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Could Obama Be Hiding Behind BP Oil Spill?

Updated on April 25, 2011

On-Purpose Diversion to an Environmental Accident

It is my wonder if anyone was aware at all of a trial that took place last May of this year, 2010, at Columbia University with regards to President Obama's questionable United States citizenship as well as his attendance at the university among other allegations. Such trial was promoted by Pastor James David Manning of the ATLAH (All the Land Anointed Holy) World Missionary Church in New York City, New York.

Pastor Manning has been a controversially outspoken figure attacking President Obama's legitimacy in the Oval Office since his presidential campaign and thereafter. There are many YouTube videos in which his anti-Obama sermons have been very harsh and offensively personal.

However his abrasive approach may be in depicting President Obama, was Pastor Manning onto something of great informational value for the American public to know? The results of the trial held at Columbia advertised as CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial found President Obama guilty of all the accusations brought up by Pastor Manning. The university campus was swarmed by an invited crowd incited by Manning to witness the truth of the President being solidified by the damning guilty verdict.

Coincidentally, the BP (British Petroleum) spill happened the following April highlighting itself as the worst environmental disaster in history. It is with obvious reason that such an event is critically deserving of media attention the world over, but, how come the aforementioned trial did not make the news? It is with certainty that the BP fiasco was slapped on television screens and newspaper pages with President Obama stepping up as the one to chastise and make the oil giant accountable and responsible. There is that heroic connotation stapled to it just as with the attacks of 9/11 where former President Bush rallied around the battle-scarred, dust-covered firefighters and police officers with intent on vengeance.

Just what were the charges that Pastor Manning presented at the trial of President Obama? The following is a verbatim transcript of what Pastor Manning brought up against him as well the evidence that found him guilty at such.


Transcript of Pastor Manning's Charges Against Obama

"I am James David Manning, Senior Pastor of the ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem, New York. I am also the originator of the Columbia-Obama trials scheduled for the 14th of May; the year 2010. Due to the growing threatening circumstances surrounding this trial, I must now release the full transcript we wish to present, document and prove at the Columbia-Obama trial later this year.

Obama was recruited in 1980 by the CIA while a student at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. The CIA needed Muslims who were fluent in Farsi and of the Islamic customs and understandings. Obama was perfect as an under-cover agent. The CIA then later enlisted Columbia University to extend its foreign student program to Barack Hussein Obama that he might enroll in the universities around Karachi and in Pakistan and also the Patrice Lumumba School in Moscow. With a perfect cover and a US student identity, Obama became the lead agent in the arms and money supply to the struggling Taliban army against the Soviet war machine. Obama's cover was flawless and his skills as an agent incredible. He was more than integral to the Taliban victory later on that decade.

Now, I will be presenting documentation to all that I say here in this announcement, but it is public knowledge that Obama travelled to Pakistan in 1981. We don't know how often he travelled between Pakistan and Russia, or his return to America and back to Pakistan and back to Columbia University off and on during his undercover operation in Afghanistan training and being a money supplier and source and interpreter for the CIA to the Taliban during those war years.

The State Department records have been scrubbed and the State Department employee who scrubbed these records was killed to cover up the passport office break-in in April of 2008.  His name was Lieutenant Quarles Harris, a young African American who was found shot dead in front of the Judah House of Praise Baptist Church in Northeast Washington, DC.

Obama learned his Islamic language skills while he spent 6 years in Indonesia with his stepfather and mother, Lolo Soetoro. When he returned from his CIA assignment in the mid 80's he pressured the State Department to allow him to enter Harvard Law School.  He excelled at Harvard, became the editor of the Law Review where upon his graduation could have become a Supreme Court justice clerk, or a multi-million dollar salary would have been offered to him at America's best law firms.  Except for one thing, he did not have a legitimate background as a citizen, or a student from Occidental or Columbia University.  A diligent investigation by a personnel agency of a major law firm before hiring Obama would have revealed that he was not a US citizen and how could a "C" student go from Occidental College to America's 5th most difficult school to enter into, Columbia University, and then from there, 3 years later, enter into the world's most difficult law school, Harvard Law School.  And, so, what must a former CIA operative do when he cannot pass the personnel test? Obama becomes a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago where no background check was needed. his marriage to Michelle Robinson, a lawyer and connected Chicago politician, albeit, a convenient marriage, now gives him citizenship and the beginning of a solid background.

He takes a job at the same law firm where Michelle Robinson becomes his trainer and supervisor, a law firm that is heavily influenced by a small-time criminal named Tony Rezko. Michelle Robinson, again, controls the personnel records.  His hiring takes place without a hitch. When questions were raised during the 2008 campaign for presidency about his Columbia years, he spindles questions and the media by declaring himself to be an ascetic, a monk, even a hermit, going days on end without speaking, or interacting with anyone and he did not live on campus with the regular Columbia college students.

Today, Obama is a man who loves the limelight and can hardly tear himself away from any camera that he passes by, wants us to now believe that he was once a monk, a hermit with no interaction with anyone. Michael Wolfe, former MTA chairman, and graduate of Columbia says, and I quote, he remembers Obama as a 'very, very smart student and a great debater while he was at Columbia and he was very active in student activities.' Now, it appears that Michael Wolfe remembers things about Obama that Obama does not remember about himself. Fox News, during the 2008 campaign, and questions were raised about Obama Columbia years, interviewed more than 400 people on campus during the years of 1980 to 1984. Students, nurses, librarians, custodians, people within the environ, shop keepers alike, and they discovered in their investigation of the 400 people they questioned, not one of the 400 people remembers barrack Hussein Obama during his alleged Columbia years.

The Reagan, Bush Administration and the Bush 43 Administration they all know this about Obama as a CIA operative and his help to win the war there for the Taliban and Afghanistan during the Russian invasion. They just did not expect Obama to win the Iowa caucus. When he won that, there was no way they could assassinate him, remove him from the scene.  They had to allow him to march over the Clintons and over John McCain that he might be the President for whatever information he now holds, or interaction he holds with the Soviet Union and over the American people as a threat.

We as a government and as people are being held hostage by this former CIA operative, Barack Hussein Obama, who has heavy, heavy Muslim beliefs, Marxist politics, and has an intense hatred for this nation called America.

Now, at the trial, on 14th of may, I will document all of these statements that are not general public knowledge that I have stated today when they trial is finally enjoined, but as stated previously, I must, because of growing threatening circumstances, present my case to the American people now.

I'm James David Manning, senior pastor of the ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem and also the host of The Manning Report."


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    • jcm_blabs profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from My Bunker in the Midwest

      Could possible truths be stranger than the fiction we have been fed for years? Regardless of the sources' political affilitiations and/or religious faith, everything is worth checking into when it comes to our supposed elected officials. That's getting and having a life, Sir.

    • Bill Yovino profile image

      Bill Yovino 

      8 years ago

      Just another loud-mouthed Republican flunky, spouting unfounded rhetoric put forth by religious imbeciles and hypocritical false-prophets like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Get a life.

    • Marshall Hammond profile image

      Marshall Hammond 

      8 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Very interesting hub. I find almost everything Manning says is plausible, except I see no reason to believe that Obama has "heavy, heavy, muslim beliefs, and Marxist politics." Obama is a puppet, and he will hold whatever beliefs the puppet masters want him to. As far as Obama being a CIA agent, his employment with Business International Corporation is also interesting.

      Manning himself seems a bit suspicious to me and not quite genuine. He implies that Obama might be an agent for the Soviet Union (which doesn't really exist anymore). I think that's way off the mark, possibly intentional disinformation.

      That stuff about Bush and friends wanting to assassinate him also sounds a bit ridiculous.


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