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McCain and Graham: A Reasonable Pair

Updated on March 3, 2017

A Review and Comment on Town Hall Meeting with John McCain and Lindsay Graham

I watched the town hall meeting with Senator McCain and Senator Graham on CNN.

Oh if the citizens had only seen fit to nominate and elect one of these men for President. But those who elected Mr Trump seemed disgusted with Washington Insiders and voted to "Throw the Rascals Out".

However, i thought senators McCain and Graham presented knowledgeable, reasonable and responsible answers to questions posed by members of the audience and the moderator.

Some things that the discussed were most disturbing such as Mr. Trump's proposal to significantly cut funds from the State Department. Mr Graham called our diplomats our "Soft Force" and pointed out that we cannot win the war against ISIS with military force alone. After a military victory we must help these countries rebuild, educate their youth and build an economy. What happens after the military victory is just important as the military victory. We defeated Sadam Hussian's regime in Iraq, but did not have a viable post victory plan and we've been bogged down in Iraq ever since.

A case in point is WWI. The allies after the military victory were so intent on punishing Germany that they drove the country into economic and political chaos. The Germans were left with no jobs, no food and saddled with enormous reparations. And who stepped forward into the chaos? Hitler and the Nazi party. And who has stepped forward in Iraq and other Middle Eastern Countries: ISIS. The Trump Administration has got to think these thing through and consider the history of the region and the culture before we go blundering into the quicksand of protracted war,

In addition, the Trump administration is so intent on repealing the Affordable Care Act that they don't realize the impact on the millions who now have health care who did not have it before and who stand to lose it if the replacement of the Act is not well thought out. Even Mr. Trump has made the comment that he did not realize how complicated heath care was. Do we really want to see the millions of people who did not have health care before the ACA return to "Not Covered".

I hope that Mr. Trump and his advisers will consider the advise and counsel of men like Senator McCain and Senator Graham.We do not want Mr. Trump to have an unsuccessful presidency. That would lead to more war, economic recession, a less healthy population and a sense of anxiety and depression throughout the country.

George Calvert


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