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Media's obsession of playing gotcha with Trump and his administration.

Updated on January 29, 2017


Let me start by stating a few things that I think are important to set the context here, I am a progressive and would rather have had Hillary as the president than Trump. But the fact of the matter is that, Trump is our president now and regardless of our rights to protest, we have to work with him to take our country forward.

Also, when I use media in this article, it does not refer to all media. As of now there is a segment of the media, which is just playing gotcha, and this article talks about only that segment. Segment of the media that is fair and honest is doing a good job and I am appreciative of their coverage.

I draw the analogy from a workplace where we may not always have the boss we like, and we are going to agree and disagree with him or her but at the end of the day, we have to work together to get the job done. If I don't agree with something, I just have to work a little harder to sway the outcome closer to my desire.

This brings us to the heart of the matter. I have been watching liberal and progressive media all my life, but I feel like they are doing a real injustice to us as of now. Instead of putting up fights on the ideas, it feels like they take a punch line, such as "alternate facts", and run with it. Focus seems to be short term and defensive, instead of trying to probe effectiveness of long term plans and strategies. Most news articles start and end with Trump, but add no value to the overall discussion and does not help America move in the right direction. Although there are always exceptions such as NPR, but a lot of them seem to be just milking the situation, by taking a side, either favoring Trump or opposing him, and then just trying to get as much airtime and viewership as possible.

Hera are a couple of examples to illustrate my thoughts.

Alternative facts

I believe this term was first mentioned by Kellyanne Conway, Trump's advisor in one of her interviews on NBC. After that I have seen the term mentioned on every news and comedy/secondary news outlet and they have run away with their own interpretations of it. What I would have liked to see was Kellyanne getting pressed on providing proof for her facts but media was more than content making their own interpretations.

When you are in front of the media talking and commenting day and night, some politically incorrect terms are bound to slip. My expectation from "healthy" news would be that they give an opportunity to clarify and drill on the facts and proof, instead of offering their own opinions and interpretations of what was said.

But sometimes it almost sounds like, they don't want to clarify things and stick with the minor and insignificant stuff. This helps them drag the arguments further and gain as much viewership and money as possible but unfortunately gives the people seeking answers absolutely zilch.

Alternative facts video courtesy of NBC

Trumps Innaugration

This is another one which media cannot just let go. I know the reverse argument is that why cannot Trump let it go. But here is the thing, from what has been covered it is really difficult to find out the actual numbers - some count online viewership, some don't. As a citizen, if I had to choose who backs off in this case, I would choose media to back off. I need our President to focus on more important things and going back to the boss analogy, if something is bothering him or her or is a pet peeve I would not bring it up or at least reduce it's impact.

But once again, to my utter frustration, Media just keeps this in highlight and makes assumptions and predictions based on this, such as if administration lies about this, then what else are they going to lie about. I agree, but to prove that this is a lie is a lot of wasted effort and does not do good to anybody other than providing Media cheap material to keep their network going.

Inauguration crowd sizes


With all that said, I believe the path forward would be more constructive if

1. Our President focuses more on policies and strategies and ignore comments from Media that does not get the big picture.

2. News media focusing on real issues and not on catching words and gotcha moments.

Although, I don't always agree with Kellyanne Conway, she does makes some valid points at the end of the below video. The video provides some closure to this discussion.

Kellyanne commenting on media coverage

What do you think of media playing gotcha with Trump and his administration?

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Please let me know how you feel

Let me know your thoughts. This is a sensitive subject and a new situation for all of us. I am open to looking at this situation from a new perspective.


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    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 11 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      This was an interesting read and you made your case. I'll agree, bringing up disagreements long past the point that they are useful does nobody any good. I'm sure you'll agree, it is often Trump and his minions who won't let go of an irritating point. Both sides need to do some growing up.

      Still, it is the media's job to hold a politician's feet to the fire. What I think they need to learn is not to chase "the shiny thing" the administration throws out to distract them from the substance of what is going on each day. This tactic worked beautifully for Trump during the campaign, and it is apparent it is still in his bag of tricks. The media needs to wise up and stick to the policy and personnel decisions from this administration. Some presidents have been better than others at diverting the attention of the media. Trump would help his own cause a great deal if he were not so opening hostile to them.