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Maureen Dowd Heralds the Death of America!

Updated on December 19, 2012

The VD Effect

Maureen Dowd Heralds the Death of America!

The VD Effect

Charles J. Hunsinger

On December 8th the New York Times, the SPD propaganda arm or the Social Democratic Party of Germany, I am sorry; the United States published an Article authored by Maureen Dowd, entitled, “A Lost Civilization”. It should be noted that the SPD is in association with the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, as well as the Party of European Socialists and, of course, the Socialist International.

The high standard by which this articulation of hate machine works is called the V-Delta Agenda or, as its inner circle loving refers to it, the VD Effect of which, they are highly educated and practiced. This acronym stands for Vilify, Deceive, Demean, Denigrate and Dismiss. To thoroughly understand this philosophical style one needs to compare it to the writings of Adolph Hitler or even Martin Luther in his rants concerning Jews in his Table Talk, as published in 1566.

It is difficult to think of Martin Luther the Father of the Protestant faith, a Catholic monk and a respected theologian practicing the V-Delta Agenda of hate, but it does work. The result of Martins VD Effect was the fracturing of the Catholic Church, the Protestant Reformation and a series of brutal wars that savaged Europe and lasted almost 200 years. Maureen Dowd seems to be marching to the same drum beat of hate, as her words, sentiments echo those of the great spiritual mind of Martin, “What shall we Christians do now with this depraved and damned people of the Jews? ... I will give my faithful advice: First, that one should set fire to their synagogues. . . . Then that one should also break down and destroy their houses. . . . That one should drive them out the country." "Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but -- more frequently than not -- struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God." Martins words are almost 500 years old and the words of Dowd are fresh; vintaged, matured and wrapped in something called social justice and democracy, but hate is still hate and demagoguery is still demagoguery.

Some of the more noted and most famous of the alumni of this school of thought are such bright candles as Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Adolph Hitler was his boss, who was certainly a man of the world of which, he proudly attempted to destroy in the name of Social Justice and a Greater Good. Let us not forget those many bright and glowing flames like, John Dewey, a great American educator, Uncle Joe Stalin and his hero, the one and only Karl Marx and side kick Vladimir Lenin. There are just so many burning wicks it is difficult to name them all. I might reference you, if interested in finding out who these glowing flames might be, to a listing of American political representatives, Democratic and Republican over the last, say 80 years if you have an opportunity for discovery. Did I forget, perhaps, one of the larger wicks in the bundle of VD adherents, Old FDR and his most loving protégé O.

Enough about mostly past VD proponents and those who have spread the joy of contagion; let us focus on a, “Lost Civilization’, by that VD (V-Delta Agenda) vocalist Maureen Dowd, an accomplished puppet of a master ventriloquist .

In all honesty it is difficult to hold Ms Dowd responsible for her ranting in this Article, after all we are being schooled that females are simply women and in that, they are victims of a higher power, a male. One recent notable example of this exploited innocence was Susan Rice, our UN Ambassador, who was criticized unfairly because she was female and Black. Obviously, as a female and a Black, she was incapable of intellectually defending her position.

Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain was most certainly capable of defending herself, as well as Golda Meir, former Prime Minister of Israel; females, who were the epitome of strength. Perhaps, it is only American women who are puppets of a higher power.

In her Article Ms Dowd complains of eating to much corn; whether it was on the cob or out of a can is unclear, but such consumption may account for her irritability, as noted in this Article. She says her mother warned her that such a rabid consumption of corn lead to the decline of the Incas. Ms Dowd not wanting to waste this great insight and wisdom pointed out that the Republican Party was doomed, as were the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs; because of corn? She qualifies that somewhat to exclude female Republicans from annihilation saying that, and this is where we see the first application of the VD Effect, “the GOP universe of arrogant, uptight, entitled, bossy, retrogressive white guys.” will suffer the corn prediction of her mother.

Ms. Dowd predicts that at some point in the distant future archaeologists will find evidence of the GOP, perhaps, “in the ruins of the Ronald Reagan Library.” Perhaps, 200 years from now when the United States Constitution and the American Flag are found buried under the new shrine of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner and others embracing the United Nations Charter and the Communist Manifesto. This, of course, will be the only new structure. The rest of the landscape will appear, as war torn and ravaged. People will be reduced to prowling the debris littered streets, illiterate, starving, scavenging for any morsel of crumb, any degree of warmth, civility or semblance of the sanity once found in a bygone era and the words, “We The people” now buried deep under the burden of collectivistic elitism and Marxist Socialism. This scene should not be strange, as we see a snap shot of our future on the streets of Detroit MI. and we were warned of it in the novel and movie, “1984” by George Orwell.

Ms Dowd speaks to and heralds the death of the GOP and in that lauds the treasonous destruction of the United States Constitution. If only she possessed the character and strength of her intellectual position to actually say that, but rather she is only endowed with the tools of the V-Delta Agenda, perhaps forced upon her by a superior male; puppets and windup toys, Susan Rice and Howdy Doody.

Will Durant, one of the great philosophical minds of American history was a prolific writer and thinker. Of the many works of his manufacture, perhaps, “The Story of Civilization” is his most famous. It is a little ironic that Ms. Dowd would quote such an American icon with any note of credibility, but she does. As she refers to the GOP and in that America, as a ‘Lost Civilization’ she quotes Durant; “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has been destroyed from within.” I believe that Ms Dowd is now speaking of the Democratic Party and those Republican associates, as the conquerors, destroyers from within. “There is nothing in socialism that a little age or a little money will not cure.” , is another quote from Durant, perhaps if Ms Dowd had not gluttonized herself with whole kernels of corn she would have read further and achieved a greater understanding of who she was quoting.

As one who holds dearly to an Atheistic philosophy of existence, I have minor problems with Durant’s insistence of a religious good, belief in a supernatural being. This minor objection is far outweighed by the admiration and appreciation for his great intellectual depth and grasp of the human animal.

As I hold dear, as did Durant, the greatness of the American ideals of freedom; I to hold in disdain and disgust, as did Durant the tyranny of the socialism that held Russia and now holds America hostage to its own freedoms, that demoralizes and divides, that saps from its beating heart the life blood of its existence.

This is the, “destroyer from within”. This is the sentiment and the drum beat of the Dowds, the V-Delta Agenda of Luther, Marx, and Roosevelt and our own democratically elected government.

To close there is nothing I can say that speaks more eloquently, forcefully to the arrival of hate, fear, guilt, division, poverty and despair, socialism, than the words of Will Durant in this excerpt from his, “This I Believe” from the Will Durant Foundation.

“I was a Socialist in my youth and sympathized with the Soviet regime until I visited Russia in 1932. What I saw there led me to deprecate the extension of that system to any other land. Experience and history have taught me the instinctive basis and economic necessity of competition and private property. I’m not so fanatical a worshipper of liberty as some of my radical or conservative friends; when liberty exceeds intelligence it begets chaos; which begets dictatorship. We had too much economic liberty in the later nineteenth century due to our free land and our relative exemption from external danger. We have too much moral liberty today, due to increasing wealth and diminishing religious belief. The age of liberty is ending under the pressure of external dangers; the freedom of the part varies with the security of the whole.”


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    • profile image

      chapbetsy 4 years ago

      Mr. Hunsinger explains this issue in the most helpful way. There are so many things tied together in this socialist plan of our government that it is often hard to denote them individually without sounding like an alarmist. This, I'm sure, is also part of their plan. So far, I can see that the plan includes and has captured education, political parties, corporation regulations and means of production, healthcare, what we eat, where we live, private property rights, etc, etc, etc. It is most helpful to read about one issue and yet understand that there are many, many issues tied together.