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May Meets Netanyahu

Updated on February 12, 2017
May meets Netanyahu on step of 10 Downing Street
May meets Netanyahu on step of 10 Downing Street | Source
Missiles launches in Iran
Missiles launches in Iran | Source

With the Israeli - Palestinian peace talks seemingly dead in the water Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived at Theresa May's door today for discussion which will no doubt cover this topic. However other topics will also be up for discussion namely trade deals between Israel and the UK once the UK has left the European Union.

Theresa May is making it her calling to do trade deals post Brexit with her flying to the US to be the first political leader to meet Donald Trump and then on to Turkey to meet Erdogan. So it will be with Netanyahu and May has met three strongmen who she wants trade deals with it seems namely Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu and Recep Tayyip Erdogan who represent strong, powerful and key players on the world stage.

Netanyahu has said he will urge May to also impose or support sanctions on Iran after it test fired missiles a few days ago. Iran despite the sanctions by Trump which will target key Iranian individuals or companies said it will carry on regardless of the sanctions with missile testing and for the moment it seems despite Trump saying he will rip up the Iranian nuclear deal this has not happened yet.

Netanyahu has always said Iran is a threat to the Middle East, Israel and the wider world and will no doubt be emphasizing this today in his meeting with May. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has urged May to hold her ground in support of Palestinian rights and will not be meeting the Israeli leader on this occasion.

Israel has ordered the building of 3,000 more homes on the West Bank which the world regards as illegal but none the less Israel carries on building on what is regarded as occupied land. The more buildings that are built on the West Bank the less and less likely it is that there will be a Palestinian state living alongside Israel in peace and security as was the mantra with the Oslo Agreement.

Iran's Khomeini

Father of the Iranian Revolution Ruhollah Khomeini
Father of the Iranian Revolution Ruhollah Khomeini | Source

Iranian Revolution and Imam Khomeini

1) Khomeini born 24 September 1902

2) Place of birth was Khomeyn, Persian Empire

3) Was married to Khadijeh Saqafi from 1929 - 1989

4) Died 3 June 1989 Tehran

5) Attended the holy city of Qom in Iran for his education

6) When he became an Ayatollah later on became harsh critic of the Iranian Shah

7) Shah's regime fell and Khomeini who had been exiled in France and Iraq returned to Iran by plane

8) Became a Lenin like figure in the fact he was father of the revolution in 1978 - 79

9) Held referendum if the people wanted an Islamic Republic and the people voted yes

10) Iran took American hostages for days but were eventually released

11) Saddam in Iraq attacked Iran in 1980 thinking the revolution had weakened Iran

12) Iraqis initially successful but Iran rallied and kicked off the Iran - Iraq war which lasted from 1980 - 88

13) The war was the bloodiest conflict since WWI

14) Iran started to lose the war when the Americans got involved

15) Iran sued for peace in 1988 and Khomeini said it was a bitter pill to swallow

16) People turned out on en mass for his funeral

17) Khomeini succeeded by Ayatollah Khamenei

18) Children: Mostafa, Zahra, Sadiqeh, Farideh, Ahmad

19) Khomeini was a Shia Muslim

20) Belonged to Islamic Republic Party

Current Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Successor to Khomeini
Successor to Khomeini | Source


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