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Materialism Does Not Equal Joy

Updated on November 29, 2015

Debt Statistics

The Simple Dollar reported in 2015 - The average American household owes $7,281 in credit card debt.

Fortune reported - The average U.S. household, by comparison, owed $204,992 in mortgages, credit cards, and student loans in mid-2015 on a median household income of $55,192, according to data compiled by Sentier Research.

Black Friday Fights

Every year there is a black Friday situation that unfolds. Adults turning savage, prone to violence, and willing to harm anyone in their way. What is this new behavior with the need to obtain possessions at any cost regardless of who we have to hurt in the process? What’s frightening is most of the people involved in these altercations are parents. They are supposed to set an example of how to conduct yourself in society for the benefit of their children.

Somehow we are missing the simple things in life. While it is important to financially secure your future for yourself and your family, money is not everything. Wealth gives people a sense of false security and often is obtained at the expense of spending time with family and enjoying life. It seems we have moved away from the Norman Rockwell American way of life and have moved towards pursuing wealth accumulating debt and compromising spending time with our families and compromising our health. We give children so many material possessions but how much time do we spend with children to talk to them, determine how they are developing as individuals, and reinforce they are cherished in your life? The desire for materials cannot give joy, health, or peace of mind. Materials do not replace the need and experience for love.

You cannot buy a plant, sit it away from sunlight and never water it and expect it to live simply because you acquired it. So why do we take this premise with the people most valued in our lives? You can’t have a marriage and believe because you make money this can replace being alone, absent from the home, neglect, and lack of bonding between you and your partner. You can’t have children and shovel them left and right so you can work 2 jobs so you can buy expensive vehicles or a home above your material level then expect them to become healthy well-rounded individuals. The latest technology can’t replace rich random conversation with your parents or siblings. The best clothes can’t replace you taking time to talk to them and determine what’s important in life.


True or False-Money can't buy love

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Family -Priceless

What Matters

Think of your happiest memories in life I doubt most of them revolve around material possessions. For the joy of obtaining that purse, shoes, watch, etc. is a temporary high and leads to the next possession you want but never a sense of completion of your desires. If you have the wealth to do what you want you still need to make time to water your plant and place it by the sunlight and talk to your plants.

Think about it. What are some of the memories you hold dearest to your heart? Do they involve obtaining materials or the experience of others?

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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Money can't buy love or happiness. Most people think money is everything. I don't! A very interesting hub.


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