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May hits back at Sturgeon

Updated on March 17, 2017

Theresa May in answer to Nicola Sturgeon asking for another Scottish Referendum has flatly said a big no, not at this time. It would appear May who Nicola Sturgeon accuses of not even wanting to discuss IndyRef2 has decided with Brexit going on now is not the time to be talking about Scottish independence.

Theresa May has accused Sturgeon of being "obsessed" with a Scottish Referendum and has said the nationalistic politics of the SNP or Scottish Nationalist party is divisive. May outlined she would do all she could to preserve quote the "precious, precious" union of the UK at all costs.

Speaking to Welsh Conservatives in Cardiff Mrs May accused the SNP of being in a muddle and that the break-up of the UK would be a bad thing. Meanwhile, Nicola Sturgeon has said how can Mrs May go against the democratic wishes of the Scottish people who voted in the SNP on an independence ticket. Of course, not all Scots did vote for the SNP on an independence ticket but those that did Sturgeon is saying that May is putting herself at odds with those voters. Sturgeon went on that for May to be doing this is "unsustainable" and cannot be a very "comfortable" position to be in.

One idea put forward was that Nicola Sturgeon could call an independence vote without the permission of Theresa May but that was quickly and legally quashed. It will take at least two years for the UK as a whole to disentangle itself from the EU and then it is thought May may hold referendum negotiations with Sturgeon and the SNP then.

Deputy SNP leader Angus Robertson who represents the SNP at Westminister said despite what Theresa May has said a Scottish referendum will happen at some stage.

Nicola Sturgeon with slogan
Nicola Sturgeon with slogan | Source
Theresa May and slogan
Theresa May and slogan | Source

Brief Bio of Angus Robertson


1) Born Angus Struan Carolus Robertson

2) Dob: 28th September 1969

3) MP for Moray, Scotland

4) Deputy leader of the SNP

5) Known as Scotland's hardest working MP

6) Elected to Parliament in 2001

7) Graduate of Aberdeen University

8) Worked for a while as journalist

9) Joined the SNP at 15 in 1984

10) Was given an SNP leaflet by Charlie Reid of The Proclaimers

11) Was accused of excessive spending on items like a bed, a television and other goods when claiming his expenses in Parliament.

12) Married to Jennifer Dempsie who worked as a former advisor to previous SNP Leader and previous First Minister of Scotland (before Nicola Sturgeon) Alex Salmond


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