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Strong Men

Updated on October 17, 2016


In a nation that legally sanctions men lying in bed with men as though they were in bed with a woman; in a nation that legally affirms women marrying women as though they were procreating with a man; in a nation that pockets exorbitant amounts of wealth from the selling of heterosexual, as well as homosexual, sexual acts; in a nation that allows its elite to escape criminal punishment for its sexual offenses; can we really expect for any morally sane society to take our disdain for Donald Trump seriously? First, let me say, I do not condone Mr. Trump's words or his alleged deeds but I don't think the man is any more guilty than Former President Bill Clinton, Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Former Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy; Former President John F. Kennedy, Former Presidential Candidate, Civil Rights Leader, Push/Rainbow Coalition Founder Reverend Jessie Jackson or the Former Pastor of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church & Assistant Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, the 20th Century African American Civil Rights Guru Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. At first glance, these men all appeared to be strong but when the lights came on not a single one of them were strong enough to withstand the physical allure of the female anatomy.


There is a Jewish Apocalyptic story that describes a conversation between three of King Darius' personal bodyguards. Each of the guards was required to write down on a piece of paper an answer to the question what they felt was the world's strongest power. One guard wrote down that wine was the strongest. The guard then proceeded to justify his choice. The next guard wrote down that the King was the strongest. And just like the first guard, the second guard proceeded to justify his answer. But unlike the first two guards, the third guard gave a compound answer. He stated that women were the strongest and that truth was the victor over every situation. Allegedly Zerubbabel, the post-exilic Jewish Governor of Judea, was the guard who provided this answer. The following is an accounting of his answer.

Gentlemen, the emperor is certainly powerful, men are numerous, and wine is strong, but who rules and controls them all? It is women! Women gave birth to the emperor and all the men who rule over land and sea. Women brought them into the world. Women brought up the men who planted the vineyards from which wine comes. Women make the clothes that men wear; women bring honor to men; in fact, without women, men couldn't live. Men may accumulate silver or gold or other beautiful things, but if they see a woman with a pretty face or a good figure, they will leave it all to gape and stare, and they will desire her more than their wealth. A man will leave his own father, who brought him up, and leave his own country to get married. He will forget his father, his mother, and his country to spend the rest of his life with his wife. So you must recognize that women are your masters. Don't you work and sweat and then take all that you have earned and give it to your wives? A man will take his sword and go out to attack, rob and steal, and sail the seas and rivers. He may have to face lions or travel in the dark, but when he has robbed, stolen, and plundered, he will bring the loot home to the woman he loves. A man loves his wife more than his parents. Some men are driven out of their minds on account of a woman, and others become slaves for the sake of a woman. Others have been put to death, have ruined their lives, or have committed crimes because of a woman. So now do you believe me?“ The emperor's power is certainly great—no nation has the courage to attack him. But once I saw him with Apame, his concubine, the daughter of the famous Bartacus. While sitting at the emperor's right, she took his crown off his head, put it on her own, and then slapped his face with her left hand. All the emperor did was look at her with his mouth open. Whenever she smiles at him, he smiles back; and when she gets angry with him, he flatters her and teases her until she is in a good mood again. Gentlemen, if women can do all that, surely there can be nothing stronger in the world. The emperor and his officials just looked at one another.


Having astounded the King, as well as the King's entire entourage, with his wisdom, Zerubbabel takes his proposition one step further by proclaiming that truth was stronger than wine, kings, and women. In theory I agree with The First Lady when she made the following statement: "The men in my life do not talk about women like this. Strong men, men who are truly role models, don’t need to put down women for themselves to feel powerful." But in practice, men much stronger and much more influential than Donald Trump, have sexually exploited women and have used them as their personal concubines. These men may not have used the crude language that Donald Trump employed to describe his concept of men and women sexual interactions; nevertheless, they used their positons of power to obtain sexual favors from women who were not their spouses. Case in point, how about President Bill Clinton and his sexual affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Or how about Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick? And, as much as I admire Dr. King, what about his on-the-road sexual liaisons? Maybe Jack Kennedy's only sexual tirades accounted for the reason why he did not expose Dr.King's sexual trysts . Least we overlook the audacity of Reverend Jessie Jackson to come forth to offer spiritual counseling to President Bill Clinton while he himself was simultaneously committing adultery. Allegedly Jackson's adultery produced a Love Child. Zerubbabel was correct when he told the Persian King that truth was the strongest power in the universe.


Essentially, Donald Trump has three categories that he files women into: Pretty and desirable, ugly and undesirable or neither pretty, nor ugly, nor desirable. But Trump's filing system might be a filing system that is utilized by early every man in America. Filing systems to the side, the more significant issue is whether a sexually corrupt nation like the United States is ready to accept the sexually corrupt words and actions of a man like Donald Trump. If not, then the people of the United States need to reexamine the history of the sexual exploits of the very people whom they proudly endorse as being "STRONG MEN." Likewise, Americans need to reevaluate whether it is prudent to believe that a nation that approves of lascivious acts has the moral right to censor individuals whose language and behavior exemplify America's lasciviousness. I believe that the cosmos is the proprietor of the ultimate truth and I believe that that truth is not dependent upon man's temporal truth. As individuals reap the consequences of their thoughts and behaviors; I believe that America will one day reap the consequences of its legal statutes and immoral behaviors.


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