you. Just take things like the combo 1 - one-milligram clonopin and three 5mg Abilify. This allows you to shut them out and feel extremely competent. See if you can get a script for Cymbalta. It (and Kratom) really help with "gangstalker body pain". heck - the symptoms MIMICK FIBROMYALGIA, and what do you know.......fibromyalgia drugs can really help. Their attacks mimick psychoses and Abilify works WONDERS!

      At some point we become extremely self-sufficient, self-contained beings because it KEEPS US SAFE. I think we are all really resource-limited, so it is hard to do anything big like buy an apartment and shield the walls with EMF-protective lining (Shield-It-Super). I live in Lincoln, NE......but would definitely be willing to try and get a place with people like us to "weather the storm". Until we come together, there's staying out of their reach......which can easily be done alone!

    • MOEFLATS profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Dear Rae,

      I am extremely socially-limited because I have Aspbergers's Syndrome. So much of this is like you speak with higher beings the first get so far up there that you question your own struggling. THEN it becomes a big pain because "they" think only as a collective-consciousness and hence are not very mentally-flexible. Taking Caffeine/Ritalin really helps your mind "step out of place" and become a bigger thing. To fully master the cycle, you shut down all your higher neurons any way you can get. It all starts so HIGH, then as you go down, you know for a fact that it's time to run for some Clonopin and take it with 6 5-milligram Abilify pills to return to the "non-trip" reality. After that, you take a really strong sleep-inducer. All this gives you a peak -behind-the- great cosmic-matrix and glimpse actual reality. Reality now banned by the state. Forget any shame in this gangstalking-business. They know everything and at some point, you choose to say "I Know you Know........and I don't care".......otherwise you'll look at yourself and see all these impurities, Amplified up to 5 million times. Man, that hurts. You must use this invisible force to make you smarter. It does, but the cost is CONTROL. You must stay in control. They'll call you every bad name in the book for this. "Cheater...."Connor", but they'll IMPLY it with commercial things like: making reference to a "chester cheetos". But you aren't truly evil. Ordinary people are supposed to flunk these tests. I'm here to help you have what I didn't have 7 years ago: information about what this is and how we can make a "heaven of Hell and a Hell of Heaven". Talk to you later,

      Thor Flatmoe

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Moeflats,I enjoy reading you blogs,they are interesting and helpful. I live and Work in Detroit,Michigan,and I was wondering if you noticed how different people look. It's as if they are walking Zombies. People are so mean and horribly cruel to each other and it seems as if that is the norm these day. I live my life the way you describe in your blogs and I swear its as if I'm the only one who gives a damn. I feel as if I may be the problem, but I know that is not the case. I am out numbered though. There are more people who chose to live their lives with cruelty, hatred, and just lack of respect for anyone else. It seems their life is easy but I struggle just to be able to walk out side without being attacked, and it has nothing to do with living in Detroit. It has spread to the suburbs and surrounding states. Where are the good people you describe here? Where is the help for the victims who are being stalked and tortured? You see the stalkers are so good they are untouchable. We can't even provide what they do. Why can't we gather for the good and defeat whatever the hell they are. I have had to move out of two apartments because someone or persons will not allow me to live where I want. Being female who is being stalked is unbearable. I enjoy your blogs because they provide my spirit with some much needed relief, and I am thankful for you. I guess what I'm trying to say it more needs to be done because people are suffering and they don't even know why or where to ask for help. Can you write more blogs for Women going through this. Thank you....Rae


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