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May knew about missile test

Updated on January 24, 2017
Former Prime Minister David Cameron
Former Prime Minister David Cameron | Source
Current Prime Minister Theresa May
Current Prime Minister Theresa May | Source

What Theresa May knew or did not know about the Trident missile launched by British sub HMS Vengence off the coast of Florida has been open to question. On 'The Andrew Marr Show' on Sunday morning Theresa May side stepped questions about the missile launch leading to some to believe there had been a cover up.

The missile mishap happened weeks before Parliament agreed to re - new Trident missile system costing in the region of £40 billion. It happened when David Cameron was still Prime Minister and although the British people were not told about the missile someone in the American government apparently leaked the information to the British press about what took place. The missile not carrying a warhead was fired by HMS Vengence but misfired and the missile self destructed at sea thus no one was in harms way as Michael Fallon the British Defence Secretary confirmed yesterday in Parliament. Fallon in questions from Labour and other opposition parties said discussing what happened to the missile was out of bounds as regards discussing military information on the floor of the House of Commons.

You can understand people's anger at the fact of a cover up but in another way a cover up would be beneficial to the British and American governments (as both countries operate the missile) as the UK and US's enemies might seek to make hay if they found a western missile had faults. If however the missile is faulty and there is a major flaw with this missile we could be spending £40 billion on a dud weapon.

A Downing Street communique on behalf of Theresa May today indicated that Mrs May knew about the missile but the communique did not speak about Theresa May knowing if the missile had self destructed or not.

Short history of Trident

1) Trident missile launches from nuclear sub

2) Developed by Lockheed Missiles and Space Corporation

3) Missile carries thermo - nuclear warhead

5) Both the US and UK have the missile in their arsenals. 14 US nuclear subs carry the missile and 4 UK ones

6) Missile named after the God Neptune's fork like weapon

7) Missile to be updated by US so in can remain in service to 2040

8) Cost of the Trident programme to the US has been $39.5 billion in 2011 and $70 million per missile

The God Neptune

The water God Neptune whose weapon Trident has given its name to the nuclear missile
The water God Neptune whose weapon Trident has given its name to the nuclear missile | Source


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