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Mattel's Mexican Barbie Promotes Diversity

Updated on April 12, 2013

Mexican Barbie is Not Offensive

Mattel is the world's top selling toy company. It has been making toys such like Barbies for decades. However, Mattel was criticized this week because some say that its Mexican Barbie doll inaccurately portrays Mexicans.

The Mexican doll features a Barbie with a long pink dress, a passport and a Chihuahua under her arm. The Mexican doll is one of 100 dolls in Mattel's Dolls of the World product line. While the Mexican doll was described as reinforcing stereotypes about Mexicans, I believe Mattel's effort to portray different ethnicities can help young girls see that there is not one standard of beauty. This can also decrease their desire for things like plastic surgery and decrease eating disorders. White Barbies with big breasts and long legs were the only thing that young girls could buy and play with. People have long criticized this Barbie as being unrealistic and the introduction of the ethnic Barbie dolls were largely meant to satisfy the desires of consumers. The Mexican Barbie's passport has nothing to do with immigration.

In the past, Mattel was also criticized for Becky, a Barbie that was on wheelchairs.


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