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May to meet Trump on Friday

Updated on January 22, 2017
New President Donald John Trump
New President Donald John Trump | Source
Prime Minister Theresa May
Prime Minister Theresa May | Source

With Trump calling Theresa May his new 'Maggie' Trump must obviously be thinking he is the new Ronald Reagan. Will history repeat itself as May and Trump as confirmed on BBC1's 'Andrew Marr Show' are to meet on Friday continuing where Reagan and Thatcher left off?

Back in the 80's Reagan and Thatcher were two of the most controversial leaders hated by many as much they were loved. Parallels between Winston Churchill and Donald John Trump have also been made and there are similarities between the two with Churchill back in the day making statements that would seem Fascistic and racist in today's politically correct climate.

So with May meeting Trump on Friday all being well what one wonders will be discussed between the two. The meeting is to take place at the White House and no doubt the meeting will discuss NATO, trade, the Russians, Islamic State and other affairs of state. But it appears May will be frank in her conversation with Trump about women's rights as May attacked Trump's statement about women last year and also what he said about Muslims and the fact he said London in places is a no go area. Trump may be equally frank with her and that may bode well for the so called 'special relationship' as friends even best friends have to say things to each other they may not like as was the case with Ronnie and Maggie.

May has also said she will welcome a visit from Trump to the UK in the near future and a visit will be arranged to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen. Trump will also meet no doubt London's Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan and obviously they will smile before the cameras but what their meeting will be like behind closed doors will be another thing. Also no doubt Trump will get to meet the leader of her Majesty's Official Opposition Jeremy Corbyn who may be Prime Minister in 2020 and Corbyn and Trump although from different political ideologies have much in common as mavericks.

500,000 took part in the 'Pink Pussy Hat' march in Washington yesterday protesting Trump and his statement about women and things he has said. 100,000 marched in London yesterday too against Trump and in other towns and cities through out the world. So called celebs like Madonna got involved but what are the celebs there for? Are they actually in support of the people marching or are they are there to look in tune with one opinion of the people about Trump to say "Look at me I'm down with ordinary folks".

The world has witnessed an earthquake in political change with Brexit and now Trump in the White House and other populist leaders of the right were in Koblenz, Germany yesterday like Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders for a meeting. They all pledged to work together with Trump and UKIP's example being like a beacon to them as the AFD from Germany, Le Pen for France and Wilders for the Netherlands and other populist leaders in other countries want to achieve success at the ballot box.

Frauke Petry of the AFD
Frauke Petry of the AFD | Source

Bio of the AFD

1) Founded in 2013 as an anti - immigration and anti - EU party

2) Leaders were Frauke Petry and Jorg Meuthen but after squabbles Petry now leader

3) Held first convention in 2013 in Berlin

4) Many ex - Christian Democrats members of the party

5) Has members in the German Parliament and EU Parliament

6) Has discussed an alliance with the UK's UKIP

7) Part of Conservatives and Reformists group in EU Parliament

8) Considers itself middle class and Conservative

9) Has links with anti - Muslim group Pegida

10) Is currently in meeting in Koblenz, Germany with other right of center of parties from other countries


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