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Media Crazy

Updated on September 18, 2009

Media Crazy

“Tonight we feature a story about a murderer for hire, a wife that had enough and who seems like an innocent victim in her husbands murder, and a father that was convicted for the murder of his son… but was it him? But first this story about the banks and big oil and just where are your tax bail out dollars going?"

Ever feel like your head is spinning when you hear the news these days? Like everything seems to be taking a nose dive right into the abyss? I for one find myself avoiding or being totally enthralled in the news and media shows that grace our radios, televisions, and internet browsers. It’s either way to much or not enough and I like so many other people find myself captivated by the media monster, but how much of it actually trickles in to make any real difference in my life? There is something to being informed, but could it be that we are overloaded by it all? Is it really healthy for the psychology of the public to be exposed to so much information, or could it actually help to break down the fabric of society by making us less and less shocked by what we see?

It is a sort of desensitization that is being conducted on us by our want to be informed, I call it the rubber-neck effect where a person that sees an accident up ahead slows up traffic for miles behind them so they can get a better look at the carnage by slowing down as they pass the accident scene. But now this very thing is pumped over the airwaves into our cars, living rooms, and over the internet into our computer screens. We are rubber-necking the world as we watch it crash all around us. We are flooded by news about the deaths of celebrities, their lives and private issues, we are dragged into their bedrooms and into their scandals. Politicians and businessmen are put on trial for our entertainment and we sit back on our sofas and watch them all fall. People just like ourselves that have been caught up in the traps of life.

What does this mean for us as individuals? What are the consequences of our desensitization to the issues that storm around us from the constant barrage of images and negative news that fills our heads with so much disturbing fodder. We as individuals have a choice, a choice to fill our minds with these things or to turn off the negative views that are presented to us. The consequences are what we see around us everyday, a disconnect between one another. The more technology shrinks the world the greater the gap it builds between those that are closest to us. Turn off the news, turn off the television, give the consumerism a rest and take out a game, talk to your family, have dinner together… the point is to find fun in life and to reconnect with those around you, family and friends.

When you leave this world what you leave isn’t the issues, the wealth, and the physical pleasures of this world… when you leave this world the true treasure of life is in those that loved you and in how you made a difference in their life. That is the standard measure of a life worth lived.


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    • jiberish profile image

      jiberish 8 years ago from florida

      The last paragraph was beautifully put. Nice.